Third Year Anniversary as a Wealthy Affiliate Member

Last Update: October 11, 2016

Okay so my anniversary was actually last week and I missed it, but I am a guy I am aloud to miss anniversary dates right? LoL...

The Last Year in Review

So after taking about a year or so off from actively working here I came back towards the end of last year. When I came back I at first rekindled the 2 sites that I had been working on prior to my break.

My Family Game Nights site had been doing well during the break and was still garnering a lot of traffic to it. Just goes to show that when you follow the training here that a site can get up and running to an automatic level. I have not worked on new content for this site other than a Christmas post last year.

My Wealthy Affiliate promotion site though did suffer from my break. I took the break right at the turning point for the site which meant that I did not really get it over the hump to that first level of Auto mode like the other. After doing a few posts for the site though I started getting that feeling that I needed to restructure it and thus, sent it to the back burner for the time being.

On to My New Site and Following My Passions

Originally when I came to Wealthy Affiliate I wanted to create a site to help make the world a better place, but at first I wasn't sure how to go about that. However, now that I had a foundation of knowledge in place I decided it was time to take the plunge and have at it.

So last December Spiral Revolutions was born and I have not looked back since! These last ten months of working with this site have been truly amazing for me on so many levels. From learning more about affiliate marketing to helping myself develop on a spiritual level and everything in between, it has just been amazing.

This site has led to rekindling old friendships online from here and generating many new ones. The more I have focused on this project the more it just seems to happen in the right way. Traffic is climbing, engagement is occurring and sales are happening.

The best part is that through this site and my engagement with others here that run similar niche sites, that I have found a way around many roadblocks that I was still facing with it. For example: I was struggling to monetize the site due to my high level of ethics, but now I have learned how to leverage just that into a way to monetize the site.

Three Years Later, How Do I Feel About WA?

I still remember that giddy feeling from when I first found Wealthy Affiliate and joined the program. How that excitement built as my first site came into being and began to grow. How it turned up to a whole new level when that first sale came in. The excitement seeing how much traffic my site was getting even with me taking a year off from it.

If you can't tell already, I am excited to be here. This is the right place for me to learn and hone my craft for this business. I am committed to the process and I know I can continue to learn and grow until I can safely walk away from my 9-5 job.

My only regret? I wish I hadn't taken that year off. I could only imagine how great my sites would be doing had I not done that. With all of that though, I am still thankful that everything has worked out here for me. I am gracious that I was able to hop right back in and follow my passions to the site that I really wanted in the first place.

If you are having any doubts about Wealthy Affiliate and or how it works, please have faith in not only the system, but yourself too. Anyone can do this if the are willing to make a commitment to it and follow through with that. Follow the training and for Pete's sake, ask a lot of questions!!!!!!

In closing I would just like to thank Kyle and Carson and everyone else here. You have all played a role in helping me to succeed and I am looking forward to reaping more and more of that success here and sharing that knowledge with all of you.

Keep Working It!

James W D

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roamy Premium
Good to have you back,hope this time you will hang around.

wish you loads of success
Jaweda2k Premium
This last year back has been just as great as when I first started. I am very thankful for everything and everyone here.
stn67 Premium
Good to hear you're still here too. I have also been far away from my WA side the past year. But in turn has helped two research craftsmen here with their pages. So like you I am also slowly turning me against my own side
Jaweda2k Premium
I had walked away to pursue a business interest with a good friend of mine. Once the frenzy of that wore off is when I decided it would be a good time to come back. Now almost a year later from that I am really gaining a lot of traction on the new site and right now the sky is the limit!
Gerard2463M Premium
James as a new member of WA this gives me great hope in the future and what you put in your post is inspiring,
Thanks for sharing,
Jaweda2k Premium
If you build it they will come Gerard.

Have hope and work hard!
Cathy Ling Premium Plus
Your beard got longer James :) Good to see that you are still around.
Jaweda2k Premium
The beard is always a changing. I actually have it trimmed down to a goatee now though with the same length.

Glad to see you are still here too Cathy!
marcia2 Premium
I really enjoyed your post James. I am still new here but have 2 sites up. I really want to be ethical as well and only sell things that will benefit others. I will keep an eye out for future posts from you. Thank you. Marcia
Jaweda2k Premium
Thanks Marcia. Please always feel free to stay in touch with me.