Periodic Table of SEO Factors 2019

Last Update: September 18, 2019

As I was researching and learning more about the proper way to optimize sites and pages for SEO ranking, I ran across Search Engine Land's Periodic Table of SEO Factors 2019 edition.

I found it an interesting read and super helpful in many ways. I thought I would pass it along to my WA family in case there are some who have not yet seen the information.

I have included several snipped images here since the table is first shown full and then broken down into element groups of similar factors. More detailed information on each element group is given within each group's image.

If some images are difficult to read, you can right click on the image > open to a new tab > and then you are able to zoom into the image. I could not find a way to make the image zoomable, sorry!

Search Engine Land uses a weighting scale for each factor ranging from a score of -3 on the low end and +3 on the high end. This weighting factor is found in the upper right corner of the element itself. Below is the legend given for each element:

Here is the Periodic Table in full:

Next are the Element groups broken down into groups of similar factors. These groups include: content, architecture, HTML, trust, links, user, toxins (factors that can hurt SEO), and elements that are new to the table in 2019. Their images are listed in order below.

Lastly, is the group of elements that are new to the table in 2019. Search Engine Land gives the warning "Ignore these factors at your own peril." These are factors with growing importance on SEO.

I hope you all will find this periodic table as helpful and informational as I did!

To get your own copy of this table, visit

Now get out there and create some great content!!

Happy writing!


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PMindra Premium
Thank you, Shannon, for the segway into the link.

Looking forward to reading it.

Regards from Canada.

Jaz333 Premium
Sure, no problem! I found it enlightening in many ways. I hope you find something useful for you :)

Take Care, Shannon
PMindra Premium
Cheers. Have it ready to open first thing tomorrow morning.

Good night.
Joes946 Premium
Shannon, what a great job. Lots of work here and it looks very helpful.
Isaiah14 Premium
This looks a lot more useful than learning that OTHER periodic table from high school science class.

Thanks for the helpful resource, Shannon :-)
Jaz333 Premium
haha well in my niche both tables are helpful ;)

Hope you find some gems in there!
kevinzshan Premium
Love it when people create and find things like this. Thanks for sharing!
Jaz333 Premium
No problem Kevin, I hope you find some new tips within it :)
LadyLou Premium
Good find Shannon,
Thank you for sharing.