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Hey it's Vinh, and congrats on making that bold decision to give the WA Program a try. I know you will not be disappointed. I've been here since May 2019, and I'm still here. The WA Program works.

Here's a few personal advice I want to share with you:

1). Patience
--- Use your experience, take what you've learned, and apply your knowledge to build your website. It's yours business.

2). Setting goals
--- Having a goal is very important because it allows you to strive to accomplish it. Work towards that goal, stick to the plan, and don't allow yourself to get sidetracked. Aim. Focus. Get to that finish line.

3). Procedure
--- Everything, there's a process to get it done. If you do it correctly, it will get done and the end results will be as expected.

But, you don't have to take my words for it. Listen if you will, or simply ignore it, but it never hurts to learn something new :)

About Me:

I had previously joined other programs, but turned out they're nothing but a bunch of scams. I wasted my time and money to those crooks and it's just not cool!

I want to be able to earn a living with my website, that way I'll have more time to spend with my wife Lisa and make her happy every day. Wealthy Affiliate has given me the vehicle to reach financial and time freedom.

I know I can see myself making a career and earn a living with this and will finally achieve my goal to live the "Laptop Lifestyle" while continuing to build a "Residual Income" business, for me, and for my family.

Okay, enough about me :)
It's your time now. Get started by browsing around this platform. Ask for help if you need any assistance, and most importantly is you need to take actions because actions = results. I'm always available to lend a hand.

I hope you'll find this program as promising as I did, and wonderful to have you on this platform.

Your friend :)
Vinh Lam
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MiroslavStef Premium
Hi, Thank you for the following, I wish you a lot of success
vinhlam Premium
Likewise my friend :)
Jocelyn30 Premium
Hi Vinh,

Thank you for the follow and adding me to your network!

Wish you all success in your journey here

vinhlam Premium
Thank you Jocelyn. I wish you all the success too. Follow the training, it works. WA is yours vehicle to financial & time freedom. Cheers :)
Jocelyn30 Premium
Absolutely Vinh I will do just that :)

AaronKirk Premium
Thank you for the follow back, Vinh! I appreciate it. Hope all is well with you and yours. Nice meeting you here at WA. Good luck and best wishes to you! See you around the WA square, my friend! :)
vinhlam Premium
Thank you Aaron. To yours success my friend. Cheers :)
AaronKirk Premium
You are very welcome and thank you, Vinh! Cheers! :)