How This Program Changed My Life And Many Others!

Last Update: December 01, 2019

A lot of you already take this amazing opportunity at Wealthy Affiliate and start your 1-YEAR PREMIUM membership!
I can tell you its the best investment decision that you can make!

If you follow me or reading my blog or emails, you probably know how I love this communty and how this program change my life.

After my divorce, I was stay with three kids and about $15,000 credit debt. I moved to another city with my kids and we became tenants. I asked the company where I worked to work part-time online so that I could have enough time to find a better source of finance.

Fortunately, I found Wealthy Affiliate in 2017!

I learned how to make money online. I started 2 websites, opened 4 social accounts, start freelance work as social media and event manager and in 3 years managed to get out of debt and even buy a house where I was a tenant.
But I'm not the only one. WA has changed the lives of many of us.

Here are some stories:

I`m so grateful to find WA.

Wa not only changed my financial situation, but also got a whole new perspective on life and a lot more self-esteem. (I even enrolled in KravMaga, an Israeli defense skill)

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

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    LenkaSophie Premium
    That's fantastic, Jelena! I wish I had found WA after my divorce as well :) But as you're saying: the second best time is now. So I'm very happy I found this program two months ago and could start my way to a successful online entrepreneur.
    I've bought the yearly membership yesterday, to me it's the best investment ever.
    JelenaBB Premium
    It was my best investment! You will make a huge difference year from now!
    DaveSw Premium
    Very inspiring story, and the true grit that you have shown along with using the resources and innate ingenuity you possess doubtless made a difference...

    Thanks for sharing it with us all here...

    Give people a chance, the resources, and the reason, and most will do more than they thought possible. You are a shining example of that. You can be proud!

    I have no doubt you will continue to grow your business and influence!

    Dave : )
    JelenaBB Premium
    Thank you Dave for your kind words, appreciate it!
    Dave07 Premium
    This is fantastic Jelena. It's great to hear how WA has helped you start your business and get out of debt.
    I'm also very happy to have met another Krav Maga student!
    JelenaBB Premium
    As I write this, every muscle aches because yesterday we had a really intense workout.
    megawinner Premium
    Wonderful words of affirmation and encouragement. I love what you have done in your life. Delighted to see you came out stronger than ever to that real obstacle course of life. The last line in your blog I am going to keep: "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now." Yes, we can.
    JelenaBB Premium
    It's not my line, so you can keep :)
    PeteKane91 Premium
    very inspiring post! I can't wait to be a success story.

    but it all comes with time.
    JelenaBB Premium
    I will share it, for sure :)