A new social media platform?

Last Update: April 23, 2014

Has anyone heard of iQkonnect? Any thoughts?

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Internetgranny Premium
I've never heard of it either. And in general I am rather wary of any such program having been trusting when I started on the internet.
Jeannette Premium
Ok. I did some poking around.. here's a little of what I found:

Level 9 Marketing (L9) (changing its name soon to iQLife) has taken the best features of the popular Social Media sites and built a new and smarter Social Media site called iQKonnect.

iQKonnect will go live in a few weeks.

But here is a refreshing fresh twist - L9 will monetize or compensate people worldwide for their Social Media activity on iQKonnect.

So I guess it is Level 9 Marketing and they are branding IQKonnect.

The article said that its an invite only social media platform:

"This is not MLM or Sales. It is an "Affiliate Program"

Looks like you can have a free membership, or a paid membership. Since it's invite only, each person who signs on by invitation is logged under their host. If they choose the paid membership, thats how the host gets paid.

*unsure expression on my face.. thinking MLM*

Remember my broken little heart about being scammed?

I am turning to my WA family to see what you all think. I value your opinions. I've never heard of Level 9 Marketing, and a quick search on it doesn't seem to have any negative results (like WA.. which is why I signed up!!)

Thanks all! Maybe I've found something cool, or maybe I should run from it.. Let's see what we come up with!

cubandane Premium
Hi Jeanette, not heard of it either but the word 'Level' sounds pretty dodgy. No wonder they want to change the name. My choice would be 'run' or go as far as you can go without handing over any money and maybe you could getter a better feel for it.
bap0304 Premium
and this is three, never heard of it. Looking forward to the blog replies though.
SowAndReap Premium
Never heard of It Jeannette.
Jaweda2k Premium
I have not heard of it before.