Google Getting Rid of Third-Party Cookies in Chrome. Thoughts?

Last Update: January 16, 2020

Hi WA friends!

News reported that Google is getting rid of thrid-party cookies in Chrome:

Any thoughts on how that will or will not affect affiliate marketing?

Any tech guy knows?

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DaveSw Premium Featured Comment
To me, this means that it is more important than ever to convert your website traffic into leads, where you can then nurture the relationship and build trust and eventually conversions.

Other thoughts:

(1) The big companies will not be affected as they have direct access to user information already from their platforms. Examples include Google, YouTube, and Amazon.

(2) For us, the tracking will have to be done using internal tools (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and any other pixel type tool that we may use)...

(3) One market segment that is REALLY going to be impacted is the advertising platforms out there who have built their entire business model around the third-party cookie.

(4) The change will cause some major changes in how they can prove what they are providing is performing. New solutions will have to be devised.

(5) For affiliates of Amazon and the like, I am sure there will be some guidance as this change happens over the next couple of years...

For us WA folks...

(1) This change reinforces once again the need to keep up with what is going on in the market...Adapt or perish I believe is the mantra, and that definitely holds true in this case.

(2) The other thing that likely will happen here as this change is implemented is there will be some guidance and training published within the platform so we all know what to do and how to do what we have to do...


I do think it will have an effect on affiliates...Just how much remains to be seen as alternatives are developed and deployed. This has been coming for a while as other browsers have done this already...

This all seems a little self-serving in some ways though, doesn't it? The big companies with first-party cookies are going to be just fine...It is the rest of the market that is having to scramble!

Dave : )
Just a perfect example of how big businesses think only about them elves, only they must be on the winning side all the time.

As affiliates we should start adjusting before the 3rd party cookies are removed.

I gained a better understanding of this situation from your indepth explanation.

Thank you Dave for all that you do.

Maxine :)
DaveSw Premium
Hi, Maxine...

Thanks for the kind words, I agree that it can seem like we are on the wrong end of the internet sales game sometimes, but I am sure that there will be solutions...

Actually Jerry is to be commended for bringing this up to us all! The many changes that happen all the time get overlooked by many, as they have their head buried in the virtual sand...

Think about this change that is coming, the ADA issue that we all need to address, and the new requirements that California just implemented (similar to the EU laws) for transparency...

Add to that the changes in algorithms that are constant from the search engines and you can see that a platform such as this is extremely helpful for us all...

Cheers and all the best!
Dave : )
Hi Dave........

You've spoken plainly about these issues. And I thank you for that. More of these discussions should be held to find viable solutions.

Internet sales place food on our table. We may have to become more aggressive in getting more traffic on this platform to increase the probability of more sales.

A course focused on traffic would fulfill many affiliates needs because some of us are clueless about how to get it repeatedly.

The fact remains that we are in the right place to achieve all of this.

Maxine :)
vinhlam Premium
Amazon is = Per "Browser" session.
WA is = Once you referred someone here, that person is "locked" as your referral.

Making WA referrals, nothing changed, nothing will happen, and the google cookies play will not have any effect on it. WA has the BEST affiliate programs :)

google cookies?
That's why I don't use chrome. Firefox is the BEST :)
ThomasPaul Premium Plus
Time and time again, companies have shown us that they are properly protecting the huge amounts of data they are collecting on people. I think this is a good step in the right direction towards getting privacy back as long as it doesn't lead to marketer's to doing stupid things to compensate.
cris1018 Premium
Thanks for posting this, Jerry. I've been following this in the news and you've started some great conversation.

It will be increasingly important to build relationships via strong content and collecting emails to connect with our audience independent of clicks and wishes. We're going to have to up our marketing game!
JustAPerson Premium
I'm all for eliminating everything to do with tracking online. All of this stuff if done offline people would find it very weird & alarming to say the least but online it has become "just the way it is" and was ever increasing.

I think affiliate marketing has already been impacted to a large degree over the past several years. Same as websites relying on ads. Many millions of people use ad blockers and cookie blockers or at least have their browsers set to purge all cookies etc whenever they are closed. I do the same.

The ideal I think is, like Dale mentioned, to reach people who are ready to buy right now. Next is probably to get people one step back from "buying now" to know, like and trust you so they keep checking out your content.

One day all of this kind of tracking might be gone... cookies, pixel tracking, etc and will need to rely on the url params alone.

So I guess that leaves two main approaches... take advantage of it all as much as possible while it is available and be crushed if / when it changes OR stop relying on any of it and figure out how to make affiliate marketing work without needing any of that stuff so if / when things "go away" and everyone is crying doom & gloom... we are not impacted. :)
Dale123 Premium Plus
In my opinion whenever it comes to cookies, the bottom line is that you should simply focus on providing enough information to encourage the user to make an instant decision.

Cookies mainly come into play when the user is still indecisive & so leaves the page in search of more information.