A bit taken back to be honest :

Last Update: April 07, 2015

Where I have had some minor success getting affiliate programs, I still have nothing substantial to work with. I have still some awaiting approval but I have had some denied. One program sent me this email and it has me bewildered and annoyed slightly.

"Dear Jason,

Thank you for your request to join the AffiliateFuture network.

Unfortunately, we have declined your application.

Rejection reason:not complete, thin content.

Please feel free to contact our support team if you would like to know more:

I don't know what is wrong with my content and I don't know what they mean by too thin. What do I need to do to improve it. Here is my URL http://whatisinireland.com/

Any help and advice would be very much appreciated,



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kbyer Premium
Yes I agree, you are missing the content from the other links. One other thing to investigate........the other menu items are taking way too long to load up.
IMc Premium
They will have clicked on the links in your navigation. Getting here, Getting Around, where to stay etc are all blank.

You've added loads of very good blog posts, but the basic factual stuff that anyone visiting the site is missing.

I'd stick that at the top of the To Do list.
Marcus1978 Premium
Jason, IMc is right. Your pages in your top menu have no content. How did that happen? You have menu items for Getting here, Getting around, where to stay, sights and attractions, and History, facts, info, but you have no information there. So, to the visitor, it's like you're saying: you can't get here, if you do get here you can't get around, there's nowhere to stay and nothing to see.

You have a whole bunch of great blog posts, so you clearly do have a lot to say, but you should have filled out those top menu pages first. You've gone about this all back-to-front.

Look at your website from the point of view of a reader. They will have arrived on your site from a blog post in Google. Once on your site, they may be interested in where to stay and what attractions to go and see, but you have nothing to tell them, just a bank page.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Doesn't stop you reapplying when you have more content
bobpjabi Premium
Your home page is perfect but I could not find any content on your other pages, you need to have content on all your pages, It took me several times with some affiliates before approval, hope this helps
TheOldSilly Premium
All you can do is continue building out your website. I've been turned down by several companies, too. They cite issues like not enough content, not enough unique visitors per month, etc., basically they are telling you that you just aren't a big enough fish in the pond yet. It's part of the growing pains when starting out, inching your way up, bit by bit, into notoriety and recognition.

Don't be dismayed or daunted, just keep plugging away, fueled even more so by a desire to make them eat their rejection emails at some point in the future.