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Last Update: June 07, 2018

A Starbucks a Day, There Goes Your Business Expense!

Sitting in an Airport Starbucks right now working on my online business, I didn't order any drinks. I just sit here with my laptop and smartphone on the table.

As I sit here building my passive income streams (5 new sales today!!), I observed the people who came to Starbucks.

You can really observe some really interesting stuff...

There are people from as young as probably 10 years old who seems very experienced in buying Starbucks - he knew exactly what he wanted to order even before stepping into the store. All he did was asking for money from his mum.

I've also seen old pilot (like 60-70 years old) getting his coffee before flying off.

One idea went through my head...

The reason why he is still a pilot at such a senior age and is unable to enjoy a better lifestyle is probably because he has bought too many Starbucks throughout his life so far.

I'm not judging anyone. It's just a thought from observing so many people coming into Startbucks.

A cup of Starbucks coffee costs anywhere between USD$3-5 dollars if I'm not wrong depending on what you buy.

This can be considered cheap for many people but do you know you only need USD$0.98 per day to run a successful and profitable online business?

A lot of people complained about how little money they have left and they can't invest in any business opportunity, which results them to be a "freebie seeker".

What they failed to do is to inspect on their own purchasing decisions...

Poor people make poor decisions about money while Rich people make good decisions about money!

That's the only difference between the rich and the poor.

Let's Take a Look at What Wealthy Affiliate Has to Offer...

The reason why you only need USD$0.98 per day is because that's the cost of Wealthy Affiliate's Yearly Premium Membership and WA has all the necessary training, tools, resources and support you need to run your own online business.

Look! I'm young, only 21 this year. I wanted to make sustainable passive income online so that I can live my life by my own design and marry my girlfriend as soon as possible.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate when I was 18 as a complete newbie and now I'm earning a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

I'm going to be a Full-Time Internet Marketer very soon and I'm well on my way to marry my girlfriend and travel around the world.

Nothing is possible without this awesome community.

What's even better is that Wealthy Affiliate allows you to join as a Free Starter Member. You'll get access to:

  • Step-by-Step training on how to build your affiliate marketing business from scratch
  • State of the art Web Hosting
  • 24/7 Website Technical Support
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Most importantly, an amaingly helpful community

Let's Get Back to Starbucks...

I'm sure you have the experience that your money just somehow disappeared, not because it's being stolen but because you didn't track your expensditure and you spent on something unnecessary.

Starbucks is just an analogy to show you that something as simple as a cup of coffee can pay for your business expenditure.

If you already have consistent passive income, by no means go ahead and enjoy your Starbucks because you can be making money while you drink Starbucks.

But if you are still stuck in a job you don't like and work for money, I don't see any reason for you to spend your hard earned money on a luxurious coffee when that money can well-cover an online business which has the potential for you to be financially and time free.

Remember the 10 Year Old Kid I was talking about earlier on...?

There are many people today who have the habit of spending money carelessly since young just like the kid.

I believe that's also why many people are still struggling for money even as old as 80 years old.

Just think about the old pilot I was talking about earlier on. I believe his active income is more than enough to invest and turn it into a lifelong sustainable passive income stream for him so that he doesn't have to work anymore.

Yes, it's also possible that probably he just has a huge passion for flying but that's rarely the case.

So my question to you is...

Are you still going to complain and give excuses for your own failure or your own financial situation when you now know that you have the ability to change your income structure with just $0.98/day?

By the way, I'm not saying you're going to start making thousands of dollars by just investing $0.98/day. There are a lot of hard work involved.

Personally, I put in lots of hard work before I start earning a 4-Figure monthly passive income.

Also, you need time to learn and build your foundation.

The decision is totally up to you. If you're satisfied with your own job right now, go ahead and drink your Starbucks.

But if you want to be financially and time free in the long run, get ready to do some real work!

Not enough money? Money is everywhere. It's a matter of fact whether you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. It depends on how badly you want it.

You will be resourceful if you want to achieve your goals really bad!

Click the "Join Now" button on this page and Create a Free account with Wealthy Affiliate.

I look forward to work and connect with you to help you drink as many Starbucks as you want, okay?

But please take care of your own health!

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hugh9905 Premium
Another great post, Jerry.

Starting up a business needs investments, be it time, money, experience, knowledge, etc.

One can always find alternative solutions if he or she is determined to the business. For insufficient funding, there are a lot of creative solutions so called "Bootstrapping".

I think the real questions are: how badly a person wants to succeed? Is he or she willing to sacrifice the nice daily coffee drinks for a long term financial freedom?

JerryHuang Premium Plus
That's absolutely true! It's all about whether you're willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals :)
MKearns Premium
Great WA segue Jerry!
JerryHuang Premium Plus
Thanks Michael!
StPaul Premium
Thanks a lot for sharing... Very motivating My Friend as always... Keep rocking!
JerryHuang Premium Plus
Thanks a lot Paul! Thanks for your constant support!
ChristinaAsh Premium
This is truth , so many people complain about not having money when you see them buying Starbucks every morning and lunch out every afternoon.... seen it for years in the corporate world . I have always been about saving for something better and this is why me and my husbands savings and “ extras” that we prioritize just kept going up up up . That is until I figured out we hit near top we could in the places we was and decided to break out via WA . Now I have jumped full throttle here and know I am once again investing in my upward trend .
JerryHuang Premium Plus
That's great! As for the corporate world, I guess there's an invisible force called peer pressure for most people. Like when your colleague ask you for a drink or a meal, most people feel bad if they decline them despite they don't have enough money for it.

That's also another thing we all need to learn and that is to F**K other people's opinion about you. Be yourself and do the things you think that's the best for you.
ChristinaAsh Premium
100 percent for sure ... I didn’t spemd 30 dollars plus a day out between eating lunch and coffee out because I had higher priorities ( including not being stuck there forever ) now I live off my savings while I take my next steps so I am thinking that was the right move ... some people I think are happy to just settle into the daily grind .... I was just never one of those .
heljam404A Premium
Wonderful post, Jerry
JerryHuang Premium Plus
Thank you Robert!