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I have learned so much here - so why am I leaving? The simple answer is - because it's been such a success for me!Wealthy Affiliate, for me, is like any course. Finish the studies and move on to put them into practice.Once my site about older motorcycle riders was up and running it soon started to earn for me via Amazon. And I've had other affiliate programs applying to me to have their products featured on the site. I've been invited to guest blog on other niche related sites (ie: motorcycles
I know there are quite a few people here on Wealthy Affiliate who use Chromebooks and the Chrome OS operating system. Unless we are confident enough to use Linux on our Chromebooks the FTP client used and recommended by many people here on WA - FileZilla - is not available to us.I've made use of browser based FTP clients on the odd occasion that I've needed FTP access. Notably when I couldn't remove all the files of an unwanted plugin from within my WordPress Dashboard.The browser based clients
My boss was great when I was ill ... I've had 3 difficult weeks which started with food poisoning (a bad mussel), after living in my loo for a day I ended up in a day clinic on a drip for 12 hours. I didn't fully recover for a whole 5 days.For 2 days all seemed well although I was quite fatigued. Then I developed 4 infections - conjunctivitis, a forest of mouth ulcers, a strep throat and an ear-infection. My doctor said they were opportunistic bacterial infections after my resistance had been d
I've been on WA for just over 3 months, my site is almost that old and I've been an Amazon Affiliate for 2 months. I got my first sales last Thursday and Friday. One on Amazon US and 3 on Amazon France. So the prediction that I read somewhere here on WA soon after I joined has come true. It IS possible to start making money within 3 months. I say "within" because I choose to do this part-time. If I put in full-time hours that sale may have come sooner.FocusWhat I really want to discuss is the
This blog is written because Steph Hill suggested that I write it. Her suggestion came in a response to my comments on her blog “Laws of Social Media Marketing that You Need to Learn”I’m no expert on social media - in fact I think it’s fair to say that my history on social networks has been dismal. In the past I've joined Facebook and Twitter because other people were doing so. I never really felt comfortable with connecting to total strangers. I never really liked all t
February 15, 2016
I won't bore you with the specific details of the technical problem I had with my site.(Suffice it to say IT WAS ALL MY FAULT)I contacted "Site Support" and imagined that there'd be a delay of a minimum of 6 hours due to time zone differences. About 40 minutes later I noticed that there was a response. When I checked the time I sent my request and the time they sent their response the difference was less than 30 minutes.How is THAT for service?Talk about exceeding expectations.
I was slow to get started this morning. So made a huge pot of steaming hot coffee. My mission this week is to add more content before applying to affiliate networks. But I have a number of articles and posts which are "works in progress" and I couldn't decide which one to finish. I started "faffing around" (mild northern UK term for time wasting), I switched between articles, I searched for images. I failed to make any decisions. I drank coffee.Then I made some more coffee. Coffee. Didn't. Hel
I wanted to share something that I found today and have found very useful. It is a WordPress Plugin called "Simple Page Ordering" and it does exactly that. It allows you to order your Pages in your WordPress dashboard by a simple drag and drop action.In the Plugin section of your dashboard there's a search box (top right hand corner). Type in "Simple Page Ordering" and there it is. You can click for more details or click to install.I have found it very useful - and maybe you will too.
February 02, 2016
I’ve almost completed Lesson 2 of Course 3 - the one about how affiliate marketing works. How exciting! But one of the tasks is to join at least one of the recommended affiliate networks and that has proved to be a stumbling block.I looked at each of the 4 networks mentioned and there are two which have merchants suited to my niche. BUT then I began to worry that my site might not have enough content to get accepted by the networks.How much content is enough?Anyway, I have settled down to
My site is only a week old - but I have been arranging my menus with a view to te content I plan to write.I was puzzled for a couple of days about how or when to use Pages OR Posts.In the end I decided to use Posts - as they are published on my blog - as a way to announce new Pages. Posts will be a sort of précis of what a new Page contains. Pages will contain my quality content - that is longer articles full of information.Both Posts and Pages will be written with key words in mind.How