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I use Pinterest for marketing, as it's so cost effective and user friendly. Pinterest ranks third behind Google and YouTube as the most popular search engine.It can take a long time to rank highly in Google, especially in popular market sectors, and preparing effective YouTube videos entails a lot of preparation so Pinterest is an attractive alternative.You will see much faster results with Pinterest for less input. My aim with this post is to introduce you to the benefits of Pinterest, whilst
I have got this idea to post 200 words a day on my site and call it 'My Random Ramblings' rather than a much longer article of 1500 words posted weekly. As an example here is todays mini post.....'November 5th, which is Bonfire Night in the UK, is fast approaching. Guy Fawkes Night, as it is also known. marks the anniversary of a plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London in 1605. The celebrations include firework displays and the lighting of bonfires. Sadly these bonfires can threaten
I have been considering trying some alternative social media sites to drive traffic to my blog. The ones I have come across are as follows:RedditQuoraStumbleUponTriberrAlltopHas any one tried any of these sites? Which ones, if any, would you recommend?Are there any other sites, apart from the big five or six, which you would recommend.?Thanks
February 06, 2017
You may have noticed that I first joined WA way back in 2008......but only stayed for a few months.I rejoined about 18 months ago and left after a year.You know how it, real work, play and many other distractions got in the way.This led me to ask a question.....why have I rejoined WA?.......which soon led to a wider question.....why are people attracted to WA?Here are the answers I came up with in no particular orderThe need to create a supplementary incomeThe buzz derived from be
'Stop the world I want To get off' How often do you feel like saying that?We live in a crazy world where time flies by. One day we'll be getting back into bed before we get up!So how can we manage our time better?If you Google 'Time Management' you will be presented with a plethora of learned posts giving you all kinds of erudite suggestions. Here is a taste of what I found....Plan your dayFactor in time for interruptionsDon't be distractedBatch similar tasks togetherLet the phone keep ringingS
Time is've got this brilliant new product to promote......must move on.Sound familiar?But you will be leaving crumbs on the table if you don't give your site a Final here is my checklist to turn your site from ordinary to extraordinary.Wherever possible I have included links to an appropriate WA post or tutorial.APPEARANCE1. Typefaces and Fonts. You can change typefaces and fonts with ease using this plugin TinyMCE Advanced2. Themes. Whilst building your site you may
We are all heading in the same direction.....some are close to it .....others further away....whilst I have actually reached it.....What am I talking about....Retirement.There are a huge range of lucrative micro niche markets in this just have to drill down to find them. Social networking sites dedicated to the over 50s are a source of endless inspiration for blog posts and provide great opportunities to interact with your target market.So here is my list of top social networking
Here's how to do it.Click on your Twitter avatar and a drop down menu will appear. Click on 'lists'.Look for 'create new list' on the right hand side.Give your list a name and describe what your list is about. Your description must encourage people to join your make it as enticing as possible.That's all there is to creating a list.You now have to compile a list of market leaders in your sector. Just go to Google and put in a few keywords and you will soon have a list of market leader