Get A Google Plus Custom URL To Build Your Business Brand

Last Update: April 18, 2018

Some of you will know I'm a huge advocate of Social Media channels to gain additional traffic to your blog.

The Great Thing About Social Traffic

You will learn early on in your WA training the importance of social media.

You'll also learn, from Kyle's excellent training that you need to be careful not to get sucked into wasting time on Social.

It's a tricky balance!

If you use the social channels well, you will grow a loyal niche related following who will share your content to their contacts... it makes sense because their contacts are usually interested in the same niche...and they will share with their contacts...etc.... you have your niche content circulated to niche interested groups and individuals


You can set up random social channels, set up random pages, tweet randomly, pin randomly, like randomly, share randomly and end up spending got it...randomly... on chatting to your social channels - rather than dedicating the time you have to publishing new content.

My Strategy For Social Media

For me ... Social Media is not a place I spend much time... I love it... But I use it to spread my brand not to "socialize"

And social accounts for around 40% of my traffic and revenue...

I use it to:

Share my content... when I post I send it to my social channels

And I use it to build my brand...

That's it...

It's about getting YOU, YOU, YOU and by that I mean getting YOUR BRAND known and in the public space!

What Do I Mean?

Share your content...

Get your brand known

This leads me to the point of this post...

Many people have an opinion about Google Plus....some love it...some hate it...and that's fine...

My opinion... don't ignore the impact and potential reach of Google Plus...

Send Your Brand Name With Every Google Share

When you set up a Google Plus account you then can share your content as you would on any social channel. So it's a great additional channel to share your content and have others share it as well.

But it also allows you to build your business branding (in many ways but this post is about URLS)...

Every share on Google Plus gives you the double benefit of sharing your content and having your business brand displayed's how...

Google Plus Custom URL

When you set up your account you'll be able to share your account by posting your Google Plus URL

It looks something like....

(ps...none of the below are affiliate links...they are used as an example... and are newly created to do A/B testing of this very theory)

so your link will look similar to this....

Just a google URL and a load of numbers.

Not very exciting...

But it could look like this....

See the difference?

This URL displays MY BRAND... not a bunch of numbers...and so those I share with not only get my content ... they get my branding...they get shown my brand name. Might seem basic...

But if you were trying to remember a site you once visited...what would you remember?




So. Build Your Brand... Here's How... It's Easy

  • Set Up a Google Plus Account
  • Share your Google Plus account- WA makes it easy...just post to the WA Link below

Share Your G Accounts Here!

  • Get ten or more followers (people who have added you to their circles)
  • Then keep sharing and wait til your G+ account is at least 30 days old ( won't take long...well 30 days
  • Make sure your profile has a profile photo or caricature

Then after 30 days you'll see

Get a custom URL - you will see a banner below your name on your Plus profile.

And follow that link

Choose your custom URL


Happy Googling

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Donnie58 Premium
Thanks, Jason! Great post! Awesome information!

You're a funny guy, too! I love good humor!
JasonGB Premium
Hey thank you!

Glad you enjoyed the post and appreciated the humor!

Wishing you much success!
Steven-A Premium
nice post, thanks
JasonGB Premium
Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it
jvranjes Premium
Cannot find the way to choose. The account is 4 years old, hundreds of followers. There is no banner or any option to change it.
StevenRinker Premium
I think we're having the exact same struggle? See my example above. I'm determined to fix this!
JasonGB Premium

Not sure why. I will look into it.

The banner you should see is shown in the image attached.

Also this video may help
JasonGB Premium
I have attached a video that may help - also try to go to your Google About Me page - you can often modify links there...may be another option. I am trying to get some answers for you... i found it very easy..but the blue You are eligible button appeared after 30 days
jvranjes Premium
Nothing here, but thank you.
clarerubel Premium
Sounds spiffy!
JasonGB Premium
spiffy indeed
clarerubel Premium
So, I just link up my existing DN to a Google plus url?
JasonGB Premium
Once your G+ account has been active for 30 days,and you have 10+ followers you can change your current G+ URL into a custom URL. you will see a banner below your name on your Plus profile.
clarerubel Premium
Yea. Ok Jason. I’ll go read-up on it. Maybe once I do it, it’lll make sense to me. All this is pretty new, to me. So, thanks!
JasonGB Premium
You're welcome, if you need a hand let me know
Tirolith Premium
Thanks must do now. I will have to spend more time with my site. A few months since I last went to it. Too many fingers in too many pies.
JasonGB Premium
Hi Tom,
Totally understand that! I also find it's always a juggling act to decide which area needs attention...I always try to make my life easier... that's why if I can share my account as well as my brand name it feels like twice the reward for one effort. Much success to you!