Don’t Be a “Wantrepreneur”!

Last Update: Apr 26, 2018


Please take my advice here. Here is something that you don’t want to be.

You see, I have a friend (let’s call him David) who wants to launch an online business that will earn 6 figures within the first year. He is a “Wantrepreneur”

Believe me, you don’t want to be a “Wantrepreneur”!

You don’t want to have the dreaded “Wantrepreneur’s Disease” my friends!

Chances are, if you’re industrious and have been exposed to social media stars doing the New York Times Best Seller List circuit, there have been times in your life you’ve felt like David.

David is someone who aspires to achieve mind-blowing success. Like the role models he is in awe of. Not that there is anything wrong with having high-minded goals.

And yet, David has trouble ever getting started because he thinks a “real entrepreneur”

  • Is required to “look the part” by getting a regular spray tan
  • Is required to drive a fancy car
  • Is required to attend $5,000 events where he can take creepy photo ops standing beside Tony Robbins.

Herein lies David’s problem.

He waits. And does nothing.

And here’s the part that drives me absolutely crazy:

He keeps talking about how successful he’s going to be.

Someday. Maybe.

Is he schizophrenic?

Nope. Dave just has himself a real serious case of Wantrepreneur’s Disease.

What is Wantreprener’s Disease?

Being a Wantreprenuer is when you are constantly self-embattled with the nagging suspicion that you aren’t smart enough, rich enough, or connected enough to earn a prime seat to Vegas at the SWAG conference - and eventually someone is going to call your bluff.

Compare yourself being a “wantrepreneur” to a bank robber wearing a flimsy disguise that is only seconds away from falling apart…

Or a Ponzi-scheme perpetrator operating in the still of darkness cloak-and-dagger style where the police are only steps from turning a corner, hauling you off to jail in handcuffs Bernie Madoff style, and exposing your entire life to the public as a fraud.

So you freeze up.

Stop taking chances.

And do everything in your power to prove yourself it is true.

You end up self-sabotaging your dreams.

And your life of forever lost opportunities becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy.


Imagine you are a blogger trying to become a major social media influencer. You have worked hard writing Great Content, and shared your blogs on the major social media platforms, and as a result gained your first 1,500 followers on Instagram…

Out of nowhere one day a troll leaves a comment saying “You’re a fraud. You’re writing sucks - and I bet you never even finished your associate’s writing degree in college.”

You’ve been doing awesome… but you now have decided to shut down your Instagram account, because you view the troll’s comment as gospel.

You have made MASSIVE progress, but now you are so concerned about what others think it paralyzes you.

You see most people who suffer from Wantrepreneur’s Disease choose the WRONG way to deal with it…

They either decide to ignore this disease and live in a constant state of anxiety and insecurity, worried about what other people think of them...

Or they decide to stay small because they think it’s safer than losing the respect of their peers if they fall in the gutter.

After all, you can’t fail or embarrass yourself if you don’t try, right?

But what kind of a way to live is that?

You might as well live hidden away in a dark room with the blinds pulled down, with multi-locks on the front door and security cameras, so there’s no way you can ever get hurt.

It’s only fun until you realize how hard it is to return to the light.

Let me first demonstrate the wrong ways to handle Wantrepreneur’s Disease and why certain strategies can backfire on you.

Then let me show you an alternate solution that can bring success through working smarter, not harder.

Failed Strategies of "Wantrepreneurs"

Failed Strategy 1: “I’ll just try harder than everyone else”

The problem is, this rarely ever works. Hustle and grind can only get you so far.

No one is handing out gold medals (or money) to the internet marketer who “wakes up with bloodshot eyes” because he/she fell asleep on their laptop”.

Sure, putting in longer hours might give you temporary relief from your anxiety…

But there is simply no way your sleep-deprived mind is ever going harness your inner creativity to “bring to life” breakthrough business ideas that will help you escape working for your employer and permanently living your life as your own boss.

Here’s the Solution:

Science shows you get 80% of your results from 20% of your effort.

Apply the 80/20 rule.

Stop measuring your success on the quantity of hours you work in front of a computer and put your focus on the quality of your ideas.

Put aside the “busy work” that’s been eating up your day, and set a timer for two hours to get laser focused on achieving the tasks that will create the biggest results for you. (Hint: it’s the activities that will bring money to your business today, not tomorrow).

Failed Strategy 2: “I’ll just wait until the conditions are perfect. Then I’ll start.”

A wantrepreneur thinks that tomorrow is always the perfect time to start a business. He/she stalls because he/she doesn’t think they have enough capital or connections to make it work right now.

So instead of taking action he/she reads more books, attends more seminars, and waits for a “fail free” window to appear.

Listen, the perfect conditions will never, ever exist. The riskiest thing you can do is wait, because it keeps you from learning the lessons that only setbacks can best teach you.

Here’s the Solution:

Follow Michael Masterson’s advice: “Ready, Fire, Aim!”

In other words, act now and fine tune later.

Instead of perfecting your plans, start taking imperfect action today... and in doing so embrace the failures and what they can teach you.

99% of the time, no one will notice or even give a damn when you don’t nail it the 1st time, the 2nd time… or even the 20th time.

People are too invested in their own endeavors to pay attention.

Either embrace the fact that failure is good for you right now, or put your dreams of running an online business permanently on the shelf - because the perfectionism you’re seeking is going to drive your dreams into the ground.

One Final Lesson

If you're suffering from Wantrepreneur’s Disease, please put your mind at ease.

Even great and ambitious entrepreneurs has faced this.

Every single one.

The truth is how you deal with it is what separates successful entrepreneurs who launch their businesses and reap the rewards from those who spend 20 years of their life wishing and thinking all they could’ve done before finally throwing in the towel.

1. Begin your online journey with imperfect skills, experiences, and connections.

2. Build up your skills through Wealthy Affiliate and learn from the great training here.

3. Always take action and refine as you go along.

4. Know that you WILL make mistakes. Accept them and learn from them in real-time.

5. Above all, don't ever give up.

Remember, it really doesn’t matter how many of your family members or friends make you feel like a strange outcast that you no longer work a traditional job.

Regardless how worried you are about any imminent fear of failure, or even a fear of life-changing success, don't ever let it stop you.

Don’t ever let life take you down

We both know you've got the talent and drive breathing deep inside you.

You’ve got what it takes my friends.

Reach down deep and find your inner entrepreneur, one-step-at-a-time, and you will start to achieve monetization.

Success is only a few stokes away.

Make. It. Happen.



P.S. - Let me say the inspiration of this content came from a business associate named Jesse, and I would like to Thank Him for that!

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Recent Comments


That is what I consider amazing and hooking content! Thank you for this amazing blog! There are many times after hitting the "Publish" button and knowing that I have put in my best effort that I think of it as: "Ok another page is done, I published it on social media but still nothing happens and who cares? I might as well stop. No one would care." I believe I am not the only one going through those thoughts. But then I simply go on my website, look at my content and realize that it has all been written via small incremental steps from scratch. And that keeps me going. Tomorrow is a "free work" day so I should actually get on with my real job, my website and create some more content that I can look back to in the future.

Thank you!

Thank you so much John for your amazing compliment, greatly appreciate that!

You definitely have a great way to boost back your motivation. When we break our work down into small steps, we really can appreciate the radical progress we've made since it all began. That's important to keep perspective thay way.

Enjoy your "free work" day tomorrow, and keep creating great content! Sounds like you have a real solid plan in place for you business.

Continued success John!

Thanks so much again John :) I have a new YouTube channel that's producing great content. Here's a great Tokyo story for you and the Efren match video play by play:)
Send me your YT link and I will Subscribe. You can Subscribe to my channel here:)

If you don't yet, I will happily return the favor when yours is up.:)

What a great post Kaju! Thanks for the encouragement and reminder to just go for it!

Even some of the pro affiliate marketers here say you learn the most from your mistakes. But you need to do something to learn from it.

"Overall, the truth in this business like any other for that matter is that you learn more from your mistakes than anything else. I've done more incorrect things than right, but it's also true it's better to try and fail than not try at all." - VitaliyG

Let's continue to make this post #1 on the Top 10!

That's so true, Kim. Our mistakes are our Real Gems.

They are what we most learn from (much more than ever reading a book), they drive us to higher ground (fight-or-flight response), and are our best teachers ("I won't touch those hot coals again"!)

Our mistakes constantly make us better.

Embrace your missteps (always), and do not allow them to deter you from taking further action. They are indispensable.

Thank You Kim, you know you have MY vote, let's keep this Post #1 on the Top 10!!

Thanks so much again Kim :) I have a new YouTube channel that's producing great content. Here's a great Tokyo story for you and the Efren match video play by play:)
Send me your YT link and I will Subscribe. You can Subscribe to my channel here:)

If you don't yet, I will happily return the favor when yours is up.:)

Great post, kaju.

I can relate so much to the part about friends and family.

My wife doesn't have a clue why i spend so much time on the computer as its simply not her thing.

I have recently been feeling desperate to produce some results to take the heat off a little and give me some breathing space, but have come to realize desperation is a fools game.

I'm in it for the long haul and friends and family can think what they like.

peace out .


Hey Lee, thanks brother for that unique perspective. So far out of over 180 comments on this post, you are the first to mention "friends and family", a really, really important topic!

Don't be desperate bro, just take steady affirmative action. Yes, desperation is indeed a fool's game.

Right now they simply can't understand, but your family and friends will eventually look up to you, and even be asking you for financial advice once you start monetizing $$.

Onwards and Upwards, my friend.


Thanks so much again Lee :) I have a new YouTube channel that's producing great content. Here's a great Tokyo story for you and the Efren match video play by play:)
Send me your YT link and I will Subscribe. You can Subscribe to my channel here:)

If you don't yet, I will happily return the favor when yours is up.:)

So true, you can't wait around for the perfect time. You have to start learning through WA, ask for help when you need it, and continue on through the training to learn to grow your business. There is so much to learn before you get to that point of achieving monetization. Thanks for sharing.

Very true Marylou, there IS so much to learn and you certainly need to learn everything you need first - in fact the learning never ends - but at some point in the future you need to start taking action, even if you feel you aren't 100% ready.

There is never a perfect moment to start taking the action, but don't wait too long (you will know) - because there is no such thing as ever being 100% ready.

Hope you will refer to this article, and avoid being a "wantrepreneur" at all costs!

Oh, have no fear Kaju I will not be a wantrepreneur. I will know when the time is right and grab the bull by the horn, so to speak. Thanks for your advice and encouragement. We all need that.

Wonderful Marylou. I know you will succeed. We look forward to hearing updates from you!

I have never heard the term wantrepreneur, thanks, it was a great blog. The scary part is I see pieces of me in this, so I need to heed your advice and not fall in the wantrepreneur trap. Must say though, and I am sure everyone feels this way at times, it is hard to start writing content. Once I start I am off to the races, my problem is getting started.

Mary, so many people are telling me the same thing: I see bits and pieces of myself in this article.

Thank you very much for your kind words here.

Well, I know I see MYSELF too. This applies to almost everyone but is often that "thing" we can't put our finer on. That's why I believe this article is drawing so much engagement.

You are right. It's hard to muster up the energy to write content, you really need to push yourself to do it, and write Freely without expectation. Writing is a muscle that needs to be exercised, just like playing a musical instrument.

My advice to you is to just keep doing something everyday, whether it be writing or something else related to your online business, and in fact even if you feel unproductive, just do One Thing.

I can completely relate Mary.
I start thinking
"nah that wont rank" or "I cant write enough about that for it to get engagement.

its a minefield.

I do, however believe my writing has improved since starting my journey and i'm sure it will only get better.

(thanks for the help grammarly)

Take care Mary and keep on trucking.

Yeah, look for those "little improvements" everyday, and try to draw inspiration and encouragement from them. They all add up.

Thanks so much again Mary :) I have a new YouTube channel that's producing great content. Here's a great Tokyo story for you and the Efren match video play by play:)
Send me your YT link and I will Subscribe. You can Subscribe to my channel here:)

If you don't yet, I will happily return the favor when yours is up.:)

That’s a beautiful post, thanks!

Yes, ‘imposter syndrome’ is a very real thing, and it can haunt a person with negative self-talk no matter WHAT their level of success. It’s so prevalent and so potentially crippling, that at some PhD prep seminars they counsel candidates specifically on this issue.

I’ve felt it too. Keeping a cool head and rationalising past the nonsense of such internal monologues can keep it in check. But the fact is, it’s still there, and the foundations of it usually go back to childhood for most people.

I’ve felt it while standing at a lectern, delivering a Valedictorian to thousands of uni grads. I’ve felt it while shaking hands and hearing the words ‘congratulations’. I’ve felt it while having awards placed in my arms for which I’ve worked super-hard.

At the moment of my arrival in the long-dreamed of place, I have drifted into thoughts of ‘oh, but I don’t deserve to be here ... I am not deserving ... there must have been a mistake ... oh no’.

It’s irrational, because the hard work and steps taken there clearly suggest otherwise. They are real, measurable things. It’s terrible, because this doubt can rob a person of the simple pleasure of just enjoying those lovely moments of life. You deny yourself the moment.

That’s one half of my reply to your fabulous post. The other is about your friend or specifically, people like your friend. The stand-out detail was the $5000 price tag. Your friend is not exactly idle. He IS taking action. That spray tan doesn’t happen in his sleep.

But he has been persuaded to take action which will not have the outcome he hopes for. Whether he realises it or not, he has been persuaded to become simply another kind of customer... not an entrepeneur.

Someone is profiting from his efforts; just not him. And he’s one of many who’ve been excited into following a pied piper offering emotive, triumphalist speeches on ‘your dreams’. Hey, I don’t judge him harshly for that - few people have defences against that sort of intimate propaganda. Look at the headlines.

But the fact is, that after the honeymoon state of such messages wears off (it always does), and after he stops feeling ashamed or embarrassed or angry about it (sooner or later), he will be ready to just draw up a realistic plan which begins with baby steps, then big strides.

And then he will be able to rise up, and claim the better future that every person has the potential of reaching... when they find their better selves.

Wow Ivy, you clearly demonstrate a profound understanding of the Wantrepreneur problem, and your analysis of this post runs SO deep. I am in awe.

Especially the second half of your comment about someone like my friend, who as you have sagely pointed out with razor's edge clarity can totally be the victim here. The victim of high-end commercialism and propaganda.

First let me address the first half of your comment. That “imposter syndrome” you refer to is scary, it’s REAL, and it lives inside all of us. We all have self-sabotaging tendencies left unchecked.

And yes I agree for many of us, this began long ago during our childhood. I know.

There have been moments on many occasions where I also have found myself “drifting” into a an irrational dreamscape of thoughts after achieving accolades; and where I had to “catch myself” and rationalize my way out of this mental quagmire.

You are absolutely right, this type of irrational nonsense thinking can rob you of life’s wonderful and most pleasurable moments if you let it. And it makes zero sense, if we are receiving these awards there is always a trail left behind of measurable hard work laden in proof that we’ve earned this place.

This is what Wantrepreneurs do to themselves every day of their lives. Internally talk themselves out of success. By never taking correct action.

Which brings me back to the second half of your analysis, which never even OCCURRED to me for Wantrepreneurs LIKE my friend. There are other wantrepreneurs of a different-type who do take action but the WRONG action, and have a HUGE tendency to get ripped off, since they are so hell-bent on looking the part, taking photo ops for their Instagram accounts with social media influencers just for their own bragging rights, and reading boatloads of investment books without ever taking the RIGHT actions to move their business in a forward direction. These are highly vulnerable people.

As far as my friend “David”, he is the one who never gets that spray tan, invests in any type of car (nevertheless a fancy car), or attends that $5000 event to rub elbows with Tony Robbins. He only dreams about it, never taking any action at all – but pretends to convince himself into believing he will still one day become successful.

Thank you Ms. Valedictorian, you are Brilliant, and have really opened eyes to other staggering questions.

Thanks so much again Ivy :) I have a new YouTube channel that's producing great content. Here's a great Tokyo story for you and the Efren match video play by play:)
Send me your YT link and I will Subscribe. You can Subscribe to my channel here:)

If you don't yet, I will happily return the favor when yours is up.:)

Hear you load and clear Kaju, these are the kind of posts that are A one Ambassador material. The kind you book mark for future references.

Not that I am a wantabe or havetobe, I dig right in and correct and refine as I go. I though that is was because my learning is a bit off. I learn as I go it might take me longer but I will get there.

You made me realize something about myself. You have said it to me very many times that I am a "survivor". This post really made me see that yes I am a survivor and I will always keep going no matter what.

Always a better way Kaju

You might have never realized this Linda, but you have a unique talent that others wish they had, it comes naturally to you.

You will never be a "wantrepreneur" because you are a survivor. You take action, makes mistakes, get up, dust yourself off, and try again. This is what you do, This is YOU.

This is the BEST way to achieve success. Period. Keep refining. There is always a better way.


I don't think it comes naturally to me Kaju, it has taken time and perseverance to be to better myself. Thanks for the great complement.

Confidence in myself has been a great barrio. Teddy bear said it once "don't change you are a breath of fresh air". I still don't know what he meant by that. I get fresh air every day out side of my door(0: Linda

Ha! I know exactly what Teddy Bear meant.
You are YOU, and are always a REAL person. You speak your mind freely often without care of repercussion. That is a rare asset. A breath of fresh air.

Once you realize the amount of talent you carry and gain belief, you will take off. Keep taking action, and improving. It will happen.


Thanks Kalu I have said it before and will say it again you are a super motivator.Linda

As I see you progressing and see you building success, that makes me very happy. Keep at it, L!

Awesome post my friend. Truly.
Mistakes are wonderful things... They are the reason we Learn
If we didn't make mistakes and learn from them we would never progress and would never be able to develop our humanity... Sympathy, empathy etc

We make mistakes, we fall over...we learn not to repeat the mistake.

It's the same as grief. No one wants pain or to suffer and we hate to see our loved ones hurt. . But.. If we didn't experience true grief and the depths of sadness... We could never experience or truly understand real love, true joy or jubilation.

Love your post Kaju .. Really terrific

Great to see you Jason, you honor me brother.

Thank you for your most prescient comments, you have touched upon some of the most important lessons not only in online business, but in life.

Learning "in the field" through experience by trail and error, and fight-or-flight responses is the most effective way to achieve long-term success. As you wisely state, mistakes are wonderful things.

Reading a book and watching a video is NOT the same as making a mistake, and learning not to repeat the mistake. And your descriptive of grief hits a cord. As much as we cannot stand to experience it in any form, without it we could never BREATHE, FEEL, and LIVE the deepest feelings of JOY.

Profound, thought-provoking comments, J.
Thank you, WE will all learn from this.


Thanks so much again Jason :) I have a new YouTube channel that's producing great content. Here's a great Tokyo story for you and the Efren match video play by play:)
Send me your YT link and I will Subscribe. You can Subscribe to my channel here:)

If you don't yet, I will happily return the favor when yours is up.:)

On time post Kaju! It's easy to see this 'disease' in others, but we fail to see it in ourselves when we need to. It is way to easy at times to fall in to that mindset, which is why we need to self evaluate on a regular basis. Thanks!


Thank you for that warm acknowledgement, Matt. Very happy that my time for this post is appropriate.

I thought this was a post that was needed here in the community. I see too many members "shooting themselves in their feet" trying to succeed by waiting for conditions to be perfect and never starting and taking action.

Always self-evaluate, and be honest with yourself.


Thanks so much again Matt :) I have a new YouTube channel that's producing great content. Here's a great Tokyo story for you and the Efren match video play by play:)
Send me your YT link and I will Subscribe. You can Subscribe to my channel here:)

If you don't yet, I will happily return the favor when yours is up.:)

That's a great post, Kaju - hadn't come across the term 'wantrepreneur' yet but it's very fitting. I think many people go through the wantrepreneur disease phase at some point of their lives believing they have to fit in with other people's expectations of what a successful entrepreneur is and looks like and, as a consequence, wasting time creating a certain image instead of taking action towards their goals. Also, waiting for the perfect conditions to start your action is the most common cause for writer's block - so we definitely need a solution to that problem.
Thanks for all your tips, they are great solutions to fight that disease.

It's a lot of empty posturing without any substance behind it Sammy. Looking the part, talking the part, acting the part - but never "walking the part".

We never want to fall in the "wantrepreneur" trap. Start NOW and never wait for the perfect conditions. They really don't exist.

Thanks You for your continued support on my blogs, and I always appreciate your warm compliments my friend.

It's always a pleasure to read your posts, Kaju.

Thank You. See you soon!

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