Welcome back @RICH. :)


Hi guy as maybe you know @RICH. is back!

Couple days ago. I sent message to him. Well I tried to send 2 or 3 messages every week when he just gone off chat. Suddenly no answer from him. :(

The last message he just said "I'z fine" and that's it! After the second week I was really worried about "Poster Boy" just gone.

I remember when I asked to Steve (@IveTriedThat) and he even didn't know about Rich then I thought he was in Vicky's dungeon *oops* basement in a secret project called "2014".

I PMed Vicky (Veronica.l) and same answer. "I don't know" :(

I asked to Diva B (@BIS) and same answer!!. I say oh no

I asked to Carson and see his answer

So I think. @RICH. leave chat and WA because Steve (@IveTriedThat) wrote?!

or...becuase I didn't get an "A" in my homework?!

or....becuase Rich saw the new Luke's website?! Luke (@ThatHelpfuldude)


He just enjoined a world tour. Here the proof. :D

He wrote:

"LOL, I'z fine, world tour finally done-and-dusted, just trying to catch up with a million-and-one things that didn't get done whilst we were away. :) How's you?! R. x"

When I saw his message. I was jumping around the house, Saying yeah yeah yeah @RICH, is now here!!

Richi we arelly miss you and I miss you madly!

My warm welcome to you my friend!


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Heard it from TJ Brooks (john) yesterday. I am also very happy he is 'home'. I hope he does not go on too many of those world tours. He had us all in a panic.

Yeah. We all was in panic! :(

Yeah I hope so. Now we can tease him .. LOL

When and where is the welcome home party? ~ Jude

I don't know Jude! :(

We can celebrate in WA Island! We can choose! :)

Thanks for the update. But, it is not set in stone until we see him in chat again. I was more worried about him having some kind of accident and no one knowing. Glad he is okay. Thanks again.

he was back in chat this morning apparently, though i missed it =) im sure he will start sneaking in more often

Most welcome Sherion!

Yeah I was worried about that but he is okay. He just take a long vaca! :)

Hey Jean!

I chatted with him today and I enjoined to chat with him again, priceless!!

I hope so! :)

hahaha Stadium! :) I was wondering if a bromance or what.... No, I think it's great Jorge cares. Thanks for the fun blog....

Bromance! Yes it is! :P

I care about my friends. LOL glad you like it and having fun with my blog. :)

I know you dooooo...... :) Glad you know I love to kid!! :o)

LOL. I know I know so I am happy LOL

Glad that you were able to find out what was going on!

Exactly Sharon!

Yeah. I was worried about my homework but he just enjoined his trip :)

Wow!!! Jorge already back to his butt kissing of Rich :(

I have to agree with you dude. LOL

Jeff. Hush up!

Scott. I am thinbking in relegated you as my #1 fan! :P

Hey Jorge I still wanna be your #1 fan but I couldn't resist commenting on that LOL

LOL. Okay okay! from now don't talk with Jeff. :P

Glad he's back. This past two months was like "where's Waldo."

Yeah. Yeah I was about to take a flight to Iceland but now he is in UK. :D

Yay! I'm soooooo glad he's back! I've yet to "see" him but he'll be getting a big cyber hug from me when I do see him (I'm sure you'll give him fair warning).

Thanks for sharing Jorge.

Now let's celebrate!!!



I remember when I got that message. I was happy! LOL

I just image you cyber hug to him like a bear! Just hug him and maybe you will not kill him :P

Just kidding. LOL

We can celebrate..but Where?! How?! When?!

It will be great having him back. He adds so much to the community and now there's scores of new members who will get to meet him. Thanks for updating us, Jorge. We were all worried. BTW...better get at that homework now :)

Hey Rich. I am 100% agree with you!

Richard is one of the best member here and he is willing to help other. I like him because he is a knowledgeable guy.

Most welcome Rick. Yeah I am doing all my homework now. :D

And you called me Rich...aw, gosh :)

LOL. Sorry I mean Rick. hahaha. You are helpful too :D

We all know you missed him the most!!! =) I told you to try getting him more purple crayons. There have been a number of posts about him returning, I wonder how feels being a WA super star. But we are all glad that all is well and that he will be back for us to bug again of course.

You know me! LOL

I missed him madly and now he show his presence! Yeah I know now I bought in Amazon a lot of purple crayons! :D

He may is surprised who know! :)

I am happy that he is okay :)

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