900 Referrals in a WEEK! Damn, this is sick!

Last Update: Dec 20, 2018

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A really huge milestone & breakthrough once again...

I got 900 WA Free Starter Referrals in a WEEK!!

I was really shocked as well.

I was contacted by an YouTuber (Yale Chen) on Instagram whom I have been following for a while.

His channel is mainly about personal growth, building passive income and stocks/investing.

Since I'm also somewhat active on Instagram sharing my Affiliate Marketing progress, we had exchanged messages a few times in the past.

This time round his subscriber requested to learn more about Affiliate Marketing. So he contacted me to see if I'm open to do an interview with him and share about my affiliate marketing experience.

I'm a shy person and I'm still working on overcoming my "camera shyness". But I knew this was a great opprtunity, especially he had 22K subscribers before the interview. (Right now at the point of this writing, he has 31K, grew almost 10K over a week.)

Anyway, I was freaking nervous as this was my first time doing an interview like this. So I spent hours before the interview scripting out all the answers to the questions he sent me beforehand.

I even rehearsed it a couple of time, LOL.

Fast forward 2 days later when he uploaded my interview to his channel, it just went viral. And as you can see from the screenshot, that's how I got almost 900 referrals in a WEEK!

The video now has 21.5K views at the point of this writing.

Not only that, since this interview was in Chinese, I also built another Email list of over 300 people at this point who is interested for me to create a Chinese Affiliate Marketing Course for them.

The Moral of The Story...

#1 Build connections with people within your niche

This interview was all possible because I have built a connection with this YouTuber for months and years.

By building connection, I'm not saying you need to go out there and keep sending or spamming people with messages trying to make friends or do collaboration.

Just find those authorities in your field that you admire. You'll naturally be interested in their content/sharing. You can be an active subscriber of that person and constantly leaving comments to add value to their contents.

What happened to me was that we had exchanged a few messages before and that's all. But this YouTuber is also following my IG. So he knew exactly what I am doing (Affiliate Marketing) and how well I'm doing because I constantly share my progress/results on my social media.

When he was asked to share about affiliate marketing, I was the person that came to his mind and that's why he contaced me.

Building connenctions is not a 1 day, 1 week or 1 month's job. It's an ongoing process and you wouldn't know what will happen next.

The most important thing is focus on adding value and just making friends first. When the time is right, the opportunity will come!

#2 Feel the Fear & Do it anyway!

We will automatically be fearful for things that are outside of our comfort zone.

For me, this interview was one of them because it was my first time doing an interview. So, it's normal.

But the most important thing is to grab the opportunity when it comes to you and don't let it slip away.

Remember I was really nervous and spent a few hours scripting out everything in advance first. If not, I think I wouldn't be organized in my sharing and my mind would just go blank when I was freaking nervous.

But I knew I need to do this. If I didn't do this because of my fear, I wouldn't be able to have 900 referrals in a week and started building a small group of raving fans.

I have always been thinking about creating my own Affiliate Marketing Course. This interview has given me all the motivation I need because now there are over 300 people waiting for my course.

That sense of responsibility pushes me forward.

So, I can't emphasize this enough...

Feel the Fear and do it anyway!!

We are all fearful for a lot of things especially when it's our first time. That fear of uncertainty and unknown is absolutely normal.

But if your gut feeling tells you to do certain things, just do it!

You will never grow if you're not willing to step outside of your comfort zone. Many of us have heard this saying before but are you actually practicing it?

Anyway, here's the link to the interview if you're interested:


It's in Chinese by the way.

If you understand Chinese and you wish to be on my list regarding my course, let me know in the comments below!

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Awesome Jerry!

Wow Jerry,
That is really impressive.
All your hard work is definitely paying off.

Awesome! Keep up the great work!

HELL YEAH! that is so damn awesome. Congrats! I won't be watching the interview (no hablo Chinese). Now that's a freaking accomplishment!

I am so happy for you Jerry!!!!!!!!!! Yay! Congratulations once again!



Wow absolutely amazing. Well done to you.

Incredible! ... almost unbelievable but we know you! ... again, incredible! ... 900 referrals in one week! ... did you say 900?! ... gawd! ... you're already a billionaire! ...

What an excellent opportunity for you! I applaud you for going for it, even though it was scary. Well done! A good example for all of us.

Collaboration is the fastest way to grow. Great job Jerry. See you next month.

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