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Last Update: Nov 10, 2021

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Can you make $8,000 in just one month from blogging? Is the WA system still profitable in 2021 and beyond? Should you give up or keep trying?

Some say blogging is dead...and I pity them... Maybe they say it because they are dead (inside) and have no faith in good things anymore.

The truth is, YES! You can make $8K in just one month!

YES! Wealthy Affiliate is still a profitable and workable system in 2021 and will be forever!

YES! You should keep trying because you can and will make it happen!

Of course, blogging is not a walk in the park. It is a fun business (if I can call it like that), but it brings with it some hardships and pain.

For example, the first months are the worst. You have to work like crazy and for free, which is one of the number one reasons why people either give up or say that blogging is dead.

But if you keep pushing and enjoy the process, you too can make $8K in just one month.


One of our members here at WA (Steve and Amanda) own a site called I'veTriedThat.com and they work in one of the toughest niches out there - Make Money Online.

Despite the difficulties they have faced along the way, they are quite successful at it!

And do you know why?

It's because Steve and Amanda are hard workers. They see the big picture and are ready to work for it. They know that it takes a lot of time and effort to reach your goals. They know that giving up is not an option!

And if you are like Steve and Amanda, I'm 100% sure that you can equal, and surpass their income in any niche!

But you have to stick with it.

And the best way to make sure that you stick to something is to make some sort of a commitment. In my experience, financial commitment works the best.

I have already blogged about the benefits of WA Yearly Membership. However, for me, the number one benefit is that you are committing an entire year to a system that works. You are giving up your hard-earned money in the hope to get some back.

And if you are willing to work throughout the entire first year like there's no tomorrow, it's just a matter of time before you start sharing results like Steve and Amanda.

Best part? Your Yearly Membership will pay for itself along the way!

That's exactly what I've done 16 months ago, and it has paid off over and over and over and over and over again. And it will keep paying itself off for as long as I keep following the advice from Kyle's training.

That's just how it is.

So if you are ready to make it happen, I recommend upgrading to Yearly Membership.

But wait!

Don't upgrade right now. Wait for the Black Friday sale here in WA because Kyle and Carson will give you MASSIVE DISCOUNTS on both Premium and Premium+ Yearly memberships.

You will SAVE a bunch of money. Not only that but, each next year, you will pay the same discounted price when it comes time to renew your membership.

And once you upgrade your membership to yearly, make sure to stick to it for the entire year! Work on your site every day like there's no tomorrow! Give this program everything you've got!

In 12 months from now, you will be glad that you have done so :)

To help you along the way, I have prepared this article where I'm sharing a few tips to help you achieve your goals and turn your life around in just one year!


Remember, winners never quit, and quitters never win!

Your friend,

Ivan :)

PS. If you are not even a Premium member yet, but you would like to avail WA Black Friday offer, make sure to upgrade to Premium right now and then simply switch to Yearly when the time comes :)

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Thanks for sharing this Ivan:) I'm definitely going to take advantage of Black Friday Premium Plus annual as it's a no brainer. Fortunately, I have the funds and optimistic I can achieve success with both my cat blog and my new MMO blog I'll be starting very soon. Yes, hard work always pays off and so well done on your outstanding achievements:)

Mee too! :)

Wise words indeed Ivan. There is another hidden advantage in paying for the yearly membership. If you experience financial hardships along the way, there is a temptation to cancel a monthly subscription. That would essentially cut off a life line. With an annual membership, you don’t have to worry about paying monthly. One has time to save up the fee before it comes up for renewal. Hopefully, using money earned through ones website.

I love your attitude and approach in helping others. Thanks for all you do.



That's true! I wrote about it in my other post. Yearly has many many many benefits over monthly subscription.

Ivan, I did find your other post that discussed the benefits of the yearly subscription.



As inspirational as always Ivan!

8k a month as passive income would certainly come in handy for most, and you're absolutely right, it CAN be achieved by anyone here if the training is followed and hard work and dedication is applied!

Enjoy the rest of your day my friend!:-)

It can be reached for sure! Best of luck :)

Much appreciated Ivan!:-)

More awesome inspiration here, Ivan! Very well done!


Cheers, Jeff! 😎

Cheers, Ivan! 😎🍺

Great post as always. Sincere thanks for this


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