Progress Update. 1 Year!

Last Update: March 25, 2018

Hows it going everyone, I have been adding new reviews every week to my Nerf Gun website, kind of neglecting the WA Super Affiliate Challenge, but Im still working on that too, ideas don't stop running through my head... Its a blessing and a curse! ;)

But, anyways, here we are in March 2018, a year after starting my Niche Website in the niche of Nerf Guns, I never really had any big plans for this site but all ideas start small and now I have a pretty cool Nerf Gun website with 70 Nerf Gun reviews total, with more to come. I have definetly been swayed to the way of reviews!

Alright, so I am trying this new cover image, hopefully you all can see it well..

1 Year later, I never have a day without people on my website, for a website owner, I think that is awesome, on top of that, my bounce rate is lower than ever, I had my top amount of Organic Google Clicks yesterday at 151 and I make a few Nerf Gun sales a week from my Amazon Affiliate Links. Nothing huge in the $$$ but I'm working on it!

I have a huge checkoff list of my own going on in my own head with a bunch already checked off, but still so many more! Vegas with WA is on that checklist too, Dont You Worry!

Never Giving Up On My Dream Of Being A Millionaire And Always Here To Help!



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JerryMcCoy Premium
Congratulations on one year.
Huffman Premium
Thanks Jerry! With Many More To Come! :)
bpais1 Premium
Those stats are looking pretty good, Kenny!

Keep it up!

Huffman Premium
Thanks Jim! :)
Kyle Premium Plus
Amazing, keep up the great work. I remember when your nerf gun site was just getting rolling and I am looking forward to see where you can take your business and websites in the year ahead. :)

Keep it up Kenny!
Huffman Premium
At first, I thought it was too childish and I wasn't sure where I was going to go with it but now I don't care what anyone thinks, its my site and I have some more growing to do with it!

I'm still going to be creating more sites in the future, so I'm proud to have a nice foundation as you say! :)

Thanks Kyle, Stay Tuned!
pitofly Premium
Happy Anniversary!!!!
Now i want a nerf gun!
Huffman Premium
Thanks! Make sure you purchase it through my Amazon Links! ;)
skendrick4 Premium
Happy anniversary!

Huffman Premium
Thanks Sheila! :)