Hello Wealthy Affiliate - The Cat Is Back

Last Update: January 08, 2018

Hello Wealthy Affiliate! I am back!

Hello to those great community friends already made and those I have yet to make!

I reference the cat simply because when I replied to a WA friend (AlexEvans) a couple days he ago he referred to me as the cat that came back... lol

He was correct. This is my 3rd time back - so I reckon that's OK..still 6 lives left!

Since I was last around I have had some great experiences travelling and avoiding winter...and now back in NZ....before heading to Brunei in July...but more of that later.

I just wanted to send out a HUGE hello...and I also know I have loads of questions and messages on my profile and trainings.. which I haven't cleared....so my apologies for not responding. I will definitely reply to you all.

It is awesome to be back. WA is looking incredible!!!

Catch up soon


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Bluemoon1 Premium
My warmest welcome back Jason.

I enquired WA members just yesterday about you.

You are excused, what matter is that you are now back and well.

Cheers :)
JasonGB Premium
Thank you so much.
Appreciate being excused lol...but will make it up to you

Hope all is going well for you
Swangirl Premium
Welcome back Jason!
JasonGB Premium
Thanks Jessica. Great to be back
Gordon-D Premium
Welcome back Jason. You were the subject of someone's interest yesterday, wondering if you were still with us. Nice to see old faces return
JasonGB Premium
Hi Gordon

Thank you. I'll make sure I connect with as many folk as possible. Great to hear from you
halinphilly Premium
Hi Jason,

As you're someone who left and have returned once again - you must be amazed at some of the changes that have taken place here.

I believe you left before they introduced the free SSL layer to all the websites hosted here, free Jaaxy Lite instead of the Keyword Tool, the new Site Content writing platform, the revamped training, over 1 million royalty-free images they have made available for our blogs and websites. Just keeps going up.

So, welcome back, Jason! Enjoy the changes, add some new members to your network - and I look forward to continuing to learn form your expertise and experience.

JasonGB Premium
Hi Hal

You are absolutely correct...it is incredible. Just proves how this is truly a community and brand that evolves and adds value!

I look forward to reconnecting

MKearns Premium
Love your pets. have fun in the Sultanate Jason!
JasonGB Premium
Thank you. I will indeed