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2 days left folksI am not affiliating or pushing this on you.. But its an awesome app which turns your blog posts into videos.. Almost instantly... And it's free for 1 year... But only until the 28 April 2018You should check it out. Did I mention its free... To avoid repetition... You can check it out on my last postClick here for free video Lumen5 app
Ok, so we know that Video is by far the preferred medium for gaining information on the internet.Video Marketing is leading the way for internet marketers. Hubspot produced the following stats recently97% of marketers state video increased buyer understanding of product/service.76% state video increased their sales and 76% saw increased website traffic.95% of people watched explainer videos to learn more81% of people purchased a service/product because of a brand's video.69% of people purchase
Some of you will know I'm a huge advocate of Social Media channels to gain additional traffic to your blog.The Great Thing About Social TrafficYou will learn early on in your WA training the importance of social media. You'll also learn, from Kyle's excellent training that you need to be careful not to get sucked into wasting time on Social. It's a tricky balance!If you use the social channels well, you will grow a loyal niche related following who will share your content to their contacts... i
The 3 R's for better page rankWhen we first begin our online business it's all about learning, trialling, editing, falling over (at least it was for me) and getting back up again. First and foremost is "create content" Content that is helpful, answers questions, provides information and creates your loyal following. Our time is devoted to the creation of original creative text and targeted to keywords meticulously researched. And this all takes time! Right? Then there is the eager anticipation
Hello Wealthy Affiliate! I am back! Hello to those great community friends already made and those I have yet to make!I reference the cat simply because when I replied to a WA friend (AlexEvans) a couple days he ago he referred to me as the cat that came back... lolHe was correct. This is my 3rd time back - so I reckon that's OK..still 6 lives left!Since I was last around I have had some great experiences travelling and avoiding winter...and now back in NZ....before heading to Brunei in July..
Hey there folks...Long time no memesAnyway....where were we...England, Mauritius, England, New Zealand, Malaysia....phewStill in Malaysia....and now focusing back on the mighty WAJust wanted to pop by and say Hi!!! I'll be catching up with you all real soonFor our American friends....Hows that election coming?Jason xxx
This is a quick one...It's to apologize to anyone that has emailed me, asked a question, or replied to my posts and training...I am not ignoring you I promise,Have spent the afternoon replying to as many people as possible.As you know I am now in Malaysia and setting up a new international School. Great project and absolutely loving it...but have been so busy that my time here at WA has been almost non existent.Please know that I'm still around and thinking of my friends here everyday. I will
March 14, 2016
Hi WA peepsI haven't managed to get online for a week. And I'm missing you all.However was feeling guilty about not paying it I logged on and tried to help as many people as I could in 20 mins available.Someone had asked a question. He hadn't had an answer in 3 days so I thought I'd help out. Especially because I knew the answer and could send him specific training on the subject (not done by me...but another fabulous WA member)I thought I was helping this guy...but should have rea
Hey allThank you so much for all the well wishes after my last post.Really is much appreciated and I will respond and reply to everyone as soon as I touch down.Just on a 3 hour layover between flights so thought I'd touch base and say Hi to the community.Flight for KL soon and then in 12 hours I will be "home".Think this will be time to put down roots for a good while. Not sure 3-4 continent's a year is good at my age and stage lol.But I'm super excited about ventures new and my travel bug and
March 01, 2016
Hey All My WA Friend and Family,For all of you who have travelled this WA path with me…you’ll know my history and the recent challenges, celebrations…and everything in between. For those of you I have not met yet…Hi…and looking forward to meeting you all online soon.This is a quick follow up from my blog about When it Rains…Needless to say a decision has been made…So from London to Mauritius to London to NZ and now…Malaysia. 2015-2016 is an