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My name is Thorhallur and I am born and raised in Iceland. And for those of you who do not know where it is you need to look up because Iceland is between Greenland and Norway in the north. Discovered by the Vikings 1100 years ago.

My hobbies are traveling, photography, playing golf, reading and Internet Marketing.

I have traveled to many countries in Europe and I have also visit U.S.A. many times. Back in 1968 I was an exchange student in Pennsylvania, and I have many good memories from my stay.

I have been taking pictures all my live and increasingly since everything went digital. It is so much easier and gives so much freedom in creating better pictures.

Me and my wife started playing golf 10 – 15 years back. And during our short summer we play a lot. Midnight sun is nice to have in a short summer because it gives us a chance to play throughout the evenings and into the night. We have also travel to other countries to play golf.

My interest with Internet Marketing started long ago. I have been trying to find a good system and training for a long time. I have tried some without success.

When I stumble on Wealthy Affiliate I understood I did not need to look further. There it was. All I needed to learn about Internet Marketing from the beginning.

I went through their training step by step and I am on my way to success. This is the best Internet Marketing Training available because it is up to date and continues to grow. And the comunnity is great. If you need help you will get it. Just ask the question.

Have a look at one of my wesites http://HowToAvoidScam.com/ and tell me what you think.

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I am happy with $1000 - $ 2000 a month. Above that is a plus. I have a lot of time and I am willing to spend most of it learning the trade.
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Dec 19, 2016
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Thorhallur Premium
I am happy with $1000 - $ 2000 a month. Above that is a plus. I have a lot of time and I am willing to spend most of it learning the trade.
Zac79 Premium
Your goals are very possible. If you have the time you will definitely benefit from the WA community. Take advantage of everything available to you on this site and you will be successful. Good luck!
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didihorizon Premium
Thanks for the follow, I am doing likewise.
vgomber Premium
Hi Thorhallur - Thanks for including me in your network, it's a pleasure to connect with you. Look forward to networking with you. Best wishes for your success. Kind regards, Virin
Damien Lane Premium
From your bio, you may reach your initial goal/s reasonably quickly...It may be an idea to start thinking what your following goals may look like.
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Thank you for the follow Thorhallur. I hope that you will find the success that you are looking for.
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Hello Thorhallur, it is a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for the follow and best wishes for your success.
Thorhallur Premium
Thank you very much