What's going on to my website????

Last Update: January 15, 2014

Hi, I shouldn't published this as a blog but I'm not sure if it fits to post in the discussion. Anyway please I apologized in advance but I needed your help and feedback. I was surprised and nervous, I'm not sure if my website was hacked , maybe not as I don't know how to say so. But some weird had happen.

I type sit://http://educationaltoystodders.com, my intention is to see all my post and to verify if my google authority is working (a fellow WA member write a blog that it came back on his part so I'm hoping it thus for me too). Yeah it should be "site" but as I scroll I noticed this article on the first page.

Someone make a review of my site. It might be good or bad but as I went through to see I think the review doesn't fit my site most specially the location, or did I do something on my site that it appears like that on the reviewer.

Please help me on this..... this is the full URL of the review part regarding my site: It is a website, I hope Kyle understand why I have to post the website as I know its not allowed here, I don't promote but I have to give the info:


Do I have to worry about this? I'm worried yeah, maybe because I'm new to IM and I don't know what thus it mean.

Thank you so much for paying some attention in advance.


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SamTea Premium
Looks suspicious to me too.
I haven't run into smth like this yet.
I don't think it is OK, because they kind of blocking your site without your concern.
TheApril Premium
I didn't see any private info on scamadvisor. When you click on the fb icon, it will take you to your own page because you are logged in.
TheApril Premium
It looks like the facebook page is just using your site as a source of content. The second one is just a diagnostic site that tells people if the site they are looking at has a reputation problem. It just states that your site is new and has some component from outside the U.S. There isn't anything to worry about here.
ivanjane Premium
The facebook page is mine. and from the website alone it has my true identity as well as the link personal FB and my google plus account. Though the review was based from how long the website is running , I wish they did better than that. Identity of the owner was not hidden and I,m not from Panama.
TheApril Premium
Do you have privacy protection on your domain registration?
TheApril Premium
I see that you do have the privacy.
msdj8163 Premium
They are an organization that check out sites. I would contact them to let them know more about you. You have received an unfair assessment and would let them know so. Your site has not been hacked. Debbie
escada Premium
Yeah..i got a review on my website as well..just like you..abd im also dont know why is this happening..hope someone could help..