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I will be forever grateful to WA. It teaches me well about IM that I had promised my self I will never be scammed again. It is a shame to WA if I will be, after all its lessons and guidance. I make a lot of friends here, which is a bunos from WA. The knowledge I get from WA is mine forever to be treasured and nurtured. But for now due to some circumstances I will be having a long vacation from WA. Maybe 3-4 months. I know I won't stop thinking about it, I may still get my notebook and make a dr
Hi, I shouldn't published this as a blog but I'm not sure if it fits to post in the discussion. Anyway please I apologized in advance but I needed your help and feedback. I was surprised and nervous, I'm not sure if my website was hacked , maybe not as I don't know how to say so. But some weird had happen. I type sit://, my intention is to see all my post and to verify if my google authority is working (a fellow WA member write a blog that it came back on his pa
December 16, 2013
Getting frustrated with google rank this past weeks! and then just now I find courage to type my main keyword in Bing and Yahoo, ................... and a big OMG 1st Page on both search engine , 4th and 7th place... I was inspired and at the same time challenged with Google,........ I can make this in no time,,,,, I believe............
December 01, 2013
Two months going to three @ WA, I think I'm having fun educating my self, done with the certification courses, now I'm doing Bootcamps- maybe I need more learning to do. With regards to achievement, hmmm I actually created 3 websites, just playing around which one will work. I'm really serious and determined to make out something here at WA, sometimes I get exhausted , tired, disappointed and lost but when I read your blogs, your success stories, and other inspirational WA journeys I get energi
November 15, 2013
I found an old, literally old book, I enjoyed reading it. Although we heard this a lot of times from different writers and speakers, it is worth to re-echo from time to time because when they sounded like a unending tape and it hurts to hear again that is the only way that it get unto us. This book shares what are the personalities or values that the famous Successful people have in common where in those who always fails missed it. 1.The goal As per Anthony Robbins “How can you Hit if you do
November 02, 2013
What I had learned after a month and a half at WA is "patience patience patience". I had created so far 7 pages and 7 post. I thought this is enough to appear on Google but nope. It takes a good reputation for an article to be rank. So my goal for this month is to create minimum of 10-15 articles which are good ones, I'll will be doing this for the next 3 months and see how it goes. For now i'll forget about ranking and profit. I will be focusing on my content to the best I can. I will have
October 30, 2013
There are times that frustration eat you up. It's seems to be a dead end. Before this kind of unwanted emotion take over my goals I have to regain my self. I step away for a while from my laptop, and go somewher else, it's a long ride. I took a 45 minutes joyride. I do my best to see and appreciate all the things around. The colors, the structure, the people and my self. I think this is all I need. A Break. Everyone and every journey in our life we needed a break. To think and freshenn up
Thank God I finally figure how to do it. I actually created several pages of different subject and just published. When they were so many that it doesn't look good to my header, I thought it is easy to organized them using category, however there is no "category" feature for pages. What I see is "Parent Feature". So I recall some of my thesis writing organization style. What I did is, I created a page with no content, just the TITLE (Category title or the Parent title where I will put my pages)
While reading a local newspaper, one headline caught my interest it goes like this " Some Business Enterprise in Japan were Sued for using Michael Jackson's name in there business. The business name was like Michael Jackson World and Michael jackson Enterprise. I have a litlle knowledge on "Patent" things during college but I never realized that names were included. All I know is you can apply patent for your brand, design,formula and others but name I'm not sure. Well the concerned group say
October 12, 2013
I'm glad that my first invite is a friend of mine. I know her that much, she was so passionate in everything she do. I know she will do great here like I do. Succes is finding things you are interested and great at it. Making it our life is the key to win any goals. Cheers!!!! Way to go Aroma!!!
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