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Last Update: May 16, 2016

Hi Everyone,

I am about a month in to WA and i must say i am amazed everyday by the amount of stuff that i am learning about websites. I have been having trouble the last week or more adding content to my website. I was never one that was good for writing. Even in school i preferred math and science to english class. So i was just wondering how important it is to have posts that are 1500+ words? I know it says somewhere that that's how long they should be. My content rating in the 'site health' section is 100% but none of my posts are more than 1000 words. Will it affect my rating in Google if i don't have longer posts? Or is it just a 'nice to have'???

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Chrissies Premium
I think its best to say what you have to say, then stop!
People have such short attention spans nowadays that very long posts could well put them off!! :)
joyweb Premium
We are at an age where many people get bored with reading. I personally don't think long posts are necessary as long as you get your point across. Be sure to use images and break up your content in small chunks. You might want to also include a video. I am sure some would not agree with me. So don't just take my advice.
dianegailit Premium
I wouldn't be concerned about length as much as what you would like to share. Blogs can be short as long as you are getting across your message :-)
jimcarlsen65 Premium
I have some post a that not even 1000 words as Ok justvsaid, the thoughtcwad finished. But on the other hand, I am working on a post right now that will well over 2000 words, because it deals with a horse training issue, and that's what is required. I always break it down into sections though. Then you can read a section, and digest it, and then go on.
PjGermain Premium
I have seen studies where the longer posts are beginning to lose the traction they once had. I think Nathaniel said it best - just write and complete your thought, the information you're trying to convey. Don't worry too much about length. 1000 is great! Consistency in posts is likely more important than having fewer of longer length.