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Last Update: Mar 22, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I didn't get as much sleep as I wanted last night, but I did sleep well. When I crawled out of bed around 6:10 am, I got right down to business in the Wealthy Affiliate Community to get my HUMP day started off in the right way.

Kitty ventured in to assist for a few minutes, so that was nice.

When I finished that initial foray, I decided to try to get a little more writing done on the first episode of my second Kindle Vella story, I must admit that, with the workload yesterday, I did not accomplish as much in that department as I had wanted to.

This will likely consist of the bulk of my Wealthy Affiliate research portion of the day.

I have a couple of locksmith jobs to go finish and /or look at today, so that will keep me a bit busy too.

Monica called me just after 8 am, and we chatted for an hour, and then it was time for me to embark on the locksmith jobs.

While I was warming up the truck, I captured a few images of the new day, which was cloudy again, to include the title image.

It was in the mid 40s at this time.

It wasn't too cold, but it had obviously been raining a little.

It might rain some more later--we shall see!

Then it was time to go.

The first stop was Enterprise Rentals. I was to install a key box on the wall, and I had told the guy I would go take a look.

I called the man back and told him that the box they wanted on the wall would not be something that I could take care of due to the fact it weighed almost 90 pounds, and I am a one man show. I referred him to someone I felt might be able to do the job, and thanked him for his consideration.

It was starting to get foggy on the rural roads off of I-70, and that delayed me finding the rural fire station that I had to attempt to repair the lock on. I finally found it though.

I disassembled the lock and repaired the latch.

Then, the finished product--the re-assembled lock.

This was an image with the fog now largely lifted, as I headed back on I-70 to the eBay house for lunch, and to make a couple of additional business calls.

I will likely turn in bills and a key back to the county today or tomorrow. We shall see.

I will be ending this post earlier than usual, because it is not auto-saving and I don't want to lose it. If dome other momentous event happens today, Then I will write another post.

I expect to hear from my Buddy Kevin on his way to work, and most likely from Monica again at some point too!

The rest of my day will be spent with tasks around the eBay house, waiting for a call back concerning another locksmith job, and of course performing more writing both on my book and in the Wealthy Affiliate Community!

Blog Dog Update:

They are still doing well, and have texted over some more blog ideas. I am still very happy for both of them!

I hope all continues to go well over there!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Morning Jeff.

I'm delighted to see the BDs settling in so well. It normally takes at least a few weeks for a dog to adjust to new settings but they seem to be happy already.

Happy FriSatSuEv (FriSatSuEve).

Just to clarify.

Friday is FRIsatsu

Saturday is FriSATsu

Sunday is FrisatSU

Bank Holiday Monday is FrisatsuMO

Wednesday is Hump Day

Am I correct?

Now this leaves Tuesday and Thursday unaccounted for. Now let's be honest Jeff, you would think a busy grown man would have better things to do with his day than think up silly names for days of the week.

Well, I haven't.

So how about calling them TwTu and TwTh?

That stands for Twisted Tuesday and Twisted Thursday.

What do you think? We could combine a few so a Bank Holiday Monday week could be called FriSatSuMoTT.

It gets better still! If it's a Bank Holiday weekend we could cover the whole week - it could be called FriSatSuMoTwHumTwt? Or something like that - the combinations are unlimited.

Now I have a decision to make. Shall I send the rest of the week thinking up daft names for days of the week or concentrate on setting up a million-dollar business? It's a no-brainer - I'll spend the week thinking up daft names.

I've gotta dash - the men in white coats have arrived to give me my medication.

Paul (nurse over here for my medication please) Bounce

They did live there up antil not quite 2 years ago! They have experienced the horror of where I now reside, so, of course, they are quite happy once again!

You have analyzed my weeks to the hilt, Paul, and you are exactly correct on your assessment!

Tuesday and Thursdays are "eves" for Hump Day and Frisatsu! Monday is the odd day out with no accolades.

I'll have to think on all your new musings! Of course, you could incorporate these new days into your blog posts too! If you make millions off of this, I would like a small cut, of course!

Don't spend too much time with the men in white coats, my friend!


Haha, You beat me to the punchline, Jeff!

I was just about to add photobomb day & Hump day => Pb and Hd.

So, it’s:

Hell, now I can take every day off! 👍🤘😎😎🤘🤘🎸🎸

The men in white coats have left now Jeff - I'm normal again. They'll be back later to check on me.

I don't think we'll make millions out of this Jeff. In fact, we'll be lucky to make a couple of bucks. Still, we'll go 50/50 on any profit ;-)

Nah make that 51/49% - I want full control and can rebrand myself as the CEO of Silly Names Day Ltd lolz.


Lolz Frank ;-)

I like that, and agree, Frank! EVERY day off sounds good to me!


Haha! Sounds good to me, Paul! Glad to hear you are sane for the moment!


Lol 👍😎🎸


Nice to see the dogs up and around, happy too. Driving in fog and/or ice can be treacherous. Nighttime is even worse.

Kind of a drag going all the way to a job and turning it down. But, being in construction most of my life, that can happen more often than we'd like. Honestly, I don't miss that work.

Happy Thursday eve. We have downed trees everywhere out here from 50+mph winds yesterday and rain with it. Fortunately a break for now. Still cold though for us easily 15-20 degrees below normal this time of year.

The summer should be quite fun for boaters and fishermen though with the lakes filling and some even opening spillways that haven't been opened in 20, 30 maybe 40 years for some.

Be careful driving in that stuff, David!

The job I went to look at was only a few blocks away on the way to a job that I knew I could do, David, so it was nothing but a thing.

I hope your weather improves very soon, my friend! 🙏

Hopefully, Summer will be much better for all of you! You definitely deserve it!


It did start kind of drury today, but sun popped through and warmed up quite nicely. You look like you may have handled that job because I bet the puppies would have helped lol!!!!!
Hope you can get a few more hours of sleep tonight be safe on the travels and until tomorrow my friend.

Kevin and Son

I'm glad that you got some sun today, Kevin! I know that you and Landon enjoyed that!

We still had nice temps despite no sun!


A very early post indeed here Jeff, with most of your HUMP day yet to come!!

Great news on the jobs you were able to do, but I wouldn't have thought a little 90lb box would stop you from doing another!!

The weather looks a bit tenebrific but at least the temperatures are more than reasonable!

Enjoy the rest of your day buddy!


The rest of the day has been lackluster, just working on writing my book. It was the right thing to do, since the draft was not saving. I've had to do this in past too, so no worries there, and it is one less thing for me to deal with as the evening progresses!


I hear you my friend, just be careful how you distribute your bucks!!


I always am, Nick!


Mmm... not too sure you have been today though my friend!!


Oh, I billed some good money today, Nick! Not too bad!


Very happy to hear that my friend and enjoy a fantastic Frisatsu eve!!


I definitely have, Nick, and hope that you have too, my friend!


Great news buddy, and it hasn't been a bad one over here either my friend!!


I'm very glad to hear that, Nick!




What happened to your ☀️ sun Jeffoi?

Now, over here it reached up to 60 when I was sleeping! Now I woke up, the sun disappeared, and outside looks like Kansas State! Abut windy too and it will go on a lot 30’s tonight!

Snow in the ground is almost gone as well!

Glad the blog dogs are acclimating to their new home! Kitty must be enjoying the full attention!

You are so good with what you do, things get back to looking almost new, once you go it fixed! Another productive day for Sir Jeffoi!

Enjoy the remainder of the evening!!!

Maria 🌹

It never appeared today, Marioi, but we made it into the mid-50s anyway!

I'm glad to hear that your snow is almost gone. Since it is officially Spring, maybe it will stay away!

I am very happy for the Blog Dogs, they should have never been subjected to what I have had to endure for over three years.

I do what I can, Marioi! Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't!

You enjoy the rest of your day too!


Now it’s looking gloomy and windy! We’re approaching into the low 30’s by tonight!

Had another crazy night! But it is all worth it!

Maria 🌹

Uh Oh, Marioi! Be careful!


Am not going anywhere tonight Jeffoi, I am staying home and recharging, I still have to work tomorrow!

My last one for the week! 😊

Have a pleasant evening, Marioi!

Glad it will be your last night of work!


Yeah, then I can finish up what’s left that needed to be done in my MMO website!
Then it will be good for launching!

It just needs the menus as I already did all the articles, and the sales page! It will b curious how this will take place!


Awesome, Marioi!

You will get it done, I am sure!


Yeah that’s only few minutes, but reviewing takes longer, but that’s fine!

I have a class with Eric tonight!

Sounds like a Great plan, Marioi!


Yeah in 2 hours Jeffoi!

Awesome, Marioi!

Happy Hump Day Jeff!


Thanks, Mel! I hope you had an excellent HUMP day!🐫


Great post, Jeff, and sorry you couldn't complete the job you wanted but at least you got enough done so you can be back inside your warm spot. I'm glad to see the blog dogs happy.

Have a great evening!


It happens sometimes, Myra! Tomorrow is another day!

I am glad the Blog Dogs are doing well too! They should have never been banished over there to begin with!

I hope you had an excellent Hump day, and have a Great evening, as well!


Still keeping busy Jeff, that's the stuff.
Fog! That's not nice anytime, but at least you were heading home for munchies.
Spring is on its way over here. Watching the butterflies and bees working the early flowers today.
Ciao for now

That's the way that I like to be most of the time, Bux!

Yep, had some lunch, and am now on to other tasks now! I hope you are having an excellent Hump Day!🐫


Of course, Hump Day. Yes, a nice day.

Awesome, Bux!


Hi Jeff,
A job well done, I hope it paid off.

🐾🐾🐾🐾 they look really happy, great!

What a great time for your post, Jeffrey!!!

Slavka 👋🐈‍⬛👋

I'm sure it will when I give them the bill, Slavka! Since it wasn't auto-saving, I did not want to lose it, and as it turned out, it was already my normal length!

I hope you have had an excellent HUMP day!


Hi master,
A job well done, Jeff👍

I'm crushed today, I guess the next HUMP day will be better.

Best regards mate, Slavka 👋🐫👋

Thanks, Slavka!

Why are you crushed today? Is everything okay?

Try and have a pleasant evening!


Everything is OK.
It's over, everything is fine.
Thanks for the question Jeff, I hope you are well today.

Slavka 👋

I'm very glad to hear that, Slavka!

Have a Happy Thursday!


Jeff, Happy Thursday!

Thank you, Slavka!


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