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Last Update: December 01, 2013

Two months going to three @ WA, I think I'm having fun educating my self,
done with the certification courses, now I'm doing Bootcamps- maybe I need more
learning to do.

With regards to achievement, hmmm I actually created 3 websites, just
playing around which one will work. I'm really serious and determined to make
out something here at WA, sometimes I get exhausted , tired, disappointed and
lost but when I read your blogs, your success stories, and other inspirational
WA journeys I get energized and motivated to keep on going.

I started adding up my investment into this business as long as I can.
Thanks for someone who mentioned about "outsourcing". As someone not
literally an English speaker, I might not be able to lay down my ideas
completely though I have topics and ideas rushing out. So yeah I tried to get
help from other experts to write for me.

I'm setting aside some budget too for my Facebook Ads, since I decided to
take steps, I did all the way as long as I can, I'm hoping and wishing
"luck", lolz nope, hope someday this will mean something!

Oh what else, hey my WA rank is 93 !!!!, I'm happy with that.

That's all; I know all these blogs will be here forever and someday I'll be
reading it all and being proud looking through at my WA journey.


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skyhigh4 Premium
3 websites going is a lot! I'm just managing with 1 website at the moment. Congrats on your WA rank. Cheers!
IslandMike Premium
You are moving right along -- and yes reading the posts about progress when others share is good feedback to listen to!
BasseBlues Premium
Good luck to you. I see you at the top ;-)
part290861 Premium
Great keep it up. Looking good.
jacob4987 Premium
Congrats on the WA 93 and I am sure this all will mean something very soon !!!
ivanjane Premium
Thanks Jacob.