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Last Update: May 15, 2021

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What's up, guys and gals? I hope you're rocking the day :)

I just wanted to put this post together to show you what's possible if you stick to Wealthy Affiliate for a while and take it as it is.

A long-term business opportunity.

The best way to show something is to lead with example, which is one of my goals with this post.

However, I'm not the only one. WA is full of success stories!

So without any further ado, take a minute out of your busy day to read some of the posts below.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are hundreds and thousands of Wealthy Affiliates out there doing the best they can.

One thing though.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a GET-RICH-QUICK-SCHEME!!!!!

But it works ;)

It works only for those who are willing to take it seriously and roll up their sleeves.

There is no other way around. Just ask any of those people from this list.

You've made a GREAT DECISION by joining Wealthy Affiliate.

And you can complement that decision with another one!

You could upgrade your Wealthy Affiliate account to Premium, and decide right now that you'll STICK TO IT for at least six months to one year.

Upgrade To Premium Today!

If you fail, however, it's not the method that failed. Forgive me for saying this, but it's you who failed to work on it for as long as you have to.

Affiliate marketing is not something they teach in school. But they do HERE!

Once again, WEALTHY AFFILIATE WORKS, but only if you are willing to work on it.

That's it for now :)

I hope this short post was helpful.

I look forward to seeing you succeed and adding your name to this list as well ;)

Your friend


Recent Comments


Congratulations Ivan,
I have been trying to join with premium plus.
I have no idea how to get in touch with you. I selected
you. Somehow another person was selected
and it says that I have to go premium to ask
a question. I want to go premium plus
and ask you some questions cause I want
to join under you. see if you can help.
Kyle and Carson are welcoming me but I have not
been able to email with them as I believe an
autoresponder is answering cause all it does is
invite me to join Premium. I want Premium PLus.
My Name is Ivan Sanchez

Hi Ivan, it's nice to meet you! Yes, you need to upgrade your Starter account to Premium or Premium plus to gain unlimited access to all the features of WA. Below is the link to the upgrade page. Feel free to reach out once you get started!

that is the thing, that I want to reach out and ask a couple of
questions BEFORE I get started. this system will not allow me
to give you my email. So I am stuck to those who previously
have had my email. And there is only two more days left to become premium plus at a discount, I also have to ask one simple question to Kyle, but everytime the autoresponder
tells me to upgrade to Premium. I want "Premium Plus", not Premium. But I have a couple of questions that I would like
to ask first. Does this make sense? How can a person join
if the other person does not know my goals and then he/she
asks qualifying questions to know where you are going and
make you feel a little bit more confident that you are using the
right vehicle to get there. If you can ask Kyle or Carson
to please answer my email I would appreciated cause I keep
getting some welcoming words and ... "upgrade to premium".
Sounds to me like an autoresponder that is just design to say
at the end "upgrade to Premium"
If you can help,

Read your message on Black Friday Premium plus opportunity.
Well said. I agree with you!
Ivan, do you volunteer to coach those who sign up Premium Plus
with you. If so, for how long? if not, how will you help?
I wanted to ask that question in private but was not possible...

Great Post,

First impressions are sometimes wrong!

Initially, I thought it was just a very nice presentation of your own previous posts.

But it was actually a very nice surprise to see that every link was to a different person's success story and all but 1 of them are still going here at WA (yes i checked!)

Thanks! Yes, I checked too :) I just wanted to show that success is happening to many people here. I hope I managed to send the message :)

Great post! Thank you

You're welcome.

Very true and impactful words, Ivan! Thanks for sharing!


You're welcome, Jeff! :)

Thank you for sharing Ivan! I will most definitely be referring back to these articles for more knowledge and inspiration. :)

Please do. You're welcome :)

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