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Last Update: Aug 2, 2022

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I was feeling tired, so I went to bed much earlier last night than usual!

First off, when I talked to Monica at work yesterday, she had informed me that she was going to go get a C19 test tomorrow since several of her co-workers had turned out to be positive.

I had just laid down to rest, when she "video called" me on Fakebook!

She seemed really tired on the early evening call. her and I chatted for about 45 minutes off and on. I then let her go so that she could get her rest. She is, thankfully, off from work today.

Then I resumed relaxing and watching television. Aside from getting up a couple of times to let the Blog Dogs out, I was eventually down for the count! When I finally woke up, it was time for another dive into the Wealthy Affiliate Community!

Kitty peeked in for a quick minute and then disappeared! No worries, though! When I finished with the normal morning sojourn, I went outside and captured a couple more images of the new day!

Oops, what the heck? Humphrey appeared at that moment--photo bombing me again!

A split-second later, he was gone again! More than likely headed to see Mel Waller in the Philippines! See? (below).

Nevertheless, it still wasn't that hot outside, yet, although we are set to exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit! I'm not looking forward to that at all.

Now, it was time to get back inside and get back to the business at hand! This time, a little more Wealthy Affiliate research!

I'm still adding more images on the book promotion site, but I have also started another post too! We shall see how much I can get done today. The point is, that we all need to set aside time to work on our sites, and have to try to make it a routine or habit to do so. Consistency is very important if we wish to succeed!

There have not been anymore locksmith calls today so far, and I'm not surprised with the soaring temperatures!

It was then time to give the Blog Dogs their main meal of the day too. They have already had treats a couple of times in the morning, but this will be the main course for them.

They, of course, are always ready to eat! Once this was attended to, it was back to the daily grind!

I was diligently working more on the computer after talking to Monica a couple of times on the phone (She IS positive this time around--although she has been a couple of times before too), then my Mother who called when she was going home from work with some chills, though she tested negative, and finally, a chat with Kevin while on his way to work at the railroad.

I was finishing working on something on the computer when the Blog Dogs started barking incessantly in the latter part of the afternoon at the door.

I went an answered it. It was a person I had not seen in a lot of years, but who I recognized from back in the time when I owned and managed 27 trailer homes in a park on the north side of town. In fact, my ex-girlfriend at the time and his wife worked together and had been friends.

His name is Shannon, and he was a shadow of his former self. He and his wife had recently moved a few block from the eBay house, and they were a bit down on their luck. He was trying to sell a leather jacket and cap to me for $50. Money is a bit tight for me too right now, but I asked him to sit and have a beer with me outside.

We ended up visiting for a while--in fact, I would take a break and publish this post--and I ended up giving him a few of the jerky packs that Kevin sent me, and finally a $20 bill to help him out. He and his wife Lorraine had recently split up, so I felt compelled to assist him in some small way, since he had stayed at Sylvester's for a night or two already. I told him to sell the jacket to someone else if that would help him out! I was happy to help, after all, God continues to bless me just when I need it!


Recent Comments


Sounds like quite a relaxing day all in all Jeff!

Sorry to hear that Monica is feeling a little under the weather but I am sure she will be fine in no time!

Nice work helping out your old pal the best you could, that's what true friends do!

Stay cool my friend and have a great HUMP day!


It was, for the most part, Nick! I hope yours was too!

She video called me again today--she is feeling a bit better. Thankfully, for right now anyway, she doesn't have to return to work until Monday!

I gave up a case of my beer, but it felt so good to help him out!

I'm staying cool right now, and I hope your Hump day is going well, so far!🐫


For the most part as well Jeffrey!

I'm happy to hear that and there will always be more beer!!

Great to hear you are staying cool my friend, the triple digits are starting to get to me again here!πŸ₯΅


I'm glad t hear that, Nick! Yes! There will always be more beer!

As long as the clouds continue to cloak the sun here, we will remain cool!


I doubt that the supply of beer will ever dry up Jeff, (unless you start taking up too much of the slack)!!

I wish we had a bit of cloud cover here today, it has just been scorching and the next couple of days are predicted to be worse!!


Haha! I don't think I could drink THAT much, Nick! 😳

We were supposed to be hot, but I guess there was an unexpected reprieve!


One never knows until one tries my friend!!🀣🍻

Hopefully the reprieve will arrive here on Saturday and then it will be time to escape the lair and finally get back home!


I'm not going to even attempt that, Nick!

I hope the reprieve comes soon!


Probably a wise decision Jeff!

No reprieve here yet, it's even hotter than yesterday my friend!πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅


Yes, indeed, Nick!

Sorry the heat is still bad there, my friend! I've been feeling a bit under the weather, so I am trying to take it easy right now!


I think we have just dropped below triple digits here now, and it is after 9pm!

Damn, sorry to hear that my friend.. I hope it isn't the new strain of flu that has been doing the rounds??

Have you ever been tested for it?

Take things easy buddy and I am sure that you will be right as rain before long...


Oh wow, Nick! That is terrible!

It might be, but I am not around very many people, so I'm not going to worry about getting tested. (never have been) I haven't even been around Monica either. I just cut back on my smoking and the head feels better, but she told me I need to eat, but I'm just not hungry. Also not even a full adult beverage consumed today either! πŸ˜²πŸ™€

I'm sure that I will be too!


It does make sleeping a bit tricky as the PSIL is too tight to buy an aircon unit here (and she has the scratch)!

But weren't you with Monica a couple of days back at Sonic just before she tested positive?

Cutting back on the smokes in beneficial in many ways..( I should probably practice what I preach here)!

Just try to eat little and often my friend and maybe a day or two without an adult beverage could assist, don't worry as I am picking up a LOT of slack here so I have you and Steveoi covered!!

Take care buddy!!


I can relate! My aircon is worse at best. It does make for some restless nights.

Yes, I was, but I didn't get too close to her. I had been around her when she was positive for Covid earlier in the year with no ill effects too.

I was up to almost 3 packs per day. I am limiting myself to 1 smoke an hour trying to cut back.

I've only had one beer today so far. I know you have Stevoi and I covered!

You take care too!


I'm looking forward to my air conned bedroom if we make it back on Saturday Jeff!

I'm sure that all of us have had bouts of the flu in the last couple of years, the only times I have been tested was when it compulsively to do so in order to enter a different country for the poolside barbies!

And everytime I was negative!

3 packs a day is quite a lot my friend, but I have been there, especially when I used to live and work in a local pub basically 24/7...

I am down to 6... maybe 8 a day right now, but I do make my own so they last longer!!

When in the company of the PSIL, I will ALWAYS have both of you well covered my friend!


I'll bet you are, Nick!

It feels like the flu to me, Nick! I'm not getting tested, but we shall see how I feel this Frisatsu, my friend.

I still have not smoked a full pack today, and am pacing myself.

I used to roll my own too, the first time that I was a smoker. I'll try to keep them cut way back now.

Haha! I'll bet you do!


I do miss my balcony pool as well!

Get plenty of fluids in you and rest up Jeff, and take it easy on the smokes my friend!


I'll bet you do, Nick!

I've only had four smoke all day ad only half a beer so far.


Great going my friend! But it can't be much after midday there!

I hope you are feeling better buddy?


I'm getting better by the day, Nick!


It pleases me to hear that my friend!


Me too, Nick! Thank you!




It was good you could help that man, Jeff. It's hard not to help someone who is genuinely in need!

Good to see Humphrey again!

I hope Monica is alright. From reading some comments here, it seems that a different version of Covid has raised its head in your region! Maybe we have it here, too. I'm not sure.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


Thanks, Valerie! I thought so too!

Yes, it's always fun to see Humphrey!🐫

It's more akin to the flu here, but I feel she will be alright if she takes it easy.

Enjoy the rest of your week too!


One of my co-workers go it and has been very sick for two weeks. The 5 day quarantine is a joke now with this new variant. At least for some people. She was so sick she went and got drugs at an emergency clinic last weekend. A number of people will still be infectious after 8 days now.

I hope Monica doesn't get too sick!

Nice of you to help him out Jeff!


The variant here affects people in different ways, but Monica seems alright--like it is a mild case of the flu, whch the general thought is that is exactly what it is. We shall see!

Thanks for your kind words and thoughts, my friend!


I hope you stay healthy Jeff. What’s up with Humphrey already again?! So nice of you to help that fellow. You have a big heart. Helping others when you can is the best. Stay cool in those brutal temps. Enjoy your evening!

Susan 🐢🐢😹

Well, Susan, you know he always arrives a day early. He did not disappoint this time either!🐫

Thank you, I do this because others have definitely helped me too! It was the right thing to do!

I'm keeping as cool as I can!

Enjoy your evening, as well, my friend!


I had trysted positive early last week…no major issues, and I have passed the five day quarantine β€” all is normal now. Hopefully Monica will get past this quickly as well.

Your a good man trying to help out Shannon and I’m sure he appreciated the jester.

Have a great rest of your day Jeff!


Thanks, Mike! I am sure she will--she has had it before! I was even aroud her during one of those times. Never caught it though!

It was the least I could do for him. Thak you for the kind words! We all need to lend a hand up every now and then!


So true!

Yes, indeed, Mike! Thanks again, my friend!

Enjoy your HUMP day!🐫


I’m trying…thank you


That's all that any of us CAN do, Mike!

You're very welcome!


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