I hit 1000 comments this weekend!

Last Update: June 02, 2018

This is an important milestone for me, because when I started at WA last year, and got my first comment, I was pretty proud of myself. And also scared.

What if that was the only comment that I would get?

I guess I did not have to worry about that, and the time has flown by and I have learned A LOT.

I never in my wildest dreams thought that I could make money doing something that makes me feel so alive! Two years ago I felt trapped in a job that I hated, only perking up on the days when I was able to work with someone fun or interesting. It did not happen alot.

Now I wake up everyday happy and motivated! Imagine that lol.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to get comments and feedback from other members here. I know it has helped so many of my posts to get the juice that they need.

I love feedback and it has been vital for me to find my voice. I appreciate it and use it to change things for the better.

So a giant THANK YOU to everyone who helps everyone on Wealthy Affiliate. This is what makes the education here so much better than many other places - our community!

For everyone just starting out, and especially those who know that this is their future, hang in there! There is a lot to learn, but it gets easier every time you push through a struggle and come out the other side with new knowledge!

I wish everyone the best of luck with their websites...WE GOT THIS!!!

-Irma :)

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Sorayacge Premium
Wow well done! That's amazing!! :)
MKearns Premium
Looks like Hurricane Irma strikes again this year!
ValerieJoy Premium
Congratulations Irma. 1000 comments is a great achievement.
IrmaStretch Premium
Thank you ValerieJoy!
MargeCramer Premium
Congrats to you. I hope that I can say that in a year too.
IrmaStretch Premium
Thank you Marge! The time goes fast, and you will be there in no time!
MAThomas Premium
Great job.
IrmaStretch Premium
Thank you :)