Alternative social media sites for traffic generation

Last Update: April 12, 2017

I have been considering trying some alternative social media sites to drive traffic to my blog. The ones I have come across are as follows:






Has any one tried any of these sites?

Which ones, if any, would you recommend?

Are there any other sites, apart from the big five or six, which you would recommend.?


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AGOgden Premium
Let us know how it works out and which one you find the most effective and efficient...
ecomtom Premium
Of these, I would recommend Quora. It's a question, and answer site. You can post answers to topics you have knowledge about, and put your related website url with the answer. This can bring you free, targeted traffic. Affiliate links are not allowed, only website urls. Good luck, Tom
iainclarke Premium
Thanks for your recommendation Tom. I agree that Quora is probably the best one I've listed.
jvranjes Premium
Reddit is very restrictive in many subreddits, it is completely pointless in my niche. I have 5 subreddits of my own and cannot add my own stuff there any longer, they warned me that I was overusing the medium. Some subreddits do not allow any link at all, so how you can have traffic? Better forget it.

But I think you missed one which is in my view the most powerful, see my trainings. This would bring thousands of visitors in one single day. Unfortunately it stopped working at my side, bit it does not mean the same will be for you, so try it:
iainclarke Premium
Many thanks for your suggestion Jovo. I'll certainly try Flipboard
onmyownterms Premium
There is a complete listing of social media sites (including some niche sites like Taltopia (actor's community) on Wikipedia. Just query 'top social media' sites for a listing. I've got accounts (mostly to protect my brand) on over 50 sites.
iainclarke Premium
Thanks for your suggestion Mel. I'll do some research on Wikipedia