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Dear friends,I'm honored to say that I've been with you in this virtual space for 2 years!What has changed in my life for these two years?First, I'm the owner of two good sites! Before WA I was working (and still working for some companies) as a social media manager and I had no idea how to make a real site. Also, I did not have the idea of making a fortune from the site.Secondly, as some know, after my divorce in 2013, I remained as a tenant with a $ 15,000 debt.Last year I managed to buy my h
November 20, 2018
You assume I'm talking about all the holidays that are coming to us: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, .. but first of all, this week we are expecting Black Friday and then Cyber Monday!I'm sure that everyone who knows WA for some time knows what it means to us: AMAZING annual membership with 50% discount!If you still do not know, this year the price will be $ 299, for an entire year Premium membership. And also we will get great bonuses:Bonus # 1: The 7 Factor "Secret Sauce" (Live Class Hoste
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August 21, 2018
Dear friends, I have to praise myself.Yesterday we finished all the documents related to the purchase of a house, so I am the proud owner of the house today!This is a house where my husbend, me and kids have been living as tenants for three years and in which I started a whole new life. I changed the city, left my office job and entered an adventure called My Online Business.Although my adventure is still at the beginning (only 3 years old ;) ), I am very pleased in which direction my life take
July 06, 2018
Today was a fantastic day!I spent packing things all day because tomorrow we go to a summer holiday in Greece.Only in the evening, I opened my laptop to check the messages and make the final preparations on the site before leaving.What a surprise! The first $ 100 a day!Thanks, WA! I know they're great days ahead of me.I will spend my holidays happy because my efforts have slowly begun to pay off.I have some new ideas that I will meditate on a sandy beach, but I generally decided to rest a bit.
As I promised everyone who was interested in my Pinterest Tutorial, I just announced a continuation.If you have not read the first part of the tutorial and are interested in how to start with the Pinterest, please click here: can read the continuation of the tutorial, which refers to the design of your pins: again for your interest in my training and Pinterest.A
First, I want to thank you for having responded so positively to my Pinterest posts and that you had the confidence that I could compile a serious tutorial.I am really encouraged, because if I managed to compose a 7-8 page tutorial, then I am ready to write an ebook of a hundred pages. Now, I am quite sure that I am capable of it and my first Pinterest ebook will be published in September.Especially because, as I wrote the tutorial, I had more to add, but since this is just the basis, I refrain
If you've read my profile description, you know that for over a decade I've been dealing with social networks.Since last year I was particularly interested in Pinterest because I read many posts about how Pinterest is a great tool for bringing visitors to the site. Especially for young sites that are not at the mercy of Google.That's why I wrote a post: 200K Monthly Viewers on Pinterest!, who got a lot of likes and comments here at WA.However, from those comments and messages you sent me, I rea
Hello community! Another great news for me!Today WA informed me that I am on TOP 200 list.I know there are many more successful and smarter people on this list below me.But, it's still a good idea to know that you have achieved a certain success in the WA community.To get to TOP 200, you need to be present every day in the WA community, to answer questions, and try to help if people have a problem. I'm glad if I can help someone to learn new things and grow.I am glad that I can give my contribu
It took me a while. A year and three months on WA and 2 sites but I managed to achieve my first goal!I started the first site in a little difficult niche and after 6 or 7 months I realized that I need to change the path.The other site is something I love and I enjoy in every article I write and upload. This site is about 10 months old and most of the earnings came from it.Here are some statistics from my site:A number of blog posts: 54A number of pages: 8A number of users: 11,675Page views: 26,
Today I have set up my second WA training: "IZEA - Another way to monetize your blog" and I read a few posts in this great WA community.So, I came across Erin's post about Pinterest:"Insane Traffic: Ergo, Try Pinterest!"That is why I decided to join the acknowledgment of this social network.As you can see in the picture from my Pinterest profile, I have more than 200,000 monthly viewers. Perhaps this is not a strange thing for someone who has a Pinterest profile for a couple of years or a well-