Time to relax

Last Update: March 20, 2021

Hello everyone. Today is Saturday morning here in a gloomy part of UK where I live.

I decided to take some time off and enjoy the weekend after a what I call a very mentally challenging 5 days.

I wish I could go to a beach and relax there for the weekend but lock down restrictions are still enforced here so I stay in my area and find ways to relax and unwind.

As most of you know I have rejoined WA a month ago. I decided to give it my best this time. So following the tasks on level 2 on low competition keywords and writing an article about them wasn't natural for me.

As I put myself in this kind of task, it quickly surfaced that my writing ability doesn't look that good. I struggled to find words and phrases appropriate for the topic of choice. I know my basic English is good, but when it comes to writing multiple posts, that's when my vocabulary and my skill are really tested.

Nevertheless, what surprised me this time was, despite the immense time, effort and mental energy I had to put in just to come up with a fresh content, I didn't feel discouraged or overwhelmed.

Recently, before rejoining WA, I have developed this 'laid back approach' in life. Maybe brought about by so much stress and pressures I have experienced both at work and in my personal life. I realised now, I have unknowingly become passive and forgot to be more proactive. I guess I just want to be free from more responsibilities and unnecessary stress.

Writing posts has given me a different view on things. A different perspective in life too. Like I said it's not natural for me, so I found that 1 post took me a day to finish.

However, I pressed on and welcomed the challenge. I decided to utilise all my knowledge in English writing. After all, I had A's and B's in my academic writings when I did my degree in one of universities here. And besides critical thinking way of writing is the way to go as far as evidenced based academic writing is concerned in the field of nursing.

I thought, 1000 words should be easy. It's nothing compared to the 2000- 4000 words essay I did in the university when I did my degree. So, there I go. Wrote and wrote. Typed and typed I should say. That's another thing I couldn't touch type. But that's not bothering me.

Well at the end of the first day, lo and behold I managed to finish and complete my post. I was so impressed with myself. So saved and published to WP and crossed my fingers.

Surprise! Surprise! My SEO score was only 65 out of 100. It's amber! It must not be good! I want it green!

I panicked because I thought my post was perfect. So I looked at the bottom and found out my Title was too short. Or my basic SEO didn't have links. And my readability was awful! I have been using Passive Voices! Too many of them! What! I've never heard of a passive and active voice!

Not only that. My Flesch reading is too difficult to read! What's this Flesch reading? So I searched on people's experiences here in WA and found ways to tackle these issues.

I also asked questions. I wasn't afraid to ask stupid and silly questions. If I want to learn, how will I know if I don't ask and research. Right?

Didn't the Bible say, "Ask and it shall be given thee, Seek and ye shall find, Knock and the door will be opened?" So I did and never get embarrassed to ask silly questions and searched a plethora of wise counsel from the WA platform.

To cut this short story shorter on the 4th and 5th day my SEO scores are now green. They're not 100 percent all the time but at least they're green. Thank you all for your input and wise advice.

So today, despite the gloomy skies and potential rain, I will relax and enjoy my weekend.

I think I deserve it.

God bless you all and I wish you a happy weekend.

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RosanaHart Premium Plus
Good follow-through and research!
JeffreyBrown Premium
Sorry to hear about the gloomy weather, Israel! It seems you "weathered" through it though! Love the title image too!

Israel777 Premium
Thanks Jeff. The image is not mine I got it from the WA database of images. I was told we can use it for free.😁
JeffreyBrown Premium
It is still a nice images, and yes, you can, Israel!

Israel777 Premium
Thanks Jeff.
JeffreyBrown Premium
You're welcome, Israel!