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Last Update: May 25, 2021

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So, I went back to my regular job nearly 2 months ago after being off-sick. I took the opportunity to absorb the training here in WA while I was off from work. Not that I couldn't go out and go to places anyway.

That's why it's called "off-sick". I'm supposed to stay at home and recuperate. Well, lockdown restrictions were enforced here as well. So, there's really nowhere nice to go. WA training was just timely.

I love to have been able to focus on the training and write posts consistently. My mind was fixed and determined to succeed. I really enjoyed my consistency and gradual progress.

Then, when I went back to work, What a shock! I felt like a stranger to my own workplace of 19 years as a nurse. I felt like my brain has been reprogrammed somewhere. I knew exactly what happened!

I have become a "blogger!"... It took me a while to accept this reality. But this is what I signed for now. I must commit and no turning back until I achieve my goals and objectives in the future. I just ask my Lord God to give me the strength and wisdom as I go along.

But mind you, it's not very easy for me. This whole online marketing, digital and internet place are an entirely different world. Imagine being a nurse for 19 years. My world is hospitals world, critically ill people, nursing, health care, sickness, and diseases, etc. So if I asked stupid and out-of-this-world questions in the WA platform, you know why. And thank you for bearing with me.

However, as I said, I have become a blogger now. I've always wanted a website on my own. But not this way that I could imagine.

The training is great. It slowly ushered me into this new world, with lots of welcoming and friendly people cheering the newbies like myself on.

Writing posts and articles are both challenging and fun. That's why I loved the training and the encouragement of many here on the WA platform.

But now I'm back at work. I still enjoy my job and this calling I had. However, I knew that something must change in my career. I knew that from the start. That's why I rejoined WA.

I wanted to write posts and publish them on my website. However, I can no longer maintain 3-4 posts a week. I work 3 days with a mixture of Night shifts. When I'm off I'd face my laptop and sometimes just stare at it for a good 10-15 minutes.

If my laptop had a face and a hand, it would have rolled its eyes on me and maybe slap my face. To wake me up from exhaustion!

Where have my consistency and the drive gone, I wondered. Well, it's hard because I tend to just rest on my day off because I'm tired. I can not really have a full swing at things like when I was off for a month and a half.

However, the WA community has been very supportive and encouraging. I have been able to learn and listen to people's suggestions and expertise while I was struggling to write.

Because of this, I have learnt to discipline myself even more. I have to utilise any free time I have to write down my ideas and thoughts.

My target is 1- 2 posts a week and think ahead of the topics for the next week. I created a list of possible topics and ideas.

Run a Jaaxy and Google research on each keword/phrase. Then prepare them for the weeks ahead.

I find this working for me so far.

It's a big challenge. But I will get there.

By God's grace and help I keep focusing on the prize.

Until next time. Don't know when but it will come. I'm still here. Listening and watching closely. Learning everything from you guys.

I also try to butt in once in a while to conversation threads to offer my own inputs, appreciations, and share relevant experiences.

God bless you.


Recent Comments


Israel do it with your own pace its not a race i may say but take as i do learn in your comfort zone nothing change but to be include in my plan:)

I know its not easy having 2 jobs but its so interesting the platform , hope you enjoy it as much as i do!

You are doing great

Thanks for your encouragement Joce.

You are welcome Israel and you doing fine keep up the good work 😉

See you around

You will get there, Israel! Do what you can and don’t give up. God will give you the strength to keep working as a nurse for now and if your desire is to blog, you can hopefully do it on your days off. 1-2 posts is still very good and if you plan ahead like you wrote about, I can see you doing both.

My daughter is a travel nurse and she loves it. I can’t see her blogging though. They really are two completely different worlds.

Thanks for sharing your journey!


Thank you Lynn. I think without the guidance and training here in WA, I won’t even know how to go about building a website in the first place, let alone blogging.
God bless you too.

Hey Israel I am sure even though you have had to return to work and find a new WA routine I feel that you will. Keep that fighting spirit to succeed alive and it will guide you to success. Wishing you well.

Thanks Hugh. I’ll keep that spirit alive for sure.
God bless you.


Sounds like you have a good system in place, Israel! You will get where you wish to be!


Thank you Jeff. May His will be done.

You're welcome, Israel, and YES! May His will be done!


Thank you for sharing your journey so far with me.
It is really great that you got this experience while on your sick leave.

Now that you are back at work, although you love your work, your mind is in the job.
Not to worry, it happens ;)

Soon you will be able to have a work balance and everything will fit in very nicely

Thank you Simone for this encouragement.

You are welcome

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