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Hi friends, I just wanted to let you know that you have 6 days left to upgrade to an annual account of $299 or broken down this works out to be less than $0.83 per day! Numerous people have already taken advantage of this mind-blowing dealIf you upgrade before May 11th, you will remain closed at this price for the rest of your life and will not have to pay a new annual price of $499.YOU CAN CHECK NEW PRICES HEREBut if you have the money you want to spend right away and want Wealthy Affiliate fo
February 27, 2020
Hello everyone!Here are my full three years at Wealthy Affiliate.I remember when I started, how skeptical I was, afraid that I would never master training, that everyone else would make money except me ...I was afraid that with my knowledge of English I would not be able to write any text, and it turned out that I now had two websites with tens of thousands of words and hundreds of texts.Wealthy Affiliate is everything I read in reviews and more!In addition to these two sites that make me money
January 01, 2020
My WA friends, I hope your 2019 year has been a success, and that 2020 will be even more successful!You know for sure that success is not just about money. It is about many of our other achievements. For someone else, it might be a small thing, but for you, it is the greatest thing you have done.One of my successes in 2019 is that I enrolled in Krav Mag training. It's an Israel defense skill, and I've been thinking for years that it would be good to learn it. And then last year, at the age of 4
A lot of you already take this amazing opportunity at Wealthy Affiliate and start your 1-YEAR PREMIUM membership!I can tell you its the best investment decision that you can make!If you follow me or reading my blog or emails, you probably know how I love this communty and how this program change my life.After my divorce, I was stay with three kids and about $15,000 credit debt. I moved to another city with my kids and we became tenants. I asked the company where I worked to work part-time onlin
November 29, 2019
Hi friends!As you probably know, I love Pinterest. I have more than 21,000 followers and more than 200,000 monthly views. If you are interested in starting with Pinterest, you can read my training and ask me anything you want to know. 1. Boost your site Traffic with Pinterest - Learn the Basics...2. My Beautiful Pins - Learn the Pinterest Basics Part 2For this Black Friday Deal, I was prepared three pins for you that you can use to promote your articles.Just downloaded them and share on Pinte
November 28, 2019
Happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends. You're probably getting ready to spend the day with family and friends. In the midst of that, you're eagerly checking emails and numbers if you offered discounts this week.Thanksgiving reminds us to see what we are thankful for. I am grateful for my husband, kids, and wealth. Therefore, I realize wealth has nothing to do with the car I drive or the house I own. I am wealthy because I have this beautiful family, this online work that I love doing, and the
November 16, 2019
Hello friends! I know that all of you are preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I prepared my pins, schedule it, wrote the first post, and tomorrow I will work on emails. Its a lot of work, so I need to take a rest and do something else. As autumn is here and lousy weather stopped me from riding a bike, I subscribed to Krav Maga classes. What is Krav Maga?Its Israel military self-defense system and its combination of kickbox, boxing, wrestling, aikido, karate, street fighting along w
Only three weeks left until Black friday and Cyber ​​monday weekend.In a previous post, I wrote about how to prepare for this weekend to have the best results.If you have not read this post it is here: I am going to show you how to find and use the banners that Kyle, Carson and the WA team have prepared for us if you intend to promote the HUGE discount we have on our Wealthy Affiliate annual subscription.If you sign
November 06, 2019
This is probably my third or fourth time to hit the TOP 200 list so that I will fall on the list later.But you know what the encouraging news is?I'm not giving up!I believe it will be different this time. I intend to stay in the TOP 200 and climb the list because I have a lot of knowledge that I want to share with you.One of my goals is to post at least one new post a week on WA. Sometimes it will be a personal post, and more often, it will be little tips and tricks to help you reach your goals
It's nearly that time of the year again! This year's most intense sales weekend will officially kick-off on November 29th.Let see some statistic from last year:Online sales on Black Friday 2018 jumped 23.6 percent from 2017 to $6.2 billion. More interesting is that the average order was $146 per sale.Last year Cyber Monday became the highest U.S. online sales day in history with $7.9 billion in revenue! Over half of the visits came from mobile devices!So, what we can learn from this?Prepare you