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Last Update: Mar 21, 2021

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As I go through the last lesson in Level 2 I have expected more intense training and tasks to complete. So I have conditioned my mind and prepared for whatever Kyle has enstored in this lesson.

However, I didn't expect that it's about the opportunity to be an Ambassador here in WA. As I listen to his video I kept thinking, NO WAY! It's only been a month since I've rejoined. My knowledge is not that enough to deserve an Ambassador membership.

Some of the tasks involved commenting on the Money Goals and helping someone out. The Money Goals task was easy. Then the helping part was a bit frightening because I know I will be offering help to someone based on my knowledge.

I consider myself a newbie here and what do I really know at this stage? Not much in all honesty. But I tried anyway and crossed my fingers.

So it seems all the questions have been answered except 1. Something about a lesson in Boot Camp which I haven't gone through. This is exactly what I was talking about! How can I answer something I've never experienced before?

However, I remember myself asking questions before. And I also researched within the WA platform using the search magnifying glass icon while waiting for someone to answer.

So that's what I did and searched the link and shared it as part of my answer. Phew! that was a good feeling though. To be able to help someone despite my lack of knowledge was amazing!

I thought to myself, but I have been engaging in other people's posts, questions and liking others' comments and replies already. And I really enjoy it.

For sure, to be genuinely able to help someone without thinking of incentives as an Ambassador is indeed a remarkable attribute.

So I think Ambassador Membership is a very very long way ahead for me. I will keep the right attitude and motive to help and be engaging here. If that opportunity comes, it will come.

In the meantime, I will help those who may need my help and be engaging as much as possible as an active member of the WA Family.

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Thanks for being very real and honest, brother. I am new to you as well, but I love the knowledge I am getting. Focus on grabbing this knowledge; you will need them more later. You can't help people to help them, you help them because you truly understand their problem, and you have a solution to it without gaining at mind. The benefit will come naturally.

Good luck, and keep up the excellent work. Remain blessed.

Hello Israel,

An Ambassador is not necessarily
an expert on a lot of things.

When someone called himself an
expert, that person is finished
growing and developing as no
one can become an expert in
this world and be idle and to
stop continuing the process
of growth and development.

Life is a process and everybody
is different in their processes.

Everybody in WA started in the
same way but finished in different
levels, functionality, and achievements.

What count is your pure intention to
grow and develop and still helping
and assisting those in need with your
own skills, knowledge, and ideas you
gained from this platform with a real
acknowledgement of who has helped
you along the way and become the
person you were meant to be in your

Continue to pass the road less travelled
and you will reach success in no time.

God be with you always in all ways.


Thanks Elizabeth. You’re spot on. I like the idea of less travelled road. It has a meaning that resembles the narrow road that Jesus teach.
God bless you.

Thank you much, Israel.

Indeed and I know you
can be one in no time.

Sending you more blessings.

God bless you more, Israel.


You'll get there, Israel! Keep doing what you do!


Thank you Jeff. I certainly will.

Awesome, my friend!


Israel, that sounds like you are making fantastic progress. Just keep going doing what you are doing. I'm following with interest and support!

Thanks Michael.

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