MRI the scariest thing

Last Update: August 06, 2019

So yesterday I went and did an MRI I am living with pain night and day it’s like a part of me now

I was getting all my treatment back in new York so it's being a while now since my last treatment so the pain is getting worse moving to Florida 8 months now so it's been a while since I get some treatment

So now I finally found a doctor here in Florida my worse nightmare when he told me that I need to a different MRI I was like, why but I had to so yesterday was my MRI appointment

Omg am still feeling sick from that MRI machine I was in the machine for an hour the Lady wants me to do them part by part and come back different days

but I was like if am here and scared of this invention I would just do it all and get it over with so it's three parts my back my right hand and shoulder

This lady was super nice but it was just this casket MRI machine

I think this MRI is the worse ever why can't they have something as effective and efficient but not a casket that you have to slide up and down with this noise and you are not dead I hope that they will cut this one out am still feeling sick so now am not only in pain am feeling sick as well I don't think that I will ever get back in an MRI machine

No no

Oh boy

Just. Sharing


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LauraFuller Premium
Sophia, That sounds like a horrible experience. Did you know they can give you medication to help you stay calm while you have the tests?

Next time if you do choose to do one tell them you are claustrophobic and need premedication. They will give you something to relax you.

Janet1919 Premium
See didn't know this
Else I would have asked for it
Am not going back no no

Thanks really appreciate it

MazieD Premium
Hey Janet,
Sorry to hear about your ordeal. However, I'm not able to identify with your experience as I have never done one before.

I can only imagine you were facing a lot of anxiety. Some persons feel closed-in while in the scanner.
You could have requested air plugs for the noises, as this is normal. The loud tapping or thumping sound is the coils that generate the radio frequency pulses when activated.

I hope you will be feeling better soon and that life will return to normal. I'll keep you in my prayers.
All the best.
Janet1919 Premium
The Lady was so sweet she gives me a headset and an earplugs
But because I was scared to me it was the same
Thanks for your comment

All the best
Thanks again

MazieD Premium
I understand perfectly well
DaisyK78 Premium
They give everyone a headset and ear plugs that is standard practise.
firstlearn Premium
I can relate as I am extremely claustrophobic and have been for many years.

Janet1919 Premium
This was the worst am still feeling sick of omg,
RHattaway Premium
Sophia, I think I can relate. I am very claustrophobic and can not handle closed MRI machines. It produces panic to even try. An open machine works okay for me, especially if someone keeps talking to me. Another option is to have drugs prescribed, but I have not tried this. Good luck! I understand.
Janet1919 Premium
Am never going back in one of those things, not me
Fleeky Premium
Hi Sophia
So sorry to hear you had disconfort
Hope you get well
Janet1919 Premium
Thanks much
I hope so too