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Hello to my big, beautiful family here at WA! I'm in the final countdown.. The launch of our new shopping website is looking to happen in less than three weeks! How exciting!! I've strayed from WA for the past 4 weeks or so to build that business.. I cannot believe how much time I've spent educating myself with webinars, conference calls, networking.. It's been a truly exciting time!! I've learned so much here, and met so many amazing people! A word to any newbies..WA doesn't just teach you how
Has anyone heard of iQkonnect? Any thoughts?
April 21, 2014
I've been scammed. *Say it aint so!* Sadly, it is. *bows head* I am truly heartbroken. Devastated. Embarassed. I've tried a few things online, as I'm sure many of you have as well. This experience will only help me boost my website, as I have yet another scam experience to share. No, it wasn't WA. Rest assured, dear friends. I think you are in good hands here.
April 16, 2014
Hey all! I've figured out the art of giveaways! Click on the pic above and get your free eBook! I'm so excited.. can you tell? I've got a little tab on my FB business pages so people can get the book from there as well! Say.. would anyone like to share their FB business pages with each other? Like my pages, send me a PM with the link to your FB page, and I'll like yours in return! Having a large fanbase looks really good to potentials who may want to join your page.. makes us look really popu
Hello all! So, I've posted my second website.. still needs some fine tuning, but its live. I have that big ugly banner at the top, and I'm really not too keen on it. I have very VERY limited editing software for graphics that I do find.. kind of a bummer. Does anyone have experience with editing this kinda stuff? Or can you point me in the right direction? Thanks so much, all!
April 12, 2014
Hello all! I've been keeping up with you all via email (you know, the notifications when someone has posted a new blog or training)! It looks like you're all doing well, and moving right along! So exciting! So, I'm in the final countdown.. One more month before the big release of a new online shopping experience like nothing else.. Im so psyched! I am here to say thank you to all of you here at WA! Not only have I learned valuable lessons in affiliate marketing and building a website, but I'v
Hello all! So, I've been attending webinars and conference calls for this new gig I'm doing, and lemme tell you; I'm excited! (And I'm pretty excited to implement things I've learned here at WA in my new venture, too!) I'm not gonna get all spammy on you here and drop an ad or anything like that. I've played my fair share of the MLM game (and failed).. and tried a few of those "host a party" things and I've just gotta say; those are NOT for me! Anyway. A few of you have pointed me in some reall
March 26, 2014
Hello all! I haven't been here much lately, as I've been pursuing a new career. I still look forward to my daily emails notifying me of who is saying what, new discussions, training.. you all are amazing! It's so neat to see how we've grown here at WA! I wanted to stop in say keep on keepin' on, all! WA is an amazing opportunity. I still can't believe how much I've learned in such a short amount of time. I thought the only way I'd ever accomplish all of this would be through several years of sc
"Google Embraces Affiliate Marketing With Business Referral Program" If you can refer clients to the Google Apps program, you'll get $15 per referral. The benefits for people to try GA is this: -Offers " email address with more storage and guaranteed uptime. Users can refer unlimited amount of customers, but are limited to 100 seats per customer account created. To prevent fraud, customers have to stay on past the fourth month. Unlimited referrals, plus up to 100 seats per custom
March 08, 2014
Ok. So I created a new page: Take a look at the far left upper corner. My google + id number is displayed up there... as a side note, how the heck do I get it outta there and still keep my info for tracking/linking? Thanks all!