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How to make a default theme in wordpress?

How to make a default theme in wordpress?

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Everything Wordpress

So, my health site recommends making a default theme for WordPress. I've spent ages going about this but to no avail. Can anyone help, please?

This means that when you go to your wordpress backoffice -> appearance -> themes that you have a least one installed theme plus the one that is currently active.

Default wordpress themes like twenty nineteen work well..

Hi - that simply means that you should have two themes available for your website, in the Themes section of WordPress.

One should be the one you have chosen to use. And the other should be a "default" WordPress theme such as Twenty Twenty-Two.

WordPress needs a default theme available in case there's a problem with your chosen theme, then it will apply the default theme instead, rather than having your website crash.

Hi Diane,
So, if I reinstall Twenty twenty two, will that automatically be a default theme?

Yes, just install it, don't activate it. It will then sit in the background in case there is a problem with your main theme.

Thanks so much Diane

They're some plugins where you can save a webpage as a template and use it again and again - one such is Elementor plugin.

However you may check out below resource


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Can you have different ads from different sources?

Can you have different ads from different sources?

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Pay Per Click Marketing

Is it possible to have 2 or 3 different sources or companies placing ads on my website? If it is, are they not going to conflict with each other?

Before I answer, tell me what sources are you considering? Some can conflict, others will not.

Hi Jeannine,

I was just wondering when I asked that question as I am just registering with Google Adsense as directed by the training at the moment. I am aware that many WA members have been promoting other sources too. That's why it prompted me to ask.

Would you be able to tell me what sources clash with Google Adsense?

Thanks for your input and sorry for this delay in replying to your question.


Are you planning to point the Google Adsense ads towards your site or to the merchant?

Nothing really clashes if you are pointing them at your site.

If you are promoting the merchant, then you need to make sure that it is permissible by their program.

Thanks Jeannine

Yes, you can, just check with an advertiser if they are ok with displaying their ad next to other ads on your website.

Thank you

You can indeed. However, it is always best to read the small print.

And, I'd keep it discreet, simple and relevant. I like to keep it neat.

Thanks so much

You're very welcome!

If are you providing ad space for companies to advertise on your website, then it is up to you who you accept | reject and how much to charge. And that's really dependent how much traffic you get and where the ads are positioned. For example the frontpage top would cost the highest.

You can also reach out to small independent firms and ask them how much they charge if you were the advertiser.

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How long is a product review considered thorough by google?

How long is a product review considered thorough by google?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

This is probably an obvious answer but I'll ask anyway.

Does Google pay particular attention to the length (number of words) of a product review to deem it thorough and g

Here's the link to Diane's Blog on Google Product review updates. Some good things to consider here. If you are concerned about length you can use https://my.jaaxy.com/search/serp-analysis

Length does matter, but only if the content adds value.
Be sure to Talk about the benefits of features.

Thanks George

have you checked out Diane's (dianescorpio) posts on what google looks for in reviews nowadays...

Not sure I have but I will check it out. ThanksPhil

Hey Israel, rather than word count I would focus on trying to answer all the questions people are asking (checking Google's autosuggest and "People Also Ask" related keywords at the bottom of the search results.)

Then I would make sure I'm hitting the target answers to try and win the featured snippets for each. Just a 2-4 sentence para with a clear and concise answer to the H2 question.

You might find this handy: https://commission.academy/blog/how-to-write-a-product-review/

Thanks Simon.

Sure thing Israel, hope you're doing well 💪💪

You would need check the competition and how you pan out with and cover angles they have not done.

So for example your competition wrote 2k words for the same keyword your found in the Jaxxy tool and yous at 1k words therefore does not stand a chance.

Thank you AbieAj, I don't seem to have much competition this particular product review keyword on the first page of Google search. All I can see are Ads.

What about on the next page?

Not many talks about the specific product/brand that I have as well on the second page. However, there are similar keywords.

Are the stats correct though - however Simon got you covered.

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Wa full disclosure wordings approved by amazon?

Wa full disclosure wordings approved by amazon?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

So, I recently rejoined Amazon Associates and their policy requires you to state on your site the words "As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchase".

Each post has to have the Amazon disclosure and the affiliate disclosure on every page.

if you read the amazon policy the above statement must be on each and every post that you have an amazon link and must be close to hte first link in the post( visible on the same screen)
and each link must be identified as an affiliate link ( i use #ad)...
the full disclosure should contain the fact that you earn form wherever you do...

It should be clearly visible in the primary menu. Disclosure is typically a page.

You also need a shorter disclosure as close as possible to the first affiliate link in a post, either above or below the link.

For Amazon, it has to say "as an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualified purchases" and this has to be directly above your first Amazon link in post.

Thanks Abie and Aj

You're very welcome, Israel!

While you can expand on your disclosure policy on a different page, you must have the disclosure on the same page as the affiliate link.

Regarding your other question, you must use the traditional FTC disclosure when promoting WA. "This post contains affiliate links; should you make a purchase I may receive compensation."

Technically the Amazon disclosure isn't FTC compliant, but the FTC keeps ignoring that.

Thanks Jeannine.appreciate it.

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Which social media plugin shares straight to the app?

Which social media plugin shares straight to the app?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

I just recently noticed that my social media icons don't share straight to the social media app when I click on them. It goes to the website and asked me to log in even though

Hi Israel
I use Grow Social which works well. If I'm logged in it picks that connection up.

Thank you Richard. I’ll check on this Grow Social

Look for Grow Social by Mediavine.

Sassy social, add to any or grow social plugins.


Thanks, Abie and Aj,
I have sassy social but it doesn't bring the post straight to my FB News Feed even though my FB app is open. Is it the same with all social media platforms?

If in browser and I take it on a mobile device there's a good chance it will not utilize the app vs the browser, I'd log in through there and post.

Or copy the URL and post directly through your app.

Or you may do it easily with a laptop.

Thanks a lot

You're very welcome!

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