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Last Update: May 04, 2014

Hello to my big, beautiful family here at WA!

I'm in the final countdown.. The launch of our new shopping website is looking to happen in less than three weeks! How exciting!! I've strayed from WA for the past 4 weeks or so to build that business.. I cannot believe how much time I've spent educating myself with webinars, conference calls, networking.. It's been a truly exciting time!!

I've learned so much here, and met so many amazing people! A word to any newbies..WA doesn't just teach you how to build a website; WA will teach you teamwork, networking, reasearch, and how to keep an open mind. I've seen so many of you grow and blossom and it's been amazing to see how well we've all done!!

In my journey to pursue earning an income online, I've stumbled a few times. I've learned so much about different opportunities, and most importantly which ones to avoid. I feel like I've seen it all, but there is always more out there.

I want to caution everyone.. now that you're doing this online thing, you're going to find alot of flashy offers out there.There are so many different "businesses" that claim that they can make you thousands of dollars in less than a month, give you thousands of leads with the highest conversions for your webistes. Please do your research!! I've come here on a few occasions asking my WA family if they've heard of this or that, and everyone has been a tremendous help either showing me who to go to, or pulling me away from the false promises of overnight riches!

There are two people that I highly recommend referencing before you pursue any of the fancy ads or flashy paycheck offers.. They are members here at WA, and usually have top ranking when searched. They each offer hundreds of articles on different programs, scams and tools to use for success.

Nathaniell @


Steve @

And with that my friends, I bid you all adieu! I am jumping in both feet with Zuzu Lane!

We are still in pre-launch stage.. and I am absolutely BURSTING with excitement!!! We've added so much product and included so many vendor partners, just in the past two months!! The webinars were 25 minutes when I started.. Now we have so much information to share that we're up to 45 minutes!

Zuzu Lane is a members only shopping site (you gotta know someone to get in!).. we offer all of the same stuff that you'd find at your favorite retailer, but for less; because of that members only thing, the manufacturers don't have to pay for advertising or retail shelf space, so they can offer OUR customers the product for a lot less!

Here's a quick video we put together to explain the customer benefits. We're almost done with the ARM video!! (Associate Referral Manager). <---That's me. I'm the portal to invite people to join.

There are over 125,000 products, most are pennies or just a few dollars over cost!

If you didn't know this about me, I have 4 kids.. two under the age of 2.. I am SO excited to order diapers online and have it shipped to my house, and NOT have to pack up the brood to go to Wal*Mart!! I'll only need the retail store for my fresh food shopping..and maybe I'll have my hubby take care of that part!

I'm excited to share Zuzu Lane with all of you! After everything I've seen (and some that I've tried) this has GOT to be the coolest idea ever!

Sponsor name: Jeannette Ritter

Sponsor ID#: 310235

If you'd like to join me!!

Please find me so we can keep in touch!

Google +


Facebook business


Keep this info! If you don't want to Zuzu now, you will soon!! You'll need to know someone who Zuzu's in order to get in!!

Love and Much Success to you all!!

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Drawshot Premium
Hi Jeanette, glad to hear all is going well and taking off for you. Keep in touch with us. Best wishes on your endeavors
Jen090 Premium
I thought Ive heard this before. Can someone as an apply as an affiliate as well?
Jeannette Premium
You're considered an affiliate if you're a member. (because they give you cash back on your purchases, and your customers purchases as well). We don't have our own products, or our own warehouse.. it all comes directly from the manufacturer.
Great question, BTW!
masamir Premium
Good luck.
masamir Premium
Is it an international site ?
Jeannette Premium
Not yet! I've been pushing for it!! We're launching in US for now (kinda like the beta tester) and have plans to go international SOON!!! Add me to your FB list or email me so we can keep in touch and I'll let you know as soon as we know!
Tanti1969 Premium
Nice info Jenn. I will check on your Zuzu Lane.