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August 10, 2019
For the longest time, I was having this problem with my ads, I don't know if I was the only one but in case I wasn't this is why I wasn't getting any ads on my website Just think I would share this information with you if you were having an issue like I was with Google ads thank you according to Google Help CenterCommunityAnnouncementsAnnouncements1Removing old ad unit experiments August 9, 2019Earlier this yearAnd replacing them with new ads so just in case you see that you have no ads it's
August 06, 2019
Hi Everyone I Just Want To Share My Progress So Faram a very slow person but I love to take my time as I always say step by stepbut am coming along and because of this am always at the back of the lineI never take part in track and field at school lol because I know that I would be at the backam nothing like Usain Bolt lord knows I wish lolBut here are some things that am doing here, 1My newest baby so far am loving her doing well so farI know this for me is a big deal so I just want to thank
August 06, 2019
So yesterday I went and did an MRI I am living with pain night and day it’s like a part of me nowI was getting all my treatment back in new York so it's being a while now since my last treatment so the pain is getting worse moving to Florida 8 months now so it's been a while since I get some treatment So now I finally found a doctor here in Florida my worse nightmare when he told me that I need to a different MRI I was like, why but I had to so yesterday was my MRI appointment Omg am
August 05, 2019
Am really thinking is this for me it's 6 months now and is not. Working. Because of a fall But am I at the right place I try. Not to say anything but it's 6 months and. Paying for something that is not working for me is no good Am having some problems with my ads the only thing that is making a $1 on and it's not working Yes I know have asked for help left to right and center And yes site support too and still nothing This is getting to me. Am not happy with it Am not blaming anyone It's ju
July 27, 2019
So from a month now am trying to fix my ads with no luck I reach out hereI have reached out to site support and still am having the same problem I have tried just about everythingAm thinking to delete it and reenter it Will I lose the couple $ that is there from ads? This is going on for months now and all the help I received it's still looking like this Thank you Janet
July 26, 2019
Will love your feedback on my new baby thanks so this is what am working on I call it my new baby i just needed to know that am going in the right way please and thankshttps://computers-phone.comthanks much appreciated
Just a little update so on my 6 months here at wealthy affiliate out of this 6 months I was not here for about 3 months.But I have being working on my training none stop have two websites and setting up my sitetaking in all of Kyle training, and every training that the community put out there,am in pain day and night but am still going5 sales on my affiliate linkedting my older posts and getting ranked in first place in Google Bing and Yahooand I am giving thanks to wealthy affiliate and
July 18, 2019
Looking in looking out still with a lot of question6 months ago I was searching the internet looking for something that I can do from home because of an injury I have from a fall at the work place, upon my search on YouTube I came across BenjisDad. Talking about making money from home,this lead me to wealthy affiliate, looking in was this possible.questions running though my mine how is this possible for me I don't know anything much about computer so what am I going to do but after I take th
Do I need a new domain for every new website? Am trying to set up a next site can it by any chance connect to the first one I have here before?Or I will have to set it up and buy a new domain!One more question for amazon do I have to have domain for each Niche product? Thanks
Can anyone tell please help me to set. Up and create my privacy policy On my website, please Thank you