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This is an important milestone for me, because when I started at WA last year, and got my first comment, I was pretty proud of myself. And also scared.What if that was the only comment that I would get? I guess I did not have to worry about that, and the time has flown by and I have learned A LOT. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I could make money doing something that makes me feel so alive! Two years ago I felt trapped in a job that I hated, only perking up on the days when I was abl
Time is really flying by! I had to slow down my posting due to my physiotherapy and also my nutrition course is keeping me busy (it will be the basis of my next website!). I am very excited for my future and very grateful that I found the WA program and this whole community, because I learn a lot from group chat and from all the wonderful tutorials!For all the new folks, time does move quickly and before you know it you will have a lucrative business that is all yours!For all the folks who came
August 28, 2017
I lost my top 200 badge while I was wandering the wilderness of the three month wall that I hit...but I got my publishing frequency back to to 100% and now I am back in the top 200!! woo hoo!!
I was rushing around at the end of July trying to get some posts written and published so I could go out of town and not worry about my site. It was an extremely stressful trip, which included driving half-way across the country, with family, to do family business. We were strapped for time, with other obligations.When I came home, I decided to do a review post that ended up being almost 5000 words! Honestly, I did not know I had that in me lol. I felt quite drained from that, so my next post w
I know that sounds crazy, but my income in June was small. I am not minimizing it, just saying. I was paid by WA today for my referrals in July and I more than tripled my income. I am extremely pleased with the education that I get here at WA, and I just want other members to know that if you follow the training and put yourself on a posting schedule, you will achieve success. And it keeps getting better every month!!
After years of being defeated by my employer, with constant threats of losing our jobs, it finally happened. My job is gone! I am currently off on disability, and because of this turn of events, I have the time to start and maintain a blog!I am so glad to have found WA, and it is giving me the ability to live my life on my terms, and to see in a tangible way, how successful I can be. I believe that we all have this ability, to set goals for ourselves and to succeed with them. To make our own hi
July 18, 2017
I made it !! For anyone new, I got my website up and running on May 11, so just over 2 months of posting and chatting and doing the work! :)
July 13, 2017
I just noticed yesterday that my site trust has improved! Movin' on up!!
July 05, 2017
This is not a success post per se, but I do feel very successful and I really feel like I am on the right path. Everything in my life is getting better, including my outlook on life. I hit a snag when I had to do my return to work, as I cannot do my job and am now off on disability until I heal. This is causing a bit of lag in my posting schedule, but I am confident that I will catch up this week!
Paypal just notified me that I received commissions from Wealthy Affiliate. I know it is not much, but it is "seed" money that is going to grow into my new income. I AM SO EXCITED!!! WOO HOOPS. I have had my website up since May 11, 2017, so I am feeling really good :)