WA Support to the rescue...

Last Update: August 31, 2014

WA support Fixed the error. The URL was wrong. HTTPS..

Thanks to all for your input.

Consensus was SUPPORT Ticket. Did that. Tried there resolution. Still goes to same page.

One suggest was in the URL link: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com//

How do i change the url to get rid of the link. WA Support ticket ..

My Website: http://rocksolidinvestwa.com

One last Thing...DELETE and REDO!!!!!!!....Didn't have to...

Can i copy and paste to another file, then delete and redo, copy and pasting.. Yes I can..

Case Resolved!!! Something so Simple, Yet Resolvable...

Use http not https

Thanks and Much Success


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KatieMac Premium
glad you got it resolved
josephtai Premium
Glad to hear that.
PhyllisE1 Premium
Glad you got it fixed my friend!!!
Stonefox Premium
This is great news you got it worked out! :-)

The following may help with some further understanding, if you don't already know.

HTTPS is always used for "secure" pages. It tells the user that security encryption is in place. So, if you are ever filling out anything on the Net where your personal information is being asked for, make sure you see HTTPS first in the address bar, not HTTP.

As you will notice, all pages within WA are secure with HTTPS.

You'll also notice that as well anytime you happen to be within your personal account at any other site. In addition, all login pages should have that encryption in place. (HTTPS) This prevents your personal login information from being picked up during transmission.

CarlaIves Premium