Toneless Tuesday Tends To Triumph & Tantalize!

Last Update: May 16, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I fell asleep watching movies last night, but I am not sure that I got enough sleep, but I felt alright enough to wake up at 7 and get right to work in the Wealthy Affiliate Community!

There seems to never be a dull moment there! It can be a treasure chest full of priceless knowledge gems if you know where to look. For the new members here, you can learn so much from this vibrant group from around the world!

Kitty popped in for a moment again too. Her presence is always a big help since the Blog Dogs have returned home where they belong. (They are both doing very well, by the way, and Shadow still sends me blog post ideas via text message!)

He has been mining for hidden knowledge gems in the WAC over there today, in fact.

I chatted with Monica on the phone for another hour before she heads to a doctor;s appointment. When we were finished, I ventured outside to capture some images of a much cooler day today--one will be the title image.

We were at 59 degrees at the time. I'm not sure how much higher the temps will get.

Hopefully not too high though!

I also saw Rocky, the squirrel on the neighbor's tree too!

Then, I decided that it was time for one more image. I should have stopped.

I got photo-bombed again by Humphrey! By now, most of you know what that means--another HUMP day tomorrow! (The weeks seem to fly by so fast!) Where does all the time go?

Once that was done, I started writing some more in my Kindle Vella Story #2, Episode #7, which seems to be gaining momentum. (Perseverance is the key!)

Then, I will eventually get to the re purposing of my first Kindle Vella story into an eBook. Outside activities keep interfering with that. This will be my Wealthy Affiliate research portion of the day.

I chatted with Monica for over an hour again, and then she had to go take care of something else.

No matter, because, shortly after that, my buddy Kevin called me on his way to work at the railroad. We talked politics and also about his long overdue weekend off too! Time flew during that call, and I'll talk to him again later in the evening, as well.

When we finished with our conversation, I had a quick errand to run.

The drive to one of the main drags was nice enough. We had still only made 60 deg. for the temperature at this time.

This was me at one of the main business districts in town. It was still a cloudy day, of course.

I got the errand quickly accomplished and then was right back at the eBay house to continue working on my book and this post too!

I also worked on some other tasks that needed doing around the eBay house, as well.

Barring any new work, I will continue writing and will also be on the computer off and on in the Wealthy Affiliate Community for the rest of the evening. I might also have to leave again later, as well, depending on any plans that Monica might have!

If she doesn't have any plans, then I will still be chatting with her in the evening again too.



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Definitely a very relaxing day there Jeffrey, good to see the youngster as usual!

Nice photo of one of the main business districts in town.... with absolutely no one else there!!

The temps there are still a little warmer than we have been experiencing the last couple of days... but I am not complaining!

After back to back Frisatsumo's at the beginning of the month, starting tomorrow is an even rarer ThuFriSatSu here!!

Have a great HUMP day buddy!


I waited until the cars went by, Nick!

We are headed to 81 degrees here.

Wow, you all are getting those days off! Happy Hump Day!


I bet you did Jeff!!🀣🀣

We were lucky to hit mid 50's today I think, which is fine as I said... I know what will be coming before too long!!

May is the best month here for public holidays my friend and this year they have all fallen on great days!!!

Happy HUMP day buddy!!


That is Great that the Holidays are working out, Nick!

An excellent HUMP day! 🐫



Happy Frisatsu's eve, Nick, atlhough I think you are already there with a "Thur" added to this one!


Cheers buddy and I am indeed!

Have a great one yourself!


I suppose that I will when it finally arrives--another locksmith job today though, so that is a huge help.


I have always said that things will pick up buddy!

Great news and enjoy a prosperous rest of your day Jeff!


You were right, Nick, and you too!


I was about to ask you if Shadow was still on the payroll, Jeff - mining for blog post ideas. Good to see that he's still assisting you.

Hope you have a good Hump Day! πŸͺ😎🐢😺🐢

Isaiah 😊

He does, indeed, Isaiah!

You have a Happy Hump day too! 🐫🐢😹🐢😎


Happy Hump Day, Jeff.

Wow blog ideas from Shadow. I could do with a visit from Shadow!! He could stay as long as he likes. Lol. πŸ•

That squirrel looks to be tiny, or maybe the tree trunk is extra large! To be honest I don't think I've ever seen a real live squirrel, just photos in story books many many years ago. I was always intrigued about squirrels and their hibernation during the winter!

Enjoy the rest of your week, Jeff.

Valerie 🌞

Happy Hump Day, Valerie! 🐫

I'll have to see if Shadow's Travel papers are in order! 🐢

I've always wondered where squirrels go into hibernation at. Now is the time that they are getting active.

Enjoy the rest of your week too--likely only one day away from another Frisatsu for you right now!


Thanks Jeff! 🐫

Oh wow! I didn't think about Travel papers for Shadow .... Maybe we'll put that on hold for a while!! Whew, says Shadow, and I don't blame him.❣❣

Yes, it's just eight hours until Frisatsu arrives, starting from mid-night!



You never know, Valerie! He might have liked going there! 🐢

Happy Frisatsu!


Toneless, meaning no sun!! You had an easy day.....always good to watch movies and just relax......I will do that on my week off too.....take care.....

Thanks, Antonietta! Take care, my friend!


Happy Hump Day Jeff!

For your free episodes on Kindle Vella, are you compensated in any way on those first 3 episodes, Jeff? Or is it more a way to get a reader hooked to purchase the rest?


No, the first three episodes are free, Mel! If they like them then they purchase tokens. For the 4th Episode on, they cost one token for every one hundred words. Then after 30 days being live on Vella, I can turn it into an eBook, paperback, etc, and still leave it live on Vella! I will be doing that soon on my first Vella story.


Ok Jeff. I gave you a thumb up on your 2 Kindle vella books first 3 episodes..


Thanks, Mel!


Sounds like you had another great day, Jeff!

Have a great evening!

Myra πŸ’œ

It certainly was, indeed, Myra!

You have a Great evening too!


Awesome day! And I managed to check in with you as well!!
Question, do the blog dogs have keyword research goggles to go with the safety cap?
Have a wonderful humpday and beyond!!


I'm glad, Stephen, and I am very glad to hear from you too!

Unfortunately, no, Stephen! Shadow can figure out what is worthy and what is not!

Enjoy your upcoming HUMP Day! 🐫


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