The Building Blocks of Success

Last Update: April 15, 2018

Anytime you feel frustrated, de-motivated, and lack enthusiasm, don’t forget you are building a business, one block at a time.

Like a bricklayer building a house, you first need to lay a solid and concrete foundation before all the bricks will lead to the building blocks of your success.

A solid foundation is essential and takes time.

Compare your business to a beautiful new home. Every single brick that makes up your future house is dependent on that strong foundation.

So don’t be such in a hurry. Be patient. This is a marathon not a sprint. Over time, if you follow my “little steps” here you will definitely succeed.

In fact, you will crush it.

But first, you need to get organized.

First Thing: Get Your House in Order

Make a Daily List.

A List of the Most Important Things to Accomplish for your business in One Day to keep your progress moving forward. I know you have heard this before in one form or another, but it certainly bears repeating.

Write it down.

For me, this is a list of actions that will range anywhere between 8 to 15 items.

Being old school, I prefer brainstorming first then using a pencil and paper, I then transfer it to my phone or computer. Or if I am on the go, I will write my ideas on my phone.

Then before I go to sleep, I go over my list to make sure it’s all in order for the next day. Alternately, you can write this daily list on your computer or your phone.

It doesn’t matter where you make your list. Just get it recorded in a place you will easily retrieve it.

Now follow that list. Seems easy, right? Except there is one other little thing we all too often do not bear into account.

The Reality of How Our Brains Work

Some days we feel like we can crush it. We feel refreshed, invigorated, and have extra time, and our energy and focus will accomplish ALL 10 items on our list.

These are our BEST days.

However, the reality is these days are few and far between.

Keep this in mind, the issue is we rarely are at our best. We all get into funks, we all suffer writer’s block, and we all get tired. We get sick. We get distracted. We get lazy.

We are all too human. And we are imperfect.

That’s why far too many of us set goals that are unrealistic. We are considering our own capacity when we are performing at or near our BEST.

Most good days, we will achieve about ½ of what is on our list.

So I have a better plan, a plan that will keep us moving forward while keeping us focused and encouraged. And it works for me.

Do you want to know what it is?

It’s really quite simple.

Just do ONE


ONE is the Key


You heard me, not five, not ten, not two, just ONE.

Sure. There still will be days we feel GREAT and will get 10 or more things done on our list. When these days happen, count them as a blessing.

But this rarely happens. And when we fail to hit our unrealistic targets we get even more frustrated and discouraged and over time this spirals out of control.

We fall into an even deeper hole.

Don’t fall into that trap. All you need to do is ONE.

However, now that we have set such a low daily standard, we must make it our habit to remain vigilant in other ways.

So it all boils down to this.

Be Consistent Every Day

The key then is, Be Consistent.


Do a minimum of ONE item, but make sure you do at least one EVERY day.

Here is One of MY Daily Lists:

1) Work on my website(s)

2) Monitor my online drop shipping store

3) Process new orders, ship current orders

4) Analyze my traffic and conversions

5) Improve my social media presence

6) Write a blog post

7) Help members on Wealthy Affiliate

8) Complete one certification training course

9) Write down new ideas to monetize my business

10) Ask questions to improve and grow my business

11) Check my financial accounts

12) Meditate and get some fresh air

Keep in mind some of the items that don’t get covered will be carried over to tomorrow’s list.

Thanks so much for following me and reading my posts.

I hope you enjoyed this reading, and better yet have developed an even greater appreciation for the foundation you are laying!

Feel free to make any comments.



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MojalefaR Premium
I have enjoyed the reading! It seems I have worked with lists all my life. I recall doing that at college in New York City. I took an A4 sheet and divided it into the days of the month and every day-block was filled with items to do that day. What I could not do on the day, was carried over to the next. That build enough discipline to complete a four-year degree in three.

My fault, though, is the tendency to want to go through the list in that day. I have learned something new: Do ONE thing every day! That is precisely what I will be doing.

Forever Grateful
jetrbby80316 Premium
You have developed a GREAT habit over the years Mojalefa and I commend you for being able to discipline yourself to follow your lists.

I am honored you could receive some utility from this post to set everyday expectations more realistic by doing "One Thing" consistently.

Thank you my friend.
TinaE88 Premium
Great Blog! List writing is such a powerful tool to keep you focused and to keep the business on track. Such an easy and yet often forgotten tool. I use them most days not only for business matter but also for a daily structure and to be more productive in whatever i am doing. Thank for reminding everybody about this great and easy way of helping ourselves!
jetrbby80316 Premium
You're right, Tina, anyone can do this. It's a simple but often overlooked task, the hard part is staying consistent with it and taking action consistently.

That's why I say lowered the bar to accomplshing just ONE thing daily, but be totally Consistent.

Thank you for your valuable comment!
MarkBa Premium
Thanks for sharing Kaju. I have a list which is also long but I don't use it to manage my day. I schedule directly into my Gmail calendar according to the time I have. That way I tend not to have unrealistic expectations of myself or ongoing disappointment about what I haven't done. If I have used the time I have productively then I'm happy. :)

~Mark :)
jetrbby80316 Premium
Sounds good Mark, I happen to use a Google Doc - and I share it with my accountability partner. Whatever works, buddy!
XavierTapia Premium
Hey Kaju, man you are a PRO and really needed something like this post today. Feel a bit overwhelming on building my house/business like you saying here.I feel somehow anxious and worried with so many tasks to perform and stuff learn that just
don´t know which way to go man. But; just do one thing and one thing.!

Kindest regards.
jetrbby80316 Premium
That's it Xavier. Just do ONE thing EVERYDAY, and you will do great. It's normal to be overwhelmed in the beginning, it does gets easier bro!

Thanks for your cool comment. All the Best, and I am always happy to help.
mlevendusky Premium
Hi Kaju,
I am a list person also. I just need to learn when I make a list that I don't need to do it all in one day. I like your approach to do one thing a day and if you have the energy do more. That is reasonable. Thanks for sharing.
jetrbby80316 Premium
Staying reasonable increases our stamina and longevity Marylou. You will achieve MORE by achieving LESS (hope that somehow makes sense!)
Chezbrown Premium
Thank you for this Kaju, the one and only thing I cannot work with are lists. I never have worked with them and probably never will so I fall down there right away. Ah though, I do not fall as I am good at being able to prioritise what is more important without having to write it down. xxx
jetrbby80316 Premium
Hey, whatever works for you C. If a red-haired clown can do it, anyone can!
5-qpq Premium
Hi Kaju, according to your check list - your work schedule is loaded. I think I read in this post that it’s best to do at least one thing per day.

I’ll stick with the one task a day - cause that list looks intimidating, lol.

Great post Kaju,


jetrbby80316 Premium
Although my work schedule appears loaded from my List, I've learned not to set my expectations too high Becky - that's what used to frustrate me but overtimeI learned to changed my thought process about the "list".

That's the whole point of this post, even though you have a Long List, just set your expectation that at minimum to get ONE done everyday. But Consistent EVERY DAY.

This has helped me to become much MORE productive and has been a great way for alleviating over stressing yourself.

But its still really important to Write Everything down, because this act sends a signal to your brain to trigger ACTION, and on your best days you will accomplish all of them.

Thanks Becky, as always appreciate you. Keep going at it!
5-qpq Premium
Thanks Kaju. Love, love your way of communicating. I am so lucky. When one comes across a great post - it’s a good thing. I’ve learned much from you already. So, thanks for that and it is SO appreciated.

jetrbby80316 Premium
Keep rolling Becky!
Trujunco Premium
Thank you Kaju,
As I am one to fly by the seat of my pants, I often find that my own focus gets muddled in the priority of an obscure moment.

Your thoughts are grounding as a reminder to plan and proceed, but to do so in a healthy manner. I think it a wise course, and I'll adopt the strategy more into my day.

Enjoy your strength and character, and thanks.

Kind regards, David
jetrbby80316 Premium
David, the point of this post is to make the list as complete as possible, but be consistent with doing at least ONE everyday. Setting a lower bar of consistency will KEEP you consistent on your path to success.

Glad you will try to adopt this strategy. Go kill it!
RAFStuart Premium
Whilst this is more in depth than my own daily list, your sentiments are so correct, do at least one item, I try to set a time block on each one, does not always work, but it does usually help to clear more than a couple or so of the items on the list.
jetrbby80316 Premium
The list and your daily expectations of it hold the key, RAF. I like to also make sure I accomplish the ONE most important task on my list. If you are clearing out a couple on your list consistently, even better, you are doing GREAT.
Sammy-B Premium
A great way of approaching your tasks, Kaju - setting realistic goals you can actually achieve within a day and not expecting yourself to be super creative every single day. This approach works well for me and it saves me a lot of frustration. But I always have to remind myself it's one block at a time and not prefabricated chunks you can assemble within days and - voilà - your house is completed.
jetrbby80316 Premium
Voila' Sammy - your comment is right on the money! It seems like you have been using this approach very successfully. Kudos!

Definitely write all 12-15 things on your list, but be satisfied that you will get at least ONE done EVERYDAY.

Keep doing whatever you are doing, because its Great.