Super Affiliate Challenge Progress Update - Part 4

Last Update: Oct 13, 2019

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Super Affiliate Challenge Progress Update

Part 4

One thing I can say about being on the Super Affiliate Challenge is that it as made me a lot more focused.

This is what I have accomplished in Part 4

Using Site Rank

I have not been able to use the Site Rank in Jaaxy. I think that I may need to upgrade first.

New Keyword Rich Posts

I was able to create 23 new posts for my website. My goal is to attempt to create one a day so I am getting close.

FREE Site Feedback Audit Week

Getting the Free Site Feedback Audit week was brilliant because it gave me the chance to know what other people thought when they visited my website.

I want to thank all those that gave me feedback because I was able to change a few things that I would not have done without the amazing feedback.

Getting Feedback for your website is one of the great ways to help you build a stronger website.

Did you use the Free Feedback Audit Week?

How did it help you?

Live Training with Jay

If anyone is not tapped into the Live Training offered here at Wealthy Affiliate you are missing out.

I would seriously recommend that you tap into it. If you are unable to attend the Live Training then check out the replays they are pure gold.

The Live Training with Jay as helped me to grow my online business in ways that I would never have thought of.


  • Building my Home Page
  • Building my About Me Page
  • Using Instagram more productively
  • Learning more about WordPress

Just to name a few.

So, you haven't already you are missing a trick.

Using Pinterest

I have finally learned how to use Pinterest and it is amazing when you know how.

There are a little training on how to use Pinterest and here is one that I found useful.

How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Website is one of my great finds last month and if you have not checked it out then take a look because this will give your blog posts more exposure.

The great thing is that you can publish articles from your website onto this platform and this means that you will increase traffic to you website.

This is a great tool for any niche.

Oh I forgot to mention that they offer an opportunity for getting paid for post popularity.

Have you used and what do you think about it?

This is a great learning experience and I know that I would not have progressed as much as I have in just over a year without being here at Wealthy Affiliate.

There you have it. My Progress so far.

I want to leave you with this...

What are your Goals for this month?

Thank you for reading.

Please show some love by liking and leaving a comment.

Here's to making it happen


Recent Comments


Good Morning Jennifer,

I can see Super Woman is nothing compared to you, well done.

I did look at Medium but having Pinterest. and recently joined FB I cannot handle more.

Have a good Sunday, Taetske

Thank you Taetske for your comment and support much appreciated.

Only do what you can manage.

I have only recently added a few more to my list and will see how they go before adding anything else.

Have a great week

Here's to making it happen


Hi Jennifer,

Many thanks for sharing, it's helpful to see the same learning curve is experienced by other members of WA...valuable tips!!

To great success sista!
Ami 😊

Thank you Annemarie for your comment and support much appreciated

Yes it is all a learning curve on this road to success. lol

Have a great week


Hi Jennifer, thanks for sharing. I have a few posts on Medium. Still has to work on it to get more followers. I think its good, lots of interesting articles on Medium. Apart from giving you exposure you can get ideas how to write better.
Pinterest is also very active when you have followers. Good day.

Thank you Marisa for you comment and support much appreciated

Great to see that you have used Medium. Yes it is an interesting platform.

Here's to making it happen

Have a great week


Hi Jennifer, keep up the great work. Now that you have taken the step into Pinterest, I recommend you start researching Tailwind and Tailwind Tribes. This is a fantastic way to generate traffic if you produce great content for your website on a regular basis. Best wishes for your Super Affiliate Challenge, Gary

Thank you so much Gary I really appreciate the heads up with Tailwind and Tailwind Tribes.

I will take a look and start researching. Anything that produces traffic is a great thing.

Thank you for the support


Thanks for the informative and even-tempered post about your progress. Useful and practical tips on what's working for you and what's not!

I've been on the sidelines recently, but still observant here and there and it's good to see posts like this. Unfortunately, I cant comment on, but it's good to know it's been helpful for you!

Cheers Marc

Thank you Marc for your comment and support much appreciated.

I am glad that you found this post informative, this is encouraging to hear.

Here's to you making it happen


You are doing wonderful Jennifer. Thanks for the info, I'm going to check out Medium.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving me an encouraging comment much appreciated

Yes check them out


Hi Jennifer

Great post. I am looking into for sure. Thanks for the useful tip!


Thank you Wanda for stopping by and supporting much appreciated

Yes let me know what you think of Medium.

I am glad that I was able to share


I am a subscriber to medium A dollar a week, pretty good value I think.

Hi Michael and thank you for stopping by much appreciated.

How is Medium working out for you?
How long have you been using it?


Hi Jennifer,
I have never submitted anything to them. I don't think my writing is of that high a quality,

I have been reading things on medium for? well long before I joined WA. Back when I read things just for the read.

I read things with headlines that catch my eye, and take note of the style, the layouts, headlines (obviously). It is one way I get some insight I guess.

I write like I am telling a bad joke. Just when I am about to get to the punch line I deviate.
So, a couple of days a week I open something in medium, and as well as enjoy the read, try and learn something.

My website (at the moment ) is mostly affiliate stuff, but I intend to do some commentry type writing just so my site doesn't look like a high pressure sales site.
I have done one commentry article but I found it hard ( and it is about something I know very well). you can see it here.

I will try and tidy it up one day. Maybe even today, But it the mean time I have a list to follow. (self Imposed). My next article is another on WA. It has been about 20 posts since I have done one about "us"

Love your style Jennifer,


Thank you for sharing Michael I really appreciate it.

There are many categories in Medium and at present I just import my blog posts to them.

I always say nothing ventured nothing gained so you really won't know until you try.

Here's to making it happen


Thank you for sharing this update on your journey through the Super Affiliate Challenge. You are definitely moving right along and have no doubt you will reach your goals. I will have to look into as anything that can help increase traffic is worth looking into.

You are welcome Brian and thank you for your comment and support much appreciated.

Yes check out I am loving it and find it easy to use.

Let me know what you think.


Thanks for the info. I want to progress with my training this week and add a few more products links to my website

You are welcome Josephine glad that you found the info helpful.

Thank you for stopping by much appreciated.

Get tap into the step by step training it will help you greatly in growing your business.

Here's to making it happen


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