Talking Taiwan has Seen Amazing Growth!

Last Update: Apr 12, 2021


I hope everyone here is doing well both in health and wealth!

It's been a long-time since I wrote a post here on WA, we have been super busy building our business. (Also on a totally unrelated sidenote, I received my 2nd vaccine shot last week).

With this in mind, I wanted to give everyone an update on our podcast Talking Taiwan.

Talking Taiwan Business is Growing Steadily

Talking Taiwan prides itself in being able to interview a wide variety of guests in the arts, culture, politics, sports, and other areas related to the Taiwan disapora (as well as other diasporas).

We are now publishing our 125th podcast epsiode on Monday, and our progress (since we relauched in January 2020) has been nothing short of phenomenal.

For the first two months, we only posted bi-weekly. This was accelerated by the pandemic. Beginning on March 24, 2020, myself and my partner have published a new Talking Taiwan podcast every Monday without missing a single week.

Since publishing weekly in March 2020, Talking Taiwan has received eighteen (18) 5 Star Reviews on Apple Podcasts alone to date.

Downloads for Talking Taiwan increased by 443% from January to December 2020. That is an exponential growth of 45.6% per month!

Here is Something That Blew My Mind

Recently as I was doing a random search of Talking Taiwan through the many platforms we are published to (now over 50 networks), I came across something that blew my mind.

Listen Notes – a top search engine that tracks the data for all podcasts – publishes the Listen Score (LS), which is a metric that shows the estimated popularity of a podcast compared to all other rss-based public podcasts in the world according to global rank. The higher the global rank by %, the more popular. It’s the Nielsen Ratings for podcasts.

According to Listen Notes, Talking Taiwan is now ranked in the top 10% of the most popular shows out of 2,139,688 podcasts globally, estimated by Global Rank.

When my partner and I recently heard the news, this was indeed an honor and a delightful surprise.

NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover Mission

On Monday April 19, we are relasing our FULL interview the esteemed NASA Scientist who is the driver for the Mars Perseverance ROVER Mission.

This week, history can be made. Odds are heavily favored that the NASA helicopter Ingenuity will become the first aircraft to make a powered flight over Mars.

Listen to our latest episode 124, where Talking Taiwan provides a preview of our interview with the NASA Mars Rover driver, and gives details of where to view the possible first NASA flight above another planet's surface (Mars) scheduled this week.

It's Very Rewarding to Receive Validation

We love what we do, and we work hard and are diligent in improving our podcast.

Such is a testament to the high quality of content we aim to bring to our listeners every week.We are truly humbled and thankful to all of our wonderful listeners who have made this possible.

Thank You for your contunued Support!



Recent Comments


Hi Kaju,
I was browsing through my unread emails and saw one about you. So happy to hear you are experiencing success in what you do now. Are you in Taiwan doing your business? You must be. Hope you are now reaping the benefits!

BTW, could I ask you to subscribe to my YT channel? I did start YT vlogging last year in April. I find it fun and enjoyable! I posted about 3 videos on my profile. Could go there and watch a video and subscribe? I will be very grateful. I thank you in advance, Kaju! Wishing you continued success! Stay well!


Great to hear from you Kaju, and a hearty congratulations on the success of Talking Taiwan.
By the way, I haven't heard the word "diaspora" used to describe something in modern times before.
It sounds like you have brought help and hope to people who share a common bond.
Thanks for sharing and I will have to check out your podcast in the future.
Have a blessed week.

Congrats, Kaju! I know you are very busy, but happy to see you back. I've been AWOL most of the time you have been gone due life changes. MOVING BACK TO MY MOUNTAINS NEXT WEEK!!! Can't wait!!! Will be writing a post about that once the packing and move are finished.

This is an amazing success story Kaju. I like that you and your partner set out a clear podcasting format and have stuck to it. Again quality content being posted regularly will get you recognized. You have proven that with the top 10% score. Super duper! Good luck with the NASA interview. Soundsl like it is going to be epic!

Hi Kaju, good to see you, having followed your journey over the years, the highs and lows, I am impressed by your commitment and tenacity.

We all come to WA as neophytes looking to create change through our exploration of the online marketing world.

We do not know where the journey will take us, the limits we create for ourselves and then again giving ourselves the opportunity to explore it can become limitless.

Best wishes as you continue to grow your online presence and in turn provide inspiration and motivation.

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