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July 10, 2021
Hello Everyone,Just sharing with you my realization lately. Constantly in front of the computer writing blogs and improving my website, I have neglected my physical exercises.I used to be consistent jogging, running or walking in the park on my day off. But now I utilize my days off writing blogs. Not that I'm complaining. Neither blaming WA, LOL.It's all down to my time management. Undeniably challenging, because I still have my permanent job. But constantly in front of the computer can be a s
This is crazy! I only published this post last night and it's already ranked position 2 by Bing. Same with Yahoo. I know. I know. Some of you are really not that impressed with Bing and Yahoo.If it was on Google, you would have been so impressed.However, as a starter with a 4-month old website, I'm ecstatic. If you could get ranked in position 0-10 on the first page of Bing/Yahoo, I think this is a great accomplishment.Google has a different algorithm I think. So it may take time.But I will bas
June 16, 2021
Hello my WA friends,I have now reach 41 posts and working on the 42nd. I have some traffic to my site, both direct and organic.Some of my articles end up either position 0 or 1 in Bing or in the first page. However, nothing that I could see in Google.Is it time to monetize?What do you think? Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.Israel
So, after a night shift, I decided to start another post. Well, there's nothing really coming out. My mind is blank. I don't have the strength I guess. I'm still tired.Then, I decided to check my Bing Webmaster Tool. I have seen the graphs and numbers before quite a few times but didn't really mean to me at all.My focus was just to write articles based on the keywords I researched in Jaaxy.I began to investigate the positionings of my keywords. Some have 2.6, 1.29, 1.67, 9.7, 26.9, etc. I don't
So, I went back to my regular job nearly 2 months ago after being off-sick. I took the opportunity to absorb the training here in WA while I was off from work. Not that I couldn't go out and go to places anyway. That's why it's called "off-sick". I'm supposed to stay at home and recuperate. Well, lockdown restrictions were enforced here as well. So, there's really nowhere nice to go. WA training was just timely.I love to have been able to focus on the training and write posts consistently. My m
March 21, 2021
As I go through the last lesson in Level 2 I have expected more intense training and tasks to complete. So I have conditioned my mind and prepared for whatever Kyle has enstored in this lesson.However, I didn't expect that it's about the opportunity to be an Ambassador here in WA. As I listen to his video I kept thinking, NO WAY! It's only been a month since I've rejoined. My knowledge is not that enough to deserve an Ambassador membership.Some of the tasks involved commenting on the Money Goal
March 20, 2021
Hello everyone. Today is Saturday morning here in a gloomy part of UK where I live.I decided to take some time off and enjoy the weekend after a what I call a very mentally challenging 5 days.I wish I could go to a beach and relax there for the weekend but lock down restrictions are still enforced here so I stay in my area and find ways to relax and unwind.As most of you know I have rejoined WA a month ago. I decided to give it my best this time. So following the tasks on level 2 on low competi
Got a message from WA today that my website is now indexed by Google. What a pleasant surprise indeed! I thought it will go on forever!However, I still wasn't convinced until I opened my site manager. There it is, a big "YES" on top of the Google Index phrase.I feel so happy that this is considered a big accomplishment at this early stage of my website business. I am even more inspired to continue and write more posts, stick with the training and one day achieve my goals.I thank my Lord God who
I got discouraged the other day because I didn't think this project was for me. I felt a bit overwhelmed when I got to the point when I researched keywords under my niche, it came back only a handful of them, maybe just 7 of them. I was shocked and got scared! I asked myself whether the niche I've chosen was so broad or so small that it may give me very little room to write from. I got so stressed thinking, shall I continue or stop altogether. I paused for a moment...quite a long pause actually