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July 24, 2018
Well, when you know whats good, you stick to it. Thanks Kyle, Carson and everyone at Wealthy Affiliate for your support.
July 21, 2017
Hello All,Wow, Has it been 3 yrs already. Thanks Kyle, Carson, and all that have helped me through out my journey here at Wealthy Affiliate. Although, I have not been that active here lately, I've restarted and Regained my FOCUS. I have been searching and working on other programs and now realized WHY did I not stay with WA all the way. I have found that Other programs are not as through. I've struggled and came to my wits end. Sure I've earned a Dollar or TWO, but I still had no progress on ge
June 08, 2015
Please Welcome my new referral Dubourg you all in advance.Jean'
November 17, 2014
Hello To All My Fellow WA Community. Well it's been 4 Months and I Upgraded To Yearly. Yes Yearly. Although the last 4 months have went quick.(surprise). I Want to Thank all for the Knowledge and Understanding that you have shared. I'm learning everyday. Although my time spent here has been limited due to Family. I still have worked on my sites , slowly adding content, pictures,researching, and training. Not as far as I would like to of progressed, but like my friend David says "Rome wasn't
September 08, 2014
As I'm writing this, I'm feeling a bit Dumbfounded. I had rec'd an email about auto renewal on my website. Auto-Renewal Notification Date: 8/26/2014 Dear Jean, This is a courtesy reminder that the following product(s) will auto-renew in September, 2014: --------------------------------------------------- Product Name : ox-private for Expires on : 10/4/2014 Auto-renewal on : 9/29/2014 Renewal cost : $9.88
August 31, 2014
WA support Fixed the error. The URL was wrong. HTTPS.. Thanks to all for your input. Consensus was SUPPORT Ticket. Did that. Tried there resolution. Still goes to same page. One suggest was in the URL link: How do i change the url to get rid of the link. WA Support ticket .. My Website: One last Thing...DELETE and REDO!!!!!!!....Didn't have to... Can i copy and paste to another file, then delete and redo, copy and p
When I log into my site: and go to dashboard and view your site. It always goes to WA Classroom page. Even after I edit Page and update, view page. Any suggestions? Thanks in Advance and Much Success to you Jean'
August 18, 2014
Wow...Its already a month in WA and Where did it go. Well, its's been a up hill trek for me as all that I've learned thru training and member support shares, All great knowledge adsorbed. 30 days ago I started something out of my box. Never had never would. Now 30 days later, I can build a website with great content, I know how and why keyword research is vital to having traffic, and to be successful you must follow the lessons step by step. Thank You Kyle, Carson and all the WA Members
July 28, 2014
Well as the training progresses, so do I. My 2nd website is up and is open review and comment.. Had trouble aligning text, check the getting started tab. Thanks again to all the support ..Love Learning in WA.....
July 26, 2014
Ok after a good Breathe, I regained focus. I have my website started, now just have to get Quality Contents and then the Traffic. Feel free to visit, comment, but please remember that i'm a real newbie and site is under construction. Again, Thanks to the training and community support within WA..:) My Website: