When discouraged, look at the bright side.

Last Update: Feb 24, 2021

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I got discouraged the other day because I didn't think this project was for me. I felt a bit overwhelmed when I got to the point when I researched keywords under my niche, it came back only a handful of them, maybe just 7 of them. I was shocked and got scared! I asked myself whether the niche I've chosen was so broad or so small that it may give me very little room to write from.

I got so stressed thinking, shall I continue or stop altogether. I paused for a moment...quite a long pause actually. I called it 'half-a-day-pause'.

During that long pause, I reflected on 1 thing that stood out from the myriad of thoughts that went through my mind. Most of them just passed by unrecognised as if they passed through a big net with big holes.

So I realised, that if I don't pursue this project, I won't be able to know and experience what others have gone through and experienced as success as a result. In other words, I've got nothing to lose from the experience along the way and actually have a high potential to reach my dreams by doing or making steps, even slow and small steps. Which eventually lead to a positive and remarkable result. This reminded me of the turtle and the hare story. However, if I don't do something now, nothing will change.

Also, I looked at other people's experiences here. Such a massive source of different and unique levels and dimension of successes! A valuable source of information I must say.

You see, I tried WA before, maybe 2 or 3 years ago under a free membership. But I wasn't really serious in making a commitment like this. Maybe I doubted a lot of things in WA. As result, I gave up and forgot about it.

Currently, as I reflect, I could have been somewhere up where some of us are by now. I sighed a big sigh and resolved myself in continuing on this path. If I don't take the risk, I will never know! And someone said, (was it Einstein? not sure), they said something like this, 'don't expect the same result by doing the very same method or thing you are doing'

I already know what's going to happen if I remain in my current situation without doing something to potentially affect or change my direction and future. So by making this commitment to continue what I have started and by the help of the Almighty God I will have a different yet fulfilling experience down the road of Affiiliate Marketing.

So I press on to reach my goals, dreams and aspirations someday.

It will come.


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Thanks for sharing what the down times look like and how you are not giving in but making this work. A real live testimony. Thanks.

I am not sure what your niche is, but you may find some keyword ideas by using something like keywordtool.io and then looking for them in Jaaxy.

We do wish you success as you continue.

Thank you, that’s really helpful. I’ll look into that site.

This post is so on fire!! It's so good!

Thanks for the encouragement.


Thanks Rebekah. I do hope to keep the fire going.

Awesome and powerful blog Israel.
You have shown your determination in getting things done and continuing on this pathway

I believe you are now ready to master this challenging but exciting journey.
You will do well.
Continue to make positive progress as you move forward on your journey

Thank you so much, your words of encouragements are so uplifting.

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