Leaving Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: July 15, 2016

I have learned so much here - so why am I leaving?

The simple answer is - because it's been such a success for me!

Wealthy Affiliate, for me, is like any course. Finish the studies and move on to put them into practice.

Once my site about older motorcycle riders was up and running it soon started to earn for me via Amazon. And I've had other affiliate programs applying to me to have their products featured on the site. I've been invited to guest blog on other niche related sites (ie: motorcycles and the associated lifestyle) and have had people wanting to guest blog on my site.

I've also started a second site for my non-motorcycle lifestyle writing, fiction and non-fiction. It's very new but I'm finding it a lot of fun so far.

So - I just want to apply what I've learned and be consistent in adding new content to my sites. That has to be my focus and it's what I feel most passionate about doing.

I've not really got into socializing here (I don't socialize online much anywhere). My Wealthy Affiliate ranking has not been important to me, so blogging, reading and commenting here has taken second place to writing content for my site. And I don't promote Wealthy Affiliate itself - much as I enjoyed the course I'm not fascinated enough by affiliate marketing training to promote it.

So, my Premier Membership of Wealthy Affiliate has boiled down to being my web host with excellent technical support. I found 47$ a month too much for those two things and have moved to a web host where I get the same for about a 5th of the price.

But, if you do enjoy engaging here, if you do need/want access to the training, if you do want to create training and if you promote Wealthy Affiliate itself - then 47$ per month is well worth it.

Having moved my sites to a new host I can always come back of course!

I'm going to limit myself to thanking 3 people :

Nathaniell - whom I joined up with after finding his "onemorecup of-coffee" site.

Kyle - for the excellent training.

Marion Black - for her training and support and friendship.

I also want to thank the Technical Support team - they've always responded quickly and professionally.

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MHainsworth Premium
Great to hear about your successes and best of luck.
jastewart Premium
Thank you Marie - best wishes to you too.
akolipenouko Premium
The title of your article brought me here. I thought "was it a joke to get people to read the piece?" But it was true.

Sorry to see you go. But I guess you've good reasons.
jastewart Premium
Hello akolipenouko - would I joke? Well, yes, sometimes .... ! My reasons feel like the right ones for me. And I can always come back.
FilichiaT Premium
Sad to see you go, but wow congratulations on your success. All the best out there.
jastewart Premium
Thank you Filichia - I'm quite excited to be moving on.
laurenjean Premium
Aaaaw.... noooo!! I'm going to miss you Julie! Thank you for taking an interest in me and my sites and for your personal coaching.
You made a huge difference to me.
jastewart Premium
How lovely of you to say that Lauren. It's good to know I made a difference. But now I'm rarely on here ....
laurenjean Premium
I totally understand your reasons Julie. Awesome to hear things are all going so swimmingly for you!
ChrisTowers Premium
Well done and I am glad WA has proved to be a successful platform for you!

I am always learning so I am gonna stick around! But I wish you tons of happiness and success in the future!

I am sure we could all learn something from you too.. would not consider staying?

All the best!

jastewart Premium
Thank you Chris - I'm always learning too, I'm no expert and probably never will be. I just need to concentrate on adding content to my sites - that's the formula that works very well for me.

Even if I stayed I would not be on here very often - I log into WA to access my sites. I rarely blog and don't add any training. So there'd be nothing to learn from me.

All the best to you too.