I missed YOU so much (and HOT tips you don't wanna miss)

Last Update: April 03, 2014

Oh there's no telling how IMPORTANT a computer can be in our business.

I really missed you guys when my computer was down. We took it to Office Max, Staples and Best Buy and everyone said it was completely DEAD. $100 later, we found someone to fix it from Craigslist.

I didn't think I would survive without my 'Life Machine' but I guess it was a forced vacation.

I thought of you guys each and everyday and am so so so delighted to be back.

The Sweet Price to Pay

Few Major things have changed since then. I bought an air ticket to relocate to Kenya this September. It's been ten years since I was there. I am super excited. It's an extra boost for motivation to have passive income by then and am working my butt off from that.

Well, it came with a price worth embracing. My husband will have to stay back for an year. What? Exactly. We've never been apart in all dimensions imaginable for the 7 years we've been married, but what we are going to gain will enhance our relationship overly.

The Scenario

In short, when I land in Kenya, I will live in a mud hut (2 weeks to a month to build) in a piece of land we bought that will be rent free and utility free. I am going back with all kinds of seeds to plant my garden and a $200 monthly budget. Well, that's a lot since the Dollar vs Kenyan Shilling is that of 1 is to 80. Oh and am so grateful since my boys will attend one of the best private schools which their grandparents owns and runs for FREE.

My husband will move in with my sweet mum which will make us live on 7% to 10% of income for both of us. ( It's really a blessing to cultivate healthy relationships, they are your life net).

What happens to the Big Chunk of money left? Investing in business. Of course one of them is making sure my online business that's getting people to know about Wealthy Affiliate is nurtured.

The best is yet to come

If you have read a copy of One Minute Millionaire by Mark Victor and Robert G. Allen, you do understand that the best thing you have do with your abundance is to help others get what they want to accomplish. It's becoming enlightened and knowing that there's enough for each and everyone and helping people move UP. It's respecting and embracing people and been humble enough to learn from them. It's about living with integrity and following your passion and ensuring that anyone who crosses your path gets value added to their lives. That's the mission we are on with my husband. We know labor is cheap in Kenya, but we are going to help the community and nurture them to a level they can nurture others and slowly but surely, the world will become a better place.

10 Lessons Learned from my forced vacation

  • Wealthy Affiliate Works
  • My ranking has improved since I APPLIED the teachings here
  • Mobile response website is not the same as a mobile website. When you get extra cash, get your site to be mobile. ALMOST everyone uses their tablet or phone to get online. Let your site be MOBILE FRIENDLY
  • A Niche is a demand in the market where you can either create a product to solve the problem or get an affiliate product to do the same. Before you start your site you NEED to know the Frustrations, Worries, Fears and Desires of your Niche and with that, money will seem to flow evenly.
  • Learn about keywords, they are the powerhouse to TRAFFIC
  • Your blog posts in Wealthy Affiliate get indexed too, so put something VALUABLE.
  • Always be making friends genuinely. Get a notebook where you write down old and new friends. What their occupation and interests are. Then connect them. E.G. If you have Sally who does flower arrangements, you can introduce her to Megan who is getting married next spring and so forth. After all, 85% of your success is purely based on RELATIONSHIPS. It's a small sacrifice with a huge impact, don't forget the health benefits of relationships
  • It's profitable to own a business. My husband did so well in his business last year. We were freaking out about the taxes. After our CPA deducted all the expenses, we got $4800 and change as a refund. Utilize tax shelters in a legal way to work for you. Never cheat on expenses. I would recommend TryNeat.com it has a great product to scan all your receipts so you know exactly where the money is.
  • When you set a goal, especially for your online business or any other area in your life, the moment you commit to it 100%, the Universe seems to support you and things align so smoothly and you even wonder why you didn't do it earlier.
  • To break bad habits, try tying them with the new. If you want to quit watching too much TV, put it off limits for a week and take up on a new habit, like taking a walk in the morning for the same week. Kinda like the iron sharpens the iron knife concept

Serious Business

I love you so much and I want the best for you.

I am here to help if you need anything to do with your online business and I will seek out help too.

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Inspiration1 Premium
All the best. Go ahead.
IJustDoItNow Premium
Thanks, onward we march.
ar20746 Premium Plus
You are very positive and awesome person. I really wish you much success on your journey.
IJustDoItNow Premium
Thanks so so so much. Oh how I want only the best for you too. Enjoy the online journey too
webBIZ44 Premium
Wow! What an adventure you are embarking on! I wish you the best and tons of awesome experiences! You will bless many lives!
IJustDoItNow Premium

I appreciate it. It's going to be lots of adventure. Learning my husband's language and my boys learning my mother tongue, the national language (swahili) and their dads language, it's going to be something for sure

Mark Tait Premium
Hi Margaret.

Apart from your computer troubles - there is a lot of valuable information summarised here. I've bookmarked the post in my "WA -> ReadTheseOften" folder.

All the best, Mark
IJustDoItNow Premium
Thanks Mark

What an honor to be booked Marked. I am glad that you got valuable info from it. It's such things that keeps the fire kindled. I want only the best for you.

Have a fab day
Mark Tait Premium
You're welcome - doesn't matter who you are here, we're all striving for the same thing, and every one of us can help others!

All the best, Mark
Starcreator Premium
Nice picture and post. I am glad you got your computer fixed.
IJustDoItNow Premium
Thanks, it felt like forever, those were three weeks. It makes you think