Sunday's Solace Seemed So Serene & Supreme!

Last Update: Feb 6, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I slept late again--WHOOPS! No matter though, my body needed it! I sure did not want to get out of bed though.

When I did get out of bed, I immediately took care of all the furry assistants! That is always first and foremost on my mind before I start each morning.

When that was finished, I jumped right in, once again, to the Wealthy Affiliate Community! No matter what else happens in each new day, I will always get that critical task accomplished!

Surprisingly, Kitty showed up for this session again today too! She can be like this sometimes.

Her help is always appreciated! I had some other ambitions today, but, as it turned out, I ended up not going anywhere today, even though the weather was stellar for this time of year. I managed to keep myself busy at the eBay house today, so that was the saving grace today.

I might go phone shopping next week. Right now, despite the cracked screen, the phone is performing better.

I sat outside in the truck ad marveled at the great weather we are currently having.

I captured a few images of it while I was outside, including the title image!

It weirdly reached 73 degree give or take a few degrees today.

It was a phenomenal and relaxing day!

The early morning was great before the clouds rolled in.

Ron and his wife actually showed up at the eBay house, and he dropped off another ice chest full of real meat. (From a butcher and not from the store.) By the way, Nick, there are also two large packages of real bacon too!

I also talked on the phone to Ron later on, and Floyd up in Montana (both Army buddies of mine, of course.), and then eventually, my buddy Kevin called too, and he and I talked about a half an hour too.

Then, of course, Monica and I were on the phone off and on for almost two hours, so that was the highlight of the day for sure.

I did finish my Kindle Vella Episode #10, but I am still proofreading ti right now, so it will likely be published tomorrow! Whew!

I still have to double down and put a new blog post on my book promotion website! Hopefully next week, if all goes well. This has been my Wealthy Affiliate research portion of the day.

The day, all in all, has been quite relaxing, so I am definitely not going to complain.

This post will likely be shorter than usual, but the day has been literally flying by!

I decided that it was finally time to give the Blog Dogs their main meal of the day too!

They were definitely ready to eat, as usual!

I also enjoyed some of my latest stew for my meal of the day too!

The rest of this evening will be spent on the computer in one way or another.

I might even start working on the Kindle Vella Episode #11. We will see how everything goes!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Hi Jeff,

Sounds like you need the rest. I think it unnatural for us to have our sleep dictated by a clock, so what a blessing you have been able to go with what your body has been calling for.

As for the cell phone I had to laugh. We are alike in the sense I tend to milk the last drop of usefulness from something as well. Just don't wait till it's dead, hah hah.

If your friend Ron feels like delivering any more chests full of meat, I've got his back here in New England. If he goes for it, have him bring some of your stew as well please. Perhaps your blog assistants could ride along, and I could snap some pics with them they could sign, hah hah.

Thanks for the updates. I can say hands down I look for your posts here every time I log in, as they are hands down my favorite. :)



Haha! Jason. I will let him know, my friend!


Now that does sound like a fantastic end to Frisatsu Jeffrey!

Sleeping in late, nice weather, conversations with buddies and Monica, and to top things off, free ribeyes and bacon!!

I hope the start to the new working week goes better my friend... but I doubt it!


We are at 61 degrees, Nick, so, it seems like it has gotten off yo a GREAT start, but I do know that OMW is not finished yet! 🥶


Absolutely my friend! I think we made it to the high 40's here today, so can't complain...

But some white stuff is forecast for later on in the week...

It is February after all!!!


Doesn't sound like it, Nick!


Unless it snows when the temps are in the 50s, my friend!🥶🙄

I was talking about here Jeff!!


Oh, well that's different!




73 degrees???? That’s not fair!!! We reach 2 digits as high as 46 degrees, but with the chill factor, it still feels really, really cold ! 🥶🥶🥶
Then the night goes to a low 16! Brrrrr!

Those were serious meat from Ron! Nice one Jeff! Praise God from whom all blessings flow 🙏🏼 That’s truly great Jeff!

Have a relaxing evening!

Maria 🌹

Don't worry, Maria! I am sure that we will receive another dose of the arctic blast.🥶

God is, indeed very good to me, my friend!

I am relaxing right now, and looking forward to the new week!



Another great day, Jeff. Goodnight. Almost done.

Good night, JD! God Bless!


I slept well, but am still beat. 🥱😫🥱😴🥱😪

I've had a lot of mornings like that, JD! Hang in there!



That is all that any of us can do, JD!






Looks like you are well stocked for the eBay house family. Being vegetarian I will mute my tongue. I am happy for you and the family. You have some wonderful friends out there. Beautiful skies and weather for you. We got hammered with rain the past two days, which supposedly was to be light but that is ok with me. All the reservoirs and lakes are filling up finally and the snow melt will be even more. I am looking forward to all the new waterfalls from that to go with the usual ones we have.

Try to get a phone with gorilla glass Jeff or an iPhone that you can do so much with your business. I know funds are tight but it is an investment.

I plan to go all out on a Macbook Pro M2 that I will use for the business. Roope has inspired me to do Youtube vids, so I am going for it.

Next Sunday should super surprise everyone, eh? Go Chiefs!!!

Haha, David! Thank you! Of course, I was always brought up with the mantra that if God wanted us to eat only vegetables then we would be rabbits! To each their own, I guess!

I hope that the rain subsides and that you can have a little sunshine, although, I do know that you all can use the rain to refill everything from the drought!

I have a ohone scoped out right now, my friend, but since this one is starting to work right again, I will stretch it out for as long as I can.

I hope your YouTube endeavors work very well for you! Go for it!

Thanks for the kind sentiments on the Super Bowl! We shall see!


Great, glad you finished your Kindle Vella 10.
Keep thriving.

Thank you, Muslimah! Keep thriving too, my friend! Enjoy your new week!


Fantastic Jeff,

You finished the Kindle 10!

Your freezer looks full of goodies for some delicious stews and more by the looks of that.

My brother is a butcher, we grew up with lots good quality fresh meat.

Kind regards

Thanks, Erica! The meat is much better than store-bought too!

I hope you are having an excellent start to your new week!


Yes I agree, farm fresh is best.

We are in for some wet wild weather here for the next week or so!

Hoping to keep my electricity and internet.


You bet it is, Erica!

I hope that you weather the storm, my friend! 🙏


Thanks Jeff :)

You're very welcome, Erica!


Hey Jeff, nothing wrong with getting a little extra shut-eye. One reason I say that is I lay around all; day again like a bump on a pickle.😂 I Hope you have a great evening.


Thanks, Chet, and today seemed to fly by! Enjoy your new week, my friend!


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