Drink Celery Juice Daily (in 5 Easy Steps!)

Last Update: Sep 30, 2020


My last post “Drink Celery Juice Daily” became such an unexpectedly popular post, that people were PM’ing and asking me to make a video about it.

So by popular demand, I created this video called “Drink Celery Juice (in 5 Easy Steps)”, which is my first video on my new You Tube business channel related to my website,

I never realized it was such a hot topic! But I want to Thank You all for your support , because this inspired me to do something I’ve been putting off for quite a while: creating content for my new channel.

I'm inviting you guys to watch this entire video and leave me a Comment, Like, and a Subscribe. It will help my new channel get off to a good start.

Although I’m not allowed to leave a direct external link in this post, you can go to the internal link below to the “Need Comments, You Tube Give and Take” thread and click the direct link to my video there. You will see it in a Comment near the top, it will be obvious.

Need Comments, You Tube Give and Take Thread...

So just 2 simple clicks and you will be there. To get to the link, click here to get to the thread, and the link will be in the Comment at or near the top (I just realized I already said that!)

I wrote that post hoping to inspire a few WA friends here who are in the health niche to make their own video or write their own post about it. But surprisingly, there were no takers.

Unlike my current channel which is a vlog-style channel, MARS will be solely focused on instructional and affiliate marketing content videos related to my website by the same name.

But as I hope you will see, I still wanted to make a highly entertaining video (as I do for my vlog- channel), and I think I achieved that!

Also, if you'd like mw to watch. comment, like, and Subscribe to your channel, leave a link in the "Need Comments" thread. I will be very happy to do so.

I hope you will enjoy it, be entertained by it, and at the same time find it useful!



Recent Comments


Kaju, you should probably mention Anthony William aka Medical Medium, so people look for the original source of info after watching your videos.

Imagine they start drinking 500mL right away, they'll simply have such heavy detox reactions, then they'll stop drinking it at all. Or make it worse for themselves instead of gaining the healing benefits. (I've heard that happen many times when people didn't have the full info.)

Plus it's simply respectful to give credit to him since he was the originator of CJ movement.


I shared the podcast link last time too but you still decided not to mention him in any of the posts haha

Zarina, if you don't mind, go watch the video and comment. He is mentioned early in the video with his book, and he will also be mentioned in the description with a link.

I'm glad you are concerned for readers who may accidentally overdo it, the video mainly demonstrates how I go about making it daily using my blender (Vitamix 7500). https://youtu.be/4ynyD0IBQmI

Thanks for that important reminder:)
I hope you watch the video and comment:)


I will later if I don't forget. Haven't had a chance to watch it when I first commented it (quickly responding on my phone) but glad to know you're crediting AW ;)

Of course, I wouldn't think of it otherwise. Even show his book in the video.

Awesome video, am now a subscriber.

Thanks for all you do.

THank You SO much Abie, I hope you have left a comment also! Really appreciate it!

Its really good for you squire. Thank you for reminding me!

Thank You Latin Nomad, I hope to see you on the video!

Respectfully, Kaju, I think I rather just bite into piece of celery, swallow and be done with it.

But I'll check out the video. 👍

Isaiah 😊

Thanks for checking out and commenting on the video Isaiah. Post any videos you have and I will do the same. Respect!

Or put some PB on it, Isaiah!


Now you're talking! 👍



😝 I don't know, Kaju! 😝😫 I'm not sure I will like the taste!


Hahaha! But let me know if you like the VIDEO!

I leave a comment when I go over there! I always like your videos though! Do they have celery BEER, I wonder?

OHHH!! You are going to love and RELATE to the first 10 seconds of the video!!!! (I was thinking of you when I created this!)

Let me look into that, I would like to know about celery-beer myself! I think it would taste good and refreshing:)

I'll be they do!

I know you can have celery wine......

I didn't know that, will look it up. Thanks Alex:)


My father made lots of different types of wine. He never made celery, but he made dandelion and apple, pear, peach, plum. There will be a recipe for celery somewhere.


I'm sure of it. They can make a wine out of nearly any fruit and vegetable:)


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